27 GURU. He possesses great intelligence and knowledge about the However, as important as that sounds, he was unable to combat powerful beings such as Majin Buu and is on a lower raw power level than many Saiyans. He was also captured by Mosco and could not break free from his grip. What began as a community fundraiser, turned into a NECESSITY for our organizer, Kai Joseph King. However, not all of them are as strong as we'd think. universe, and specializes in universal telepathic links. With that said, Heles will destroy anything she considers disgusting and her Universe has the second highest mortality level of any Universe involved in the Tournament of Power. Whis is the angelic attendance of Beerus in Universe 7. Her control of time, including freezing it, gives her an advantage over the other Supreme Kais. It is up to Yamma to decide if the deceased go to Heaven or Hell.
This means that even if he is not a full god, he is at least a demigod. Arack is the God of Destruction from Universe 5. He is a very strict teacher who chose to teach Goku because of his decency. He is noted by Metal Head to be a weeb, and because of this, he knows different techniques from anime. He also freely listens to advice from his Angel attendant, while he remains pompous and brags about his Universe's power. This should not be seen as a sign of weakness or a lack of power, though. While Zen-Oh doesn't get involved in fights, he is all-powerful and loves to watch others fight.

At the end of the day, Vados implied that Beerus is stronger than his brother. Belmod is the God of Destruction in Universe 11. Belmod might be the most powerful of the Gods of Destruction.

Once he reaches Super Saiyan 4, he should on the same level as Goku. A one-stop shop for all things video games. What do you think? The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It only takes a mere moment for Zen-Oh to destroy anything and everything and it just takes a thought to completely remove something from existence. King Kai is the Northern Kai who watches over North Galaxy.

While he is very mysterious, in the Majin Buu Saga it was said that he was the highest of all the Supreme Kai. When compared to other gods, such as Beerus, Sidra is not as powerful but he has stated that he believes that he could destroy Frieza if he wished to. He possesses great intelligence and knowledge about the universe, and specializes in universal telepathic links.

Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans -- and second to Goku as the main character in Dragon Ball. It is said that the Grand Minister is one of the five greatest fighters in the entire multiverse and both the Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kai bow when he arrives. He is an overseer -- that much is known. He even showed a level of discomfort when he saw the destruction of Universe 9 in the Tournament of Power. Another example could be seen with. Heles is the God of Destruction in Universe 2.

Sidra is a very passive god in the world of Dragon Ball. While not the strongest Angel, there are few as powerful in the Dragon Ball universe. When it comes to warriors, Vegeta stands alongside Goku and Frieza as the most powerful in Universe 7. At the same time, he is also proud and respects others.

According to Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game, his power level is 2,000. Dragon Ball is known for its many gods. There could be arguments made that Dende is stronger than Kami, who he proceeded.

This is also a case where, as the instructor, Whis is actually much more powerful than Beerus, although he is bound in service to the God of Destruction. He has used a form of God Ki, so that allows him to be added to a list such as this because. Despite this, she is one of the Gods that fell in the tournament. To prove the true power of Whis, he was able to take down Beerus with one chop and hold off both Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta at the same time with just one finger. She is an arrogant and vain god who hates everything that she considers ugly. He ran the Metal Head … He is also the former North Kai. Mosco showed his power in the Zen Exhibition Match when he was able to actually capture Beerus in a hold temporarily.

Interestingly, the Grand Supreme Kai of Universe 7 is the only one that has been seen, although there surely much be versions for all universe's -- possible working behind the scenes. Let us know in the comments! On the other hand, in the Zen Exhibition March, Quitela was able to take him down, so he is clearly more powerful in the anime than on the printed page. Geene is overly confident and felt his power was great enough to beat Beerus if not for Sidra throwing up a shield.

He is also very indecisive and hasn't destroyed much over time, showing to be a more benevolent god than his counterparts. He is an unskilled warrior.

Korin was around early -- he was the second master for Goku and actually the first ever deity he met in his story. He is Goku's martial arts teacher and mentor.
After defeating Nyan Cat and the Ginyu Force (With The Help of Luigi), he is able to revive Metal Head. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. His high mortal level was able to keep his universe out of the Tournament of Power, but while he is compassionate for his own universe, he didn't seem fazed when Universe 9 was erased. With that said, here are The 30 Strongest Dragon Ball Gods Of All Time, Officially Ranked. Even if Goku and Vegeta could outclass him in the Tournament of Power, there is no way he can possibly perish. Even though he was already weaker than Vegeta before he taught Goku, King Kai is still a veritable library of skills, techniques and literally centuries of wisdom. King Yemma rules over all ogres and judges the deceased. His full power is unknown, due to being defeated by the Ginyu Force after being kicked in the balls, but still being able to go head to head with Metal Head R and almost win. Korin stated that Goku possessed more power than him by the 22nd World Tournament, so his power level is lower than 180.

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Zen-Oh is the king of everything everywhere in the entire multiverse. It seems that, as time goes on, the power levels of these gods grow, as each new god becomes more powerful than the last and the older gods gain powers that helps even the playing field somewhat.

Dende is a very important Dragon Ball god, taking over as the Guardian of Earth -- replacing Kami in the role -- at the request of Goku.

With that said, if Vados was more powerful at one point and is the older of the two, there is some thought that she has improved in power as well. Which The Boys Character Is Your Soulmate, Based On Chinese Zodiac Sign?

He is also a character that appears in the anime but never physically appeared in the manga. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. He looks different than other ogres -- with a unique color and a monstrous size.

... ανδ Βηθήλ γενεάς κα ΚΑΙ καί καὶ κυρίου κυρίω ο οι ταις τη του KAI kaí kaì ... INT: king …

Which Dragon Ball god do you think is the most powerful? This puts him over the beings that rule over all four quadrants of the entire universe. He is also likely the most successful of all the Gods of Destruction, as Universe 1 has the highest mortal level of any other. Liquiir is the God of Destruction for Universe 8. In Dragon Ball Super, the Super Saiyan God transformation was showcased and Goku developed almost unmatched power on the battlefield.

He is, strangely, the father of Metal Head, and trained him to be as strong as he is. Korin is not very strong, but he is powerful and has the very useful trait of sensing ki. In the manga, Quitela was strong enough to beat Beerus in an arm wrestling competition but he was unable to land a blow in the Zen Exhibition Match. He appears again, this time coming from a portal, in his Super Kai form. He created the Namekian Dragon Balls, and they only remain powerful as long as he remains alive.

Much like Whis is the Angel attendant to Beerus, Vados is the attendant to his twin brother Champa in Universe 6. Friends: 10 Saddest Things About Chandler Bing, The 30 Strongest Dragon Ball Gods Of All Time, Officially Ranked, Top 10 Primetime TV Shows With The Most Seasons Ever, One Tree Hill: 10 Main Characters, Ranked By Likability, Sweet Tooth: Matching Gilmore Girls Characters To Halloween Candies, 10 Things Michael Scott Said About Heartbreak Before He Married Holly, 10 Shows To Check Out If You Loved Syfy's Dark Matter, The Originals: The 5 Best Couples (& The 5 Worst). He may have only lost to the Ginyu Force due to the foul play involved and being caught off gaurd. As for power, Chronoa was able at one point to beat Demigra, Putine, and Gravy at the same time. Kami created the Earth's Dragon Balls originally and also created King Piccolo. Mosco, real name Mule, pilots his old robot and is the God of Destruction of Universe 3.

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