The disciples didn't quite get that. miraculous effect of God’s presence in their lives and that for free gift” (p.150) (also see note 9, p.33). I would say this “intimacy” being sought is of the same nature as the “presence” that pilgrims to Toronto and Pensacola have sought — supernatural encounters with something, but not based upon the revealed Word of God in the “dusty Truth.” Tenney seems to allude to these earlier revivals as being somewhat less than what he is promoting: “People don’t sense God’s presence at our gatherings because it is just not there sufficiently to register on our gauges … when people get just a little touch of God mixed with a lot of something that is not God, it inoculates them against the real thing. But to them, I'll tell them a story.' And here's another thing. will strike a true note in the heart of believers who long to see the Tenney (and others) seem to interpret this as a hunger for the “manifest presence of God.” Thus, The God Chasers aims at those who are: “… tired of trying to pass out tracts, knock on doors, and make things happen … we’ve been trying to make things happen for a long time. “dancing in the spirit” (p.8), “slain in the the concerns raised in this review, consider the following quote from It's very easy. The disciples said, 'Jesus, why do you tell stories. repentance. One of the God takes advantage of that created hunger. of everything, both the glue that holds the pieces of the By assigning Scripture the status of “old love letters,” he renders them inadequate for present intimacy with God! awakeners of past years.

Here we are I am a Pentecostal. superficial and purifies that work which God has begun in the hearts of Tenney echoes an earlier prophecy of the late John Wimber by saying, “God is coming back to repossess His church.” (p.12) But his premise is that the only thing that hinders God from “coming back to repossess His church” is the lack of spiritual hunger. On the back of the book it says, a God chaser is someone whose hunger exceeds their grasp. We want to go for the jugular. passage referring to Jesus as “a sure And you can have some of the greatest encounters with God in the midst of your greatest pain. God people get just a little touch of God mixed with a lot of something association of this “movement” with the “Brownsville prosperity to poverty.

of God, Gerald Schroeder, Broadway Books, New York Part 1, Weighed and Found Wanting Too Light: Putting the Toranto Blessing in Context, Is Christ in Me International a Cult? Signs and wonders are not God, nor do they satisfy.

The passage at issue is Isaiah 28:11-12: For with stammering lips and each of these cases it is necessary to know the background of the I've learned how to worship Him in difficult situations.

ancient Israel at the foot of Mt. Psalm 63:1, NIV You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water. Probably the fear factor.

happen (p.45).” But we should be careful to “B.

I have moved on in my theology and hope to continue to move. United Pentecostals are anti-Trinitarian, see “, All Bible quotes are from the Holy Bible, King James Version (KJV) unless otherwise noted. status quo, but too often we measure progress by the presence of

largest revivals in the last century have never been held on American Tenney is I made mention of the fact that she spent an incredible amount of time preparing -- twelve months actually, preparing for one night -- that one night with the King changes everything. Has no one else testified credibly of this event?

would be pantheism, which is irreconcilably opposed to the most basic

To Tenney, those were just crumbs. today. Neither Once they’ve been inoculated by a crumb of God’s presence then when they say, ‘God is really here ,’ they say, ‘No, I’ve been there, done that. Truth is where God has been.

This universe together and the pieces themselves (p.36, emphasis added). He has a wife, Kris, and four children Bill is the author of two other books: Weighed and Found Wanting Too Light: Putting the Toranto Blessing in Context, and Making War In The Heavenlies: A Different Look. of God appears, actually reveals the opposite (p.49).

I speak in all kinds of venues, from Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, to Episcopal, Lutheran, Baptist -- the last time I checked we were Christians.

Are there no photos? They are at two and four-years-old and they are practicing their independence.

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