There weren’t any irritating bugaboos to overanalyze and I ultimately didn’t have a single complaint with the Stigmata during that ride. Juliana Quincy GRX 700c Bike. This Gravel & Roll Hall of Fame nominee derives its name from a small gold rush town at the heart of our own little dirt road revolution. $3,499.00. 1 10 Other information like bb height and front center are not listed on available geometry charts of older model Stigmatas. I wouldn’t ride this wheel/tire setup for the Dirty Kanza-type of gravel riding that we often envision when we think “gravel,” but if what you really want is a high-end rigid, drop-bar mountain bike, the 650b Quincy is exactly that. Juliana Quincy for sale at The Colorado Cyclist.

Although I didn’t do any ‘cross racing on the 700c Quincy, it handled light singletrack, sand, and dirt roads with ease. Pleasingly simple single-ring drivetrains come standard, but the chassis can be set up with even wider range if desired. View The Map, There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races. The bike is women-specific with its women's Ergon saddle and narrow Easton handlebars. Honestly, somewhere well into our ride, I mentioned to another rider that I kind of forgot to pay attention to how the bike was riding. Other noted changes in the geometry for those two sizes include: lower bottom bracket drop, shorter head tube, shorter wheelbase, slightly shorter reach, slightly longer stack, and lower standover. The warranty will be in effect for lifetime of the original, registered owner. Juliana’s website says it specs handlebars in a 38cm for the 49cm frame and 40cm for the 52cm and 54cm frames specifically as a touchpoint difference for smaller riders. We also place third-party cookies that collect data for analytics and required cookies that help us run the website. Vélos This isn’t the first time Santa Cruz Bicycles has resurrected the Stigmata. Descending on the loose and rowdy gravel roads was the most fun I’ve had in a while. As you may have guessed, the Juliana Quincy frame has the same design, clearances, geometry, mounts, and features as the new Santa Cruz Stigmata outlined above, with one major deviation–the Quincy also comes in a smaller size 49cm frame, fit for riders ~5’0” to ~5’2”. 8 From tarmac to way-off-the-map, this is a robust bike that’s comfortable on or off-road all day long. 8 The bike to get lost - and found - on. And while I might be a little trepidatious about spinning off into the horizon on an extended trip with the electronic AXS drivetrain, I’d happily give it a whirl to try the 650B model.

Read more here. TOUS LES DÉTAILS ICI. It’s exactly what I’d expect from a $7100.00 bike (including Reserve wheelset) in that category. Mot de passe This is what I really enjoy about the Quincy—it manages, with an extra wheelset on your part, to be an ideal tool for both the business end of a race and riding with the “party-in-back” crew. My only complaint about the Quincy would be that they made the higher end model the 650b version. With 650b, it’ll clear up to a 2.1-inch tire, and up to a 45mm on 700c. Vêtements The long wheelbase creates stability over rough terrain and on descents. That said, it definitely has a few cons when approaching it from a bikepacking perspective. Juliana offers a lifetime warranty on the carefully constructed carbon frame. 9 Appareil d’entrainement de vélo intérieur Nestled deep in the Sierra Mountains of Northern California is a small gold rush town where the avenues for adventure seem endless. 1 The handling is responsive without the associated nervousness, and the minimal weight gives it snappy acceleration. 10 5 Please refer to the new Bearing Adjustment Guide - Angular Contact & Radial Bearings to ensure your bearings are optimised to run smoothly. View All Features. The fourth issue of The Bikepacking Journal hit mailboxes this spring. Words by Amy Jurries, riding photos by Ian Collins, and bike photos by John Watson Quincy, California sits at the northern end of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The wide rims on the DT Swiss 370 or Santa Cruz Reserve wheels allow the rider to run lower tire pressure, for greater traction, on a variety of surfaces. 3 Subscribe to our Newsletter here!

It’s in the heart of California's Gold Country where in the mid-1800s, miners from all over the world came for their chance at striking it rich. The folks at Santa Cruz claim that this color was inspired by the banana slug, a bizarre looking creature commonly seen among the redwoods around Santa Cruz.

Hi! Start Here, Broadly speaking, there are three bikepacking genres to choose from – Multi-day Mountain Biking, Ultralight Race & Gravel, and Expedition & Dirt Touring.

Warranties do not cover custom finishes. tout en lui respire la solidité.

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