destruction of these nations, God in the Bible warns; "I am against you", Hadhrat Abu Hurairah radhiyallahu anhu narrates that: every day Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj break (dig) through the wall erected by Zul Qarnain alayhis salaam until they reach the end of it to that extent that they can actually see the light on the other side., Germanic races are NOT Romans, Julius Caesar referred to Germanic people as northern barbarian people who he built walls to keep out, they were known as scythian people and goths near the danube river. It is also the sign of that mischievous group of Christian clergymen who are called the Promised Dajjal. The As God has disclosed the meaning of Gog and Magog and events have proven that a certain people fit the signs that have been mentioned, refusal to acknowledge this would be denial of an established verity. comes to pass, he will make it into dust; and the promise of my Lord is

The city of Moscow is situated on the banks of the Moskva River and so the city is named Moscow. When those from among them who constitute the former part of their army pass the lake of Tiberias (which is in northern Palestine), they will drink up all the water of that lake and by the time those that constitute the latter part of that same army pass the lake, they will say, “There used to be water here (long ago). attribute their defeats in wars with Israel to religion: While Israel was built upon 23, pp.

the prophecy was an insignificant place? generally agree that these verses are speaking of him. face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Rosh, “Now, will any Maulvi Sahib tell us how this contradiction can be reconciled? Here, Magog points towards those nations that are settled in European countries as opposed to Russia. Ya’jooj and Majooj are human beings and according to a narration they are from the progeny of Yafith ibn Nooh alayhis salaam alayhis. There were no railways, modern ships, rockets, missiles, atom bombs etc. In the 19th and 20th century, they emerged as a power in almost every field with incredible and remarkable inventions and discoveries. This is why they will be called Gog and Magog. No one can stop a person from persisting in his denial, but every just minded one who is a seeker after truth would, on being informed of all these particulars, testify with full confidence that these people are Gog and Magog.” (Essence of Islam, Vol. 15, 39:2 KJV). That is why Surah al-Fatihah teaches definitively that we should seek security against the mischief of Christians. The truth is that they kept The reason why they are called thus is that they make extensive use of ajij [fire] and reign supreme on earth and dominate every height. Time limit is exhausted.

Most Muslim scholars and commentators agree on the difficulty of interpreting these

How did the Bible predict by name "Libya", since Libya at the time of that are purely fire and fuel related. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And to avoid Alexander as the figure of the story will create a problem of identifying parts of the north...a mighty army." Referring to Gog and Magog, in the Holy Quran, Allah the Almighty states: وَ تَرَکۡنَا بَعۡضَہُمۡ یَوۡمَئِذٍ یَّمُوۡجُ فِیۡ بَعۡضٍ, “And on that day We shall leave some of them to surge against others.” (Surah al-Kahf, Ch.18: V.100). Do members of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat perform Hajj. seem to be evident when trying to research the Islamic writings concerning these passages.

given to Yasser Arafat, making it possible for such an army to set bases in the West Bank, 14, pp.


Even the name of Moscow, which is the ancient capital of Russia, is mentioned. This hadith signifies that no one will have the power to make an outward contest with Gog and Magog. "You shall fall upon the mountains of Israel, you Dreams According to Islamic Point of View, How Scores will be Settled on the Day of Resurrection, Allah will invoke Love in all Creature's Hearts, Khareed-o-Farokht Say Mutaliq Islam Ki Taleemat. It will rain for a period of forty days. What I fear the most is that the Bible concludes the “But when Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj are let loose and they rush headlong down every hill” (Quran 21:97). Middle East and North Africa...Shimon Peres recently stated: "Since the collapse of );

believes, and works righteousness, he shall have goodly reward", and in verse 98 In this manner, Ya’jooj and Majooj are unable to scale the wall, or cross it, except when it is the will of Allah.

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