Laut den Bewohnern von Tully war die Stadt "... eine Szene der Massenvernichtung". Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Although lacking a discernible eye, Yasi sports the spiral shape characteristic of powerful storms. If you have information you would like to contribute (documents, data and images), please click the button on the right to go to the submissions page. ingham-4850, It then progressed and climbed the cyclone category ladder reaching category 4 just days later. Cyclone Yasi was the second major cyclone to hit north Queensland in four days, as it had already survived category two Cyclone Anthony, which crossed the coast on January 30.

Es verursachte nicht so viel Schaden wie von der Regierung erwartet, da es Großstädte verfehlte. townsville-4810. Die Gruppe wurde später als sicher gemeldet.

Februar direkt die Wetterstation, wo Windböen von 185 km / h und ein Mindestdruck von 937,9 hPa (27,70 inHg) aufgezeichnet wurden, bevor die meteorologische Ausrüstung und Kommunikation versagten. Der größte Teil des Strandes hatte seinen Sand verloren und jede Struktur war bis zu einem gewissen Grad beschädigt. Am 2. Viele derjenigen, die die zerstörten Gebiete evakuierten, einschließlich der Rettungskräfte, waren gestrandet. Am 3.

Being such a strong and large system, Yasi maintained a strong core with damaging winds and heavy rain, tracking westwards across northern Queensland and finally weakened to a tropical low near Mount Isa around 10pm on 3rd February. Le cyclone Yasi est un cyclone tropical ayant frappé le nord du Queensland, en Australie en janvier 2011. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. Because it was such a large, strong storm, Yasi maintained considerable intensity as it tracked inland into the state's north-west, finally weakening to a tropical low near Mount Isa more than 20 hours after it crossed the coast. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Topics: Category five Cyclone Yasi crossed the far north Queensland coast near Mission Beach, between Cairns and Townsville, in the early hours of February 3, 2011, bringing peak wind gusts estimated at 285 kilometres per hour. Tully, Mission Beach, Cardwell, Silkwood and Innisfail bore the brunt of the monster storm's wrath. Still soaking from months of rain and major floods, the residents of eastern Australia braced for the arrival of Cyclone Yasi in early February 2011. Suncorp commissioned the Cyclone Testing Station (CTS) at James Cook University to conduct a comprehensive study to enhance Suncorp’s understanding of the vulnerability of houses in North Queensland to natural hazards, particularly tropical cyclones and thunderstorms. A 5 metre tidal surge was observed at the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) storm tide gauge at Cardwell, which is 2.3 metres above Highest Astronomical Tide (HAT). The massive category-five cyclone crossed the far north Queensland coast early on February 3, 2011. Tag: Cyclone Yasi. Does coronavirus mean you can't trick or treat?

This was an unprecedented evacuation effort. On 30 January, it was named Yasi by the Fiji Meteorological Service. Februar 2011 die Joint Task Force 664 in der Lavarack Barracks in Townsville unter dem Kommando von Brigadier Stuart Smith für das operative Kommando ein. CTS is an independent authority on building performance assessment for severe wind events in Australia. Yasi maintained Category 3 intensity for the next 24 hours before being upgraded to a Category 4 at 7pm on 1st February. Queensland Government, Ministerial Media Statements, 16 February, website viewed 30 February 2011. Das System hatte ein genau definiertes Auge und fuhr fort, West-Südwest zu verfolgen, wobei ein zentraler Druck von 930 hPa (27 inHg) und eine Dvorak-Intensität von T6,5 bis in den Abend hinein aufrechterhalten wurden .

In einer Region mit hohen Meeresoberflächentemperaturen und geringer bis mäßiger Windscherung sollte sich die Bewegung nach Südwesten allmählich verstärken.

Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Yasi crossed the coast near Mission Beach at approximately 00:30 AEST on 3 February 2011 with estimated wind gusts up to 285 km/hr and maximum recorded wind speed up to 185 km/hr. Cyclone Yasi developed as a tropical low north-west of Fiji on 29 January 2011. USD) geschätzt.

Zahlreiche Notrufe wurden von Bewohnern getätigt, die in ihren Häusern in der Nähe der Höhe des Sturms gefangen waren. On January 31st, 2011 at 7 UTC, Cyclone Yasi reached category 3.

[5] One person died when they were poisoned by fumes from a portable generator. At midnight on February 1 local time (15:00 on January 31 UTC), the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) reported that Yasi was roughly 875 nautical miles (1,620 kilometers) east-northeast of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Infolge der Auswirkungen des Systems wurde der Name Yasi später von der Liste der südpazifischen tropischen Zyklonnamen gestrichen und durch Yvone ersetzt.

Als Yasi in die australische Region zog, wurden meteorologische Daten von der Wetterstation auf Willis Island verwendet, um das System zu überwachen. Tropical Cyclone Yasi (TC Yasi) made landfall in the early hours of Thursday 3 February 2011 with the eye passing over the Mission Beach region.

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