DeBarge was an American musical recording group composed of several members of the DeBarge family. [2] DeBarge, Sr. has been characterized as "domineering and physically abusive to his wife," and some of the DeBarge children have accused him of having sexually abused them. The children claimed that their father sexually abused several of them, which the father denied. Singer Chico DeBarge’s son is believed to have died after he was allegedly stabbed to death in Los Angeles on late Thursday evening, Eurweb and Mediatakeout report.

Despite the group's highly publicized drug addictions and several members serving jail time for drug offenses, the siblings have continued to perform together occasionally. He has since returned to his music career and released his first studio album since 1994, Second Chance, on November 30, 2010. Toni! Always and forever!! Eurweb has posted the following statement from LAPD. But he might have had another reason. But things went downhill again when he was stabbed outside a nightclub in 2003. The test showed a 96.7 percent probability that Tiffany was related to James' mom, which proved nothing because nobody confirmed the test's authenticity. [5], When the tour ended in late 1984, the group recorded the Diane Warren composition, "Rhythm of the Night", for the soundtrack to the Motown-produced film, Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon from 1985. Kristinia DeBarge opens up reports that were running about her father James having an alleged secret daughter with Janet Jackson. Rumor had it that Janet and James were clashing like plaid and polka dots, and the Daily Beast reported that James was depressed and on drugs. After serving six years, DeBarge discovered he had AIDS and tried recording an album - It's Not Over, his only solo project, was released in 1996 following DeBarge's death from AIDS in 1995 at the age of 39. Robert Louis DeBarge, Sr. (1932–2009) was a European American soldier who served for the United States Armed forces and was of French descent.
Bobby grew paranoid and distant from his family as his health declined. DeBarge has suggested his problems resulted from alleged molestation by his father, as Vibe reports and as Chico Debarge claims. He was a member of the singing sibling family group, DeBarge, famous in the 1980s. The dude, who wanted no part of El or his wrench, fled to an RV, at which point El bashed in the vehicle's windshield. ", Happy Father’s Day Papa! Bunny, El, Tommy, Chico, and James DeBarge all battled addiction for years.

On an episode of the reality series Growing Up Hip Hop, James suddenly claimed he and Janet had a child. While serving a six-year prison sentence for drug offenses Bobby discovered he had HIV. Dontae DeBarge, son of . 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it their highest charting single in the United States. He was separated from his wife and kids, and acting paranoid toward everybody. The Jackson 5 and DeBarge were successful Motown acts, and each had a member named Randy.

and Mint Condition. His niece is singer Kristina DeBarge. She declared: "“Now it’s time for me to tell my truth. The Debarge Family appeared on Dr. Drew’s LifeChanges where they seeked help to deal with the drug abuse as well with other issues that took place through out the abuse. With uptempo R&B tracks such as "I Like It" and "All This Love," the Motown-influenced family band was slated to follow in the Jackson 5's footsteps. Since then, James has worked as a songwriter, battling his addiction and falling afoul of the law. In 1987, Bobby joined the group, and failing to find deals with major labels, the group (still known as DeBarge) signed with the independent label Striped Horse Records, later releasing what turned out to be their final studio album, Bad Boys. [5] Both songs also became crossover pop hits with "All This Love" later going to number one on Billboard's adult contemporary chart. Was James desperate for attention from his ex-wife or the media? With the inclusion of 18-year-old James in early 1982, the group changed their name to DeBarge and released their first million-selling album, All This Love, later that year. Bobby DeBarge is buried in Garfield Park Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. "My father sexually molested a lot of my brothers and sisters," Chico DeBarge told Vibe. Musically, Bobby could do it all — sing, write, and produce, all of which he displayed on all five DeBarge studio releases. [2][3] Etterlene remembers Robert DeBarge, Sr. as physically and emotionally abusive to her and the children, and said he used her youth, the absence of her father, and continuous pregnancy to control her. Quick facts you may or not have known: Five of the older debarge children out of 10 turned to drugs after sexually and physically abused by their now deceased father In 1990 Tommy (of Switch fame) sold fake cocaine to an undercover officer. In fact, Jermaine Jackson helped at least six different DeBarges get started in the music industry. Kristinia has inherited the family's talent for music -- grandmother Etterlene Louise DeBarge was a well-known Gospel singer -- and in 2003, at the age of 12, she entered the " American Idol" spin-off, "American Juniors. The DeBarges' story of their rise and fall was documented in late 2008 as the debut episode of the TV One show, Unsung. He couldn't deal with their fakeness and people ripping him off. Color 09, still in stock! Bobby DeBarge was the first in the family to succumb to drugs, but certainly not the last. He blamed his lack of involvement on a failed romance, but it wasn't his only source of sadness.

"I Like It" is their most sampled, with several acts sampling the music or interpolating the song's popular bridge (sung by El and written by Bunny), and "All This Love" has also been covered and sampled frequently by other artists. Afterward, El's more peaceful personalities appeared to take over, but in 2018 TMZ revealed he tried to settle an argument by arming himself with a wrench and chasing a dude. He met Etterlene Abney, who is African American, in Detroit, Michigan in the early 1950s.They married … From 1982 to 1985, DeBarge released three gold-certified albums and released more than ten hit singles. Bobby and Chico joined in 1987 and 1988 respectively, replacing Bunny and El. The siblings allegedly witnessed and experienced monstrous abuse by their father, which on its own could send anyone to a dark place. That's not even a slap on the wrist for a wealthy musician — more like a wrist massage. [2] In 2001, James recorded a song with Won-G Bruny and Traci Bingham called Nothing's Wrong, The music video didn't feature Traci but James has lip-synced both parts of the chorus, his and Traci's. We and other data collection technologies to provide the best experience for our customers. DeBarge released six studio albums, four of them with Motown's Gordy Records: The DeBarges (1981), All This Love (1982), In a Special Way (1983), and Rhythm of the Night (1985). A member of the group, Bobby, along with his other brother Chico were arrested for drug trafficking in 1989. Any hopes of mainstream popularity were dashed in 1988, however, when DeBarge family members Bobby and Chico, along with four others, were arrested for drug trafficking in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Chico was 18 when he released his first album in 1985. He just couldn't deal with all the people in the music industry. James had three children, daughter Kristinia, 30, with Christine McDonald, and son James, Jr., 22, and another daughter, Tori, 18. Robert Louis DeBarge, Sr. (1932–2009) was a European American soldier who served for the United States Armed forces and was of French descent. Rich or poor, his family made him a target for ridicule, so he got into a lot of fights growing up. The seventh of the nine DeBarge siblings, he swept the  18-year-old Janet off her feet. RIH Xoxo thank you for all the good times we shared!! Sadly, it seems that the once-talented singer's legacy and claim to fame is tied up with the women in his life: his daughter, Kristinia DeBarge, and his ex-wife Janet Jackson.

They stayed together for 21 years before divorcing in 1974. Of course, if they were fighting, it might have been because Janet's manager relentlessly pressured her to leave her husband. If you grew up during the 1980s, you've probably heard of the musical group DeBarge. To prove their relatedness, she even took a DNA test that was supposedly shared with Inside Edition in 2017. Tiffany, who grew up in the foster care system is convinced that Janet is her mother, and said with some bitterness: “She has been denying me for many years. In 1983, the group made an impression after appearing on Motown 25, where they performed alongside High Inergy. It's easy to spot similarities between the DeBarges and the Jacksons (yes, those Jacksons). Their elopement was a scandal and a seven-day wonder, especially since Joseph Jackson, the family's 'Dadager,' was vehemently opposed to the union. In 2009, he detailed his drug addiction on his release, Addiction. Speaking with MLive, the matriarch recalled that her father, a choir director, was a deeply talented and entertaining musician. The DeBarge family is a family of rhythm and blues artists from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hopefully, in the long run El will follow the advice he offered fans: "Just learn from my mistakes. In 1991, Randy and James contributed to a gospel album featuring their mother Etterlene and younger siblings Darryl (Young DeBarge) and Carol (Peaches DeBarge), billed as "the DeBarge Family.". James and Jackson annulled their marriage in 1985 because of James' drug problems and disapproval from Jackson's parents Joseph and Katherine. [5] Also in 1984, James DeBarge made headlines when he secretly eloped with Janet Jackson of the famed Jackson family, but their marriage was quickly annulled the following year. But celebrities tend to accelerate that process by indulging in narcotics and other naughtiness. That year, because of Bobby's success with Switch, younger brother El was able to perform live on the piano and sing for Motown CEO and founder Berry Gordy, who was impressed by the group and agreed to sign them that year. Unfortunately, he never resurfaced. James, then 21, was handsome, charming, and dashing. In 2007, family matriarch Etterlene DeBarge told Jet that "life in the fast lane has caught up with her children.". Or maybe fame simply provided too many temptations and imposed too few restrictions. "When my daughter was born, I held her in my arms. [5] For a year the group worked alongside members of Switch, helping to add background vocals, instrumentation, arranging, and musical and lyrical composition to the band's works, most prominently in "I Call Your Name", "My Friend in the Sky", and "Love Over and Over Again".

Though he hasn't had any solo success since DeBarge's breakup, James is most notable for his personal relationship and short marriage to R&B and pop singer Janet Jackson during the early 1980s. DeBarge entered its decline in 1986, when El and Bunny were offered solo deals with Motown, and DeBarge was released from its contract. Members included sister Bunny and brothers Mark (or "Marty"), William (or "Randy"), Eldra (or "El"), and James (younger siblings Chico, Darell, and Carol "Peaches" DeBarge are also singers though not with the group).[5]. In addition to various solo projects completed by members of the family, DeBarge was active between 1979 and 1989. There's no credible evidence that Janet Jackson and James DeBarge created a DeJackson (or JaBarge) together. When the DeBarges weren't doing drugs, they were doing time for drugs. [5] Since Striped Horse had financial problems promoting the album and without the help of Motown, and although two singles were released – "Dance All Night", which peaked at number 33, and the ballad "I Got You Babe", which only reached number 73 – the album itself failed to chart. Before starting DeBarge as a formative member, singer and oldest male in the musical family Bobby DeBarge took part in several short-lived pop outfits, including Hot Ice and Switch. In  2009, she signed with Island Def Jam Records, and released her debut album, "Exposed.".

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