If they wanted his name to be Nathan and to be known as such, why didn't they just name him Nathan Kenneth Bates? God bless your family. We serve a faithful God Who has carried us through losing our ROCK almost 2 years ago to a sudden massive heart attack and we KNOW Hr had only wonderful things in store for our future. Hope your was full of fun, and God's blessings! I so agree!!! I have one of those rings for when I travel or do anything that could dent my actual wedding ring. A lot of electricians wear those as their wedding bands. Thank you Bates family! ... It’s not a wedding ring- it’s some sort of fitness gadget. … Source:: Cinemablend – News, SANTA CLARA — Jimmy Garoppolo became a heartthrob to 49ers fans the instant he arrived on the franchise’s doorstep in, Actor Finn Jones | Bennett Raglin/WireImage In Iron Fist, Jones played the main character Danny Rand, also known as Iron, Prince Andrew | Mark Richards – WPA Pool / Getty Images Prince Andrew is the queen’s favorite son Prince Andrew, It doesn’t involve chocolate-covered pretzels. Thanks for leaving your comments! Saturday, August 29, 2020. His brothers know that it is, but have to play along for the viewing audience. I think Nathan’s ring is for a medical reason. I was wrong. Chaneys family was too primed and proper. A lot of electricians wear those as their wedding bands. Yay!!! TV audiences don't need to witness that. delivery as thanks for all of the work they’ve done for the boutique IMO, there's nothing wrong with dating casually and getting to know more than one person. I think it affected him a lot to have his failed courtship with Ashley Salyer aired as part of the family’s show. I've wondered the same thing, and it doesn't make sense to me either. I have to give Chaney credit for ending it, rather than continue on with a relationship that was obviously not right for her. Thanks for leaving your comments! Replies. Just wanted to let you know that your questions will be answered shortly. On this week's episode of bringing up Bates, Nathan was seen wearing a ring on the left finger. Rebekah is 11 and Jacob is 13 and being a part of y'alls family has been therapeutic for each of us, God is SO FAITHFUL.✝️. Could it be a promise ring? Join Facebook to connect with Nathan Bates and others you may know. Once upon a time, the Duggars introduced the world to their good friends, the Reply. Did you know that Nathan's legal name is actually Kenneth Nathaniel Bates? RealityTVserieS Fans Love The Idea Of Jana Duggar Dating Nathan Bates Jana Duggar is still single, and the fans always want her to find love. May God richly bless you as you journey with Him on this earth! Our aim is to post all points of view, but we do not post anything that is profane, insulting, derogatory, or in poor taste. It's an odd name and sort of old fashioned. I think it's unfortunate that these young people have their dating/courting lives broadcast on TV. The other naming thing that sets me off is when parents give their child the same first name as the father; but a different middle name so it’s not quite a junior! I have been called and known to all by my middle name. Just wanted to let you know that your questions will be answered shortly. But it sounds like they do! Yes, I agree with you, 12:33 pm. Maybe it was due to being filmed; but they could have done a retake. Have fun and be careful! Calendar is marked for July 23rd. I agree! In another family-filmed episode, the Bates remain productive while maintaining social distancing guidelines during the pandemic. Chaney has a gusto for life and is up for trying all types of activities. God Bless Marilyn,Joan and Marion. I know that there are wonderful plans ahead for Trace and Chaney. Some kids also decide that they want to use their middle name we called my daughter by her first name at 6 years old she asked that we only call her by her middle name so it might be that he lIke’s Nathan better. I bet he will at least skip having a gf on the show until they start courting. They seem to go so well together, don't they? As promised, Nathan Bates revealed some pretty exciting news when asked about the ring on his hand. His tone was definitely abrupt. fundieuniversity: A lot of electricians wear those as their wedding bands. Your comments about the legal ramifications of this are spot-on. I have a feeling that Chaney's family was not impressed with Trace at all. Just seemed to badly clash. Trace has more of a relax attitude in regards to what he wants to do with his life then his brothers and Chaney was concern. Been watching the net for any news on his wedding/marriage! Happy Birthday! In fact, I probably have, By Mary Clare Jalonick | Associated Press WASHINGTON — Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is speeding toward confirmation, with, The upcoming thriller actually took to the seas to film its scenes. A while back, he told Trace she would not be living anywhere else but Texas. The Bates family, who run in the same social circle as the Duggars, also follow courtship rules when … I just wasn’t sure if the Bates boys did male purity rings since “purity” seems to be focused on women. Happy 27th Birthday Nathan. Two Bringing Up Bates stars have made a very surprising statement about the ministry followed and promoted by close family friends the Duggars. So far, only . For Jesse + Anna, the Maxwell Family technically didn’t announce the relationship until the wedding day, but we all figured it out after the engagement because of a public wedding registry. His first name is actually William. Sept 2 at 9:00...do u know them personally? All were very enjoyable and looked professional to me. Nathan Turns 27 Wishing Nathan Bates a very happy 27th birthday! Trace has really “bulked up” (became muscular). The Milpitas City Council voted unanimously Thursday to sue to prevent a hotel in the city from being converted into, Until a few weeks ago, I thought I was an OK cook. My guess would be a purity ring . I doubt they will announce a courtship for him. I see him with a more down to earth women from is area (home town). Would be nice to marry without a big fuss. Mar 29, 2020 - 7,015 Likes, 58 Comments - Travis Clark (@travis.clark_) on Instagram: “Pretending like I’m a cowboy, and hoping I can steal the cowgirl ” Lawson, Nathan, and Trace spend time catching up and riding horses at the From the rules of pre-dating, to holding hands and etc. Is that a thing? I think it’s unlikely that a Bates would do this, honestly, but that would be fun if they did. Unless otherwise stated, photos courtesy of: UPtv, thebatesfamily.com, chadanderin.com, lawsonbates.com, brandonandmichaela.com, Zach and Whitney Bates, Alyssa and John Webster, Tori and Bobby Smith, Josie and Kelton Balka, Carlin and Evan Stewart, Trace Bates, Copyright © 2012-2016 Bates Family Blog. It did seem like the entire Bates family was ready to marry off Trace and Chaney from the get-go. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); California wildfires: Glass Fire forces evacuation of hospital, homes in Napa Valley, That Led Zeppelin Cover in the Hummer Commercial…, White woman caught on video yelling obscenities at a…, Kayleigh McEnany handed Lesley Stahl a blank book of…, ‘RHOC’ Newbie Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Has a Shocking…, Rudy Giuliani caught with his hand down his pants…, This Person Begged Prince Harry to Come Back to the…. Dumb. Explainer: What’s next for Amy Coney Barrett? So it’s obviously not a wedding ring since his brothers didn’t know about it and suddenly noticed it. The Maxwells have done this for sure once, sort of twice…  As far as I know, Joseph + Elissa were totally covert before marriage, and they announced the relationship for the first time on their wedding day. Wouldn’t that be wild! That would be a first for the Bateses, obviously, but it’s actually not unprecedented among all Predictor Couples. It’s a fitness ring. Did Nathan get married? Zach Bates, Nathan Bates, and Trace Bates have all announced splits. Did you two forget to post it? I like mine! I'm thinking Nathan quietly and away from the cameras courted and married someone. He is most likely dating that girl we saw on the screen saver. Alyssa’s wedding was nice, but I can’t help but cringe when I think of the blue/hot pink theme. I thought they were their younger brothers. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Really thrilled we won’t need to wait until the fall to see them!!! Below are the summaries for the two upcoming new episodes of Bringing Up Bates. I’ll never figure out that way of thinking!!! Still wonder about the blond that was on his phone in Carlin and Evan’s video. Thanks for leaving your comments! It’s not a wedding ring- it’s some sort of fitness gadget. The Bates/Duggars make a huge deal out of any budding relationship. Reply. Currently, Nathan is ‘late’ to court. The 150-foot tall SkyStar Observation Wheel finally opened Wednesday to the public as part of Golden Gate Park’s sesquicentennial celebration. Ina Garten Couldn’t Live Without an ‘Amazingly Simple’ and Classic Barefoot Contessa Dish, Get ready to ride sky high on the SkyStar Observation Wheel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFuef0clML0. ... 2020 at 8:11 AM. HAPPY 27th Birthday Nathaniel Have a great day and a year of happiness and blessings. My guess would be a purity ring. Why is Nathan wearing a ring on his left hand? Anonymous August 22, 2020 at 7:53 PM. Happy Birthday Nathan hope you had a blessed day and it was encouroging and adventourous just like you From your friends Tony and Elizabeth Osborne. Haunting Of The Mary Celeste’s Emily Swallow Talks Challenges Of The ‘Claustrophobic’ Sets, Jimmy Garoppolo recalls instant ‘love’ of 49ers’ chemistry after trade from Patriots, ‘Iron Fist’ Haters Say It Wasn’t Finn Jones’ Fault, Royal Staffer Hit Prince Andrew in the Face and Gave Him a Black Eye, Kevin Smith Reveals How Ben Affleck’s Mallrats Character Fits Into The Sequel, Contra Costa DA to release data that local activists have sought for years: a breakdown of charges, case results, and race/gender, HBO’s ‘The Witches’: How the New Movie Differs From the Roald Dahl Book It’s Based On, Will Smith ‘Truly Believed’ He Could Be President at One Point, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Arizona Was a Great Doctor But a Terrible Partner. Even a courtship has no guarantee of anything permanent. Very good show last night. Did you know that Nathan's legal name is actually Kenneth Nathaniel Bates? Readers have recently noticed something suspicious on Nathan's finger and have been asking about it.

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