Soon after, Garona became a trusted confidant to King Llane. Citing her assassination of King Llane, she told Meryl that she was a danger to her child and entrusted the baby to him. After their leader's untimely death, inner turmoil gripped the clan as Zagrel's brothers and sons fought for the title of chieftain. Agh. Maybe you can help. [3][4], Before her full race identity was revealed in the comic,[3] this issue was brought up on the official forums where the former community manager Caydiem claimed that Garona was in fact half-orc and half-draenei. Garona continued watching over her son. My orcish superiors, and all other orcs, see the parts of me that are human. I don't think so, after all in the Garona soundfiles (Ask Tauror for them) in Grim Batol, there was no mention of Med'an. But later, the First War was "retconned" into only lasting one year, making that unlikely (although orcs apparently have a spell to age their children up to fighting age.) Later on, Maraad explained to Garona that her mother was his sister, thus making him her uncle. WarCraft: The Official Movie Novelization characters, WarCraft: Durotan: The Official Movie Prequel. Later, she joined her son and the other members of the New Council of Tirisfal in their battle against the Twilight's Hammer clan. We should be safe now, champion. [3] She is an assassin[4] and a spymistress. In the manual Garona specifically states she is "...of both Orc and Human lineage". Over the next several months, Khadgar and Garona would meet outside of Nethergarde, the Archmage worked towards completely liberating Garona's mind from the Shadow Council grasp, a task that he was successful in completing. There's a teleporter on the other side of the Drag.

More blocked-off buildings. One of the more interesting theories is that since the only human who had contact with Draenor before the Dark Portal opened was Medivh, Medivh is Garona's father.

Stating that the "Old Man" had told her everything she wanted to know, despite knowing full well that she was a spy, she felt that she could never break that trust. Two years ago, a Frostwolf hunting party had allied with a group of orcs from the Warsong Clan in order to track a herd of talbuk. With the recent revelation of the appearances of the true draenei and their eredar-like forms — it was hard to believe that Garona was half-draenei since she lacked their cranial features, leg structure, presence of a tail, and hooves — her prowess as an assassin makes it unlikely she is "half-uncorrupted" draenei. Having learned his sister had borne a child, he began searching for his niece, a search that would stretch on for many years.[7]. ", "I feared, but survived. In a deal she made with Valeera Sanguinar, she would endure the pain and give them some of the information they required if Valeera used the information to go save her son from the Twilight Hammer cult.

Eager to change their fortunes, they formed raiding parties and began attacking draenei caravans. However, Garona belonged to no clan, and held no allegiance to one. "[5] Horns and the tail are missing, although it is possible that they have been physically removed or simply are rudimentary and hidden under her clothes and hair. And that's why when Medivh started acting strangely, Garona decided to work with Khadgar instead of going back to Draenor. And it is not this one. A green orc rushed a group of humans with an armored shield and pushed them aside. I love female orcs, so I have tried to do a Garona's (Female orc rogue) model. Garona Halforcen says: Because I was once befriended by the young king's grandfather? [36] She made her debut in the RTS game Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. Her leg structure has nothing in common with the draenei's though. While wondering where Medvih was, he looked around an saw Callan holding his own against Blackhand, Grom, and other green skinned orcs. Garona emerged and Khadgar asked her about Gul'dan's magic and who Alodi was. She often dreamed of using these daggers to slay her masters, but when she woke, her ensorcelled mind buried those thoughts, keeping her loyal. They followed a thousands of refugees from lands devastated by the Horde.

She quickly became the chief interpreter of the Shadow Council and Gul'dan's personal spy and assassin. However, the orcs simply stood there and pounded their fist against their chest. half-human) as she originally claimed. Despite a small interruption in their journey, they eventually met up with Lord Anduin Lothar. They told their story to Lothar and King Llane Wrynn of Azeroth, but Llane could not believe it was true. At the Guardian's Font, Moroes picks up a collapsed Medivh and puts him in the rejuvenation pool. After searching about the tower, they soon came across a hidden passageway downward but leading into a mirror image of the tower itself, where Medivh's second shadow Sargeras dwelled.

Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. He also stated that he had a slave, who is Garona Halforcen, and they were both green. All riddles and rhyme. Garona was thinking of the past. Durotan orders Geyah to be in charge of the Frostwolf Clan on Draenor. [15][18] Others have suggested she is part draenei[19] (i.e. N'Zoth's agents seek her death as she plots to send citizens within the Drag to safety. It was only then that Garona realized that he was telling her the truth. It was there that she met Khadgar, Medivh's apprentice (and observer from Dalaran).

A stealth assassin that excels at dispatching enemies with poison and bleeds. Palkar, another shaman, would be guiding Drek'Thar. Their judgments of her being "ugly and deformed" would become her own for years to come.

During that night, in the city of Stormwind, Llane, mounted on his horse, rode up to the balcony to see his wife, his son, and his daughter Adariall Wrynn. We must be ready for what follows.

Claims of nobility and heritage and honor to cover up every bit of genocide, assassination, and massacre. Garona, now boiling with anger at Medivh's betrayal — and perhaps hoping to die rather than live out the vision she had seen — attacked the Magus head on, only to be struck down by a powerful spell. When she arrived she found that Chieftain Cho'gall was still alive and that he knew the spell that Gul'dan used on her mind to force her to do things against her will. She also mentions to Maraad that her feet are "almost like hooves. Medivh expressed disappointment in Garona, telling her that he had hoped she of all people would understand what he was going through and not oppose him. Garona eventually would flee the orc and human settlements and disappeared into the wilds. Whenever they didn't, Gul'dan gave the command, and Garona obeyed. She sought out her friend, the ancient undead mage Meryl Winterstorm, and citing her assassination of King Llane, she told Meryl that she was a danger to her child and entrusted the baby to him.
It was not a pleasant death. Garona also began to respect the Magus Medivh a great deal, and began to question where her true loyalties lie. She was caught by Lothar, however, and imprisoned as a spy in Northshire Abbey. Blizzard needs to get their story straight. Khadgar and Garona went to Stormwind to see Lord Anduin Lothar and King Llane Wrynn about Medivh. Llane told the that Medivh had died. Nightshade. She was removed before the game's release, but has since reappeared in Wrath of the Lich King in a flashback and in Cataclysm in person. Cho'gall retreats into the Bastion of Twilight, and leaves the powerful Gronn Skullcrusher the Mountain to destroy her and the player. She carried out the task, and with a deep sadness murdered King Llane, cutting his heart out. As Llane, Garona, and the three legions of troops headed towards the Great Gate, on the way there they encounter the Frostwolf orcs. Garona Halforcen is a half-orc half-human former slave of Gul'dan. Llane was one of the few people who had ever treated her with kindness and she held no desire to betray or kill him. Gul'dan bound her mind to his will and began to secretly train her in the art of assassination. Anduin spotted Blackhand in the battlefield, who had the body of Llane in his hands.
Garona stabs King Llane with the Kingslayers (as seen in Yogg-Saron's brain room). In one of Stormwind's inns, Khadgar, under watch by a guard, opened up the book he founded at Karazhan. When Medivh opened the Dark Portal and the orcs began to venture into Azeroth, Garona went with the scouting parties. Garona Halforcen – Melee Assassin – 1600 HP – High-moderate basic attack damage, melee attack range, 1.20 attack speed.

I'll conceal any we find while you keep the enemy at bay. Medivh's spell had confused Garona. Anudin closed the door behind him and pulled out Garona's dagger. In the manual Garona specifically states she is "...of both Orc and Human lineage". The timely arrival of Warlord Zaela, Lady Cozwynn and the Dragonmaw forces turn the tables around, however, and the mighty gronn is slain. Garona/ Assassination Rogue Concept v1.0 Excels at sustain damage, can talent to counter heavy sustain or heavy mobility. Another green orc charged Garona, but she stabbed him in the throat with her blade. [13] She would avoid them all, and in time gave birth to Med'an. Garona was also tasked to assassinate secondary targets Prince Anduin Wrynn and Warchief Thrall but was ordered to kill King Varian Wrynn at the summit at any cost.

A third green orc charged him, but was killed by a mounted knight gutted the orc. The child would have been killed, too, had not Gul'dan intervened, taking the child as a slave.

Eventually, she was granted the title of Emissary and sent to Karazhan. Anduin left Khadgar as he stared at the blade for a long time. Displeased with having to rely on farseers to further this goal, Garona takes a more active approach to go about bringing his death. For more information: Wikipedia on Garona, WoWWiki on Garona, WoWWiki's discussion of Garona's parentage and timeline. Check the tailoring shop and orphanage for survivors.

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