On the side of restraint -- nothing but enormous personal discipline and the desire not to surrender to animal nature. 1635 I can't imagine why anyone would want to suppress a sneeze (to prove what? New York City passed an ordinance prohibiting women from smoking in public. Lucy Page Gaston, a member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, founded the Anti-Cigarette League of America, which would soon boast multiple chapters throughout the United States and Canada. This prevents automated programs from posting comments.

In 1873, impoverished Confederate veteran Chiswell Langhorne (left) moved his family from Lynchburg to Danville, Virginia and began looking for work. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. In the case of Philip Neri, the examination of his corpse during the investigation showed that the soft tissues of his nose had gone and so his body was not incorruptible. He is said to have once offered his snuffbox to the head of some religious order, who declined to take a pinch of snuff, saying, “Your Holiness, I do not have that vice,” to which the pope replied, “It is not a vice. It appears he was not an experienced snuffer because he fell into a fit of sneezing, which caused him to vomit the Blessed Sacrament on to the altar in front of his horrified congregation. Although hard to believe, it's a fact that Puck is the only character in all of Shakespeare's plays who deigns to mention the sneeze, but he weakens its disruptive force by employing the archaism "neeze." This is a reminder to please flair your post.

You learn something new every day; what did you learn today? Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. Before he became pope, he had served for a time as papal nuncio in Brussels and enjoyed the conversation and company of the cultured and easy-going aristocrats there. Comments are moderated and will not appear until approved by the author. He offered snuff, and snuff-boxes to visitors. Literary sources show that taking snuff was more and more left to the old and the poor, and to certain conservative clergy who persisted with their snuff rather than switch to smoking.

I myself am a Big Sneezer. One Sunday in Naples, a priest while celebrating Mass took a pinch of nasal snuff just after receiving Holy Communion. 1970 King Louis XIII of France restricted the sale of tobacco to apothecaries and required customers to furnish a legitimate prescription from a doctor. Venerable Marie Thérèse de Lamourous, having been shown the mantle of St. Teresa of Avila in the Carmelite convent in Paris, was allowed to put it on: “I kissed it; I pressed it upon me,” she wrote, “I remarked everything, even the little stains, which seemed to be of Spanish snuff.”. Posts must be tagged correctly, or they will be removed. Afterwards, in Rome, a taunting pasquinade appeared as a comment on the bull: “Contra folium quod vento rapitur ostendis potentiam tuam, et stipulam siccam persequeris.” (“Wilt thou frighten a driven leaf and pursue dry chaff?” Job 13:25).

The mob camped out in the yard and flagrantly violated the ban for two days until Kieft finally gave in, relaxing the law but adding the odd stipulation that pipes not exceed two inches in length. “Snuff is still taken in Italy by the old and the old-fashioned,” she wrote, “and it has the sanction of the clergy.

1612 When the representative of Victor Emmanuel came to him to submit conditions that the pontiff believed were unacceptable, the pope “beat on the table with a snuff box, which then broke.” The representative “left so confused he appeared dizzy.” In 1871, the pope also, during the time he was the “prisoner of the Vatican,” offered up his “gold snuff-box, exquisitely carved with two symbolic lambs in the midst of flowers and foliage,” to be offered as the prize in a worldwide lottery to raise money for the Church. Langhorne “reasoned that maybe he could supply the entertainment needs of warehousemen back home by emulating the priest’s stimulating chant, along with what he later coined, a ‘pitter-patter’ and ‘gobble gook’ that would stimulate the buyers and be pleasing to the gathering public.”. 1604

(Right: Danville auction warehouse postcard, 1946), At the time just after Spanish explorers were introduced to tobacco by way of Columbus’ voyages, smoking or snuffing it—as the New World natives did—carried with it something of an air of deviltry because natives saw in it a connection to invisible spirits. 1590 The reason for the prohibition, he explained, was to protect the Mass and the churches from defilement.

I know I'm in the minority. Pius XI smoked an occasional cigar.

As for farting, I'm totally for suppression. 1632

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He added his own rhythmic body language and thereby created a fast-paced and entertaining auctioneering chant that allowed buyers moving along the rows of tobacco to track the rapid progress of the sales. But during the 19th century, the fashion of using nasal snuff faded away, and cigar, pipe, and then cigarette smoking replaced it. 289.

But these were weak arguments against their saintliness. Saints who smoked, popes who puffed, and others who snuffed.

I just refuse to be English. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. A biographer wrote that, “One evening, during a conference with oncologists, in the midst of a report on cancer research, Padre Pio turned to one of the men and asked, ‘Do you smoke?’ When the man replied in the affirmative, Pio, pointing his finger censoriously, chided, ‘That’s very bad,’ then, with almost the same breath, turned to another doctor and asked, ‘Have you got any snuff?’”, A Jesuit was asked whether it was licit to smoke a cigar while praying, and his answer was an unequivocal “no.”  However, the subtle Jesuit quickly added that, while it was not licit to smoke a cigar while praying, it was perfectly licit to pray while smoking a cigar. 1634 In 1624, Maffeo Barbarini (1568-1644) aka Pope Urban VIII (1623-1644) issued a papal bull that ordered a worldwide ban on the smoking and sniffing of tobacco on pain of excommunication.

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