Well, he just BROKE THE RING with @Joe_Coffey's body! Their victory really was a great moment and it wouldn’t have felt half as big if they didn’t have the Grizzled Young Vets to face off against. Dar attacks the knee and the fisherman’s buster follows for 2. WALTER kept things to his pace and when Bate would get something going, it was by moving to the higher impact stuff he thrives on. Dar would use attempt to work on Banks neck and shoulder area, oddly utilizing a snapmare into the ropes and the ringsteps to weaken the Kiwi Buzzsaw. Storm’s loss here in such circumstances whilst in part seeming designed to freshen up the division she has largely dominated, does create natural speculation about whether Storm will remain in NXT UK. Banks up top and the double stomp misses, and they work into counters as Dar follows with up kicks and into a submission until Banks cradles him for 2. I did not like this match. The match of NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff is a dead heat between the triple threat tag title and the main event. Both men start attacking the injuries of the other from their previous meeting and Joe gets slammed to the corner and the TOP ROPE BUCKLE breaks off the post. I still fail to see why they are so heavily featured on NXT UK at the expense of other much more interesting talent. But that main event was the best match of the year. The suplex follows for 2. Dar grounds the action, Banks fires back but Dar tosses him into the ropes and covers for 2 as Banks favors his arm. There was a lot of talk about a Kings of Wrestling reunion. They brought nothing to the match other than killing the crowd anytime they were involved. THAT is how you do a 40 minute match. Review by: Richard “Benno” Benson Taking place on the same day as AEW’s All Out and head-to-head with a New Japan Royal Quest show that had some 6,000 tickets sold in the UK, in the weeks leading up to August 31st this, the second Takeover for a flagging NXT UK brand lacking in buzz, looked in danger to be the day’s forgotten show. The clothesline follows, Cesaro battues back but Dragunov follows with a Saito suplex and suicide dive. Watch: WWE Network. Cesaro came off like a big star, the title changes made sense, there was a ton of quality wrestling and WALTER vs. Bate was an instant classic. NXT UK Takeover Cardiff Review. But wouldn’t you know it, Tyler Bate had very few expectations of quitting. But when Gibson covered, Andrews hit the SSP on him and Webster covered to win the titles in 20:17. Cricket bat’s, pool cues, tables, chains, more tables were utilized in this. [**¾], WWE United Kingdom Championship: WALTER [c] vs. Tyler Bate TakeOver Cardiff was announced as a sell out despite having just over 4,000 people in attendance. wXw 16 Carat Gold 2020 – Tag 2 (Live-Review / Rückblick) – Das habt ihr verpasst! From there, it was exactly the kind of hard hitting match I want from them. He starts going for covers, but Andrews counters out and gets grounded again. The avalanche XPLODER follows for another GREAT near fall. Dragunov heads to the ring and says he is here and calls out Cesaro. Back in and Gibson follows with a slam for 2. It was exciting as well as calculated. Kay Lee Ray defeated Champion Toni Storm @ 10:00 via pin [***] This was good, but a bit disappointing with a flat finish that the crowd didn’t seem ready for. Please help us serve you better, fill out our survey. Published on August 31, 2019 August 17, 2020 by Brian Elliott. He rolls back in and WALTER grounds him, maintaining control. NXT UK are back on the big stage for only the second time. Banks would attempt his killshot, the Slice of Heaven multiple times to no avail and it was his failure on one of those attempts that would lead to his downfall. Cesaro defeated Ilja Dragunov @ 12:30 via pin [****] This was a great, hard-hitting and competitive match where Cesaro came of like a complete star and Dragunov lost nothing in loss. Copyright © 2020 411mania.com, LLC. bate slam him to the barricade, rolls him back in and follows with a trio of leg drops. The two gel magnificently as athletes, and while their personalities aren’t as outward as a Zack Gibson, they’re just lovable enough to provide a suitable background to their strikingly cohesive in-ring prowess. Mastiff follows with a Finlay roll onto the table, and both men are down. You can’t expect an audience to care about something that does nothing to involve them. Bate follows with uppercuts, knee strikes and the flying uppercut is met with a chop. WALTER follows with kicks, and then thunderous chops. Her in-ring charisma is borderline negative, and the audience clearly saw her as filler for the much more distinct Toni Storm. The Young Bucks for AEW World Tag Team Titles made official for Full Gear, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch win NXT Tag Team Titles, Pat McAfee aligns with Burch & Lorcan, Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara ‘Elite Deletion’ match added to AEW Full Gear, ‘I Quit’ match for AEW World Championship announced for Full Gear, UFC 254 Preview Show with John Pollock & Cody Saftic, upNXT MOVIE REVIEW: Batman Returns (1992), Bushby & Thompson’s Wrestling Adventure: Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVI (2018), Rewind-A-Dynamite 10/21/20: Le Dinner Debonair, Latest COVID-19 news. That was fine, but came across as a big disappointment. #LastManStanding #NXTUKTakeOver: Cardiff pic.twitter.com/qtaol3dO6V. Back to the arm he goes, Banks fires back but Dar cuts him off until Banks trips him up and follows with the corner dropkick and German for 2. Perhaps I can be proven wrong, but as it stands, I don’t have much positive to offer here either. And through much of this bout, WALTER sailed that sea with staggering success. TakeOver Cardiff was announced as a sell out despite having just over 4,000 people in attendance. You can’t win ’em all. This past week, Cesaro announced on WWE.com that he would be coming to TakeOver: Cardiff. They fight over a suplex, chops from WALTER and bate then counters into a suplex. Excessive kickouts. All rights reserved.Click here for our privacy policy. It forced the reprehensible GYV and the Welshmen to team up against the bigger Scots and forcefully keep their strength to as little a problem as possible. The “Are you watching Vince McMahon” chants annoyed me immensely as these would not want Vince getting involved with their show. It didn’t have the heat I wanted and was pretty flat. He then locks on the crossface, Bate struggles and crawls but WALTER follows with elbows and then about bends him in half until Bate makes the ropes. NXT UK Women’s Title: Toni Storm vs. Kay Lee Ray This should have been closer to 10 minutes. Bate kips up and hits the running shooting star press for 2. It goes without saying that the most athletic portions of the match were performed by Webster and Andrews, but they had distinct reasons and purpose behind them, giving the aesthetically pleasing moves some drama and use that they may not have had otherwise. NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff As a product overall, NXT UK continues to tick along with it’s thoroughly unremarkable and lukewarm TV product being unbefitting of the talent available to it and a booking pattern that continues to lack inspiration. Despite a clean loss, he came out of this match with something he didn’t have before. Bate is down, WALTER dares him to fight so Bate fires back and gets kicked in the face. * AEW All Out Preview: 44:00 Exactly what I was hoping for. This led to a big Andrews hot tag culminating in a Tornado DDT to Drake and then more dives to both the interfering Gallus and Drake and Gibson. It’s the only one of the three 8/31 shows I can watch the day it airs. I loved Bate hitting the big left hand, only to fall and have WALTER land on top of him, further damaging the back. Back in and the sliding D connects for 2. It’s time for NXT UK’s second TakeOver. Beyond that, nothing here gave me the sense that Kay Lee Ray can carry her end of the bargain as the detestable heel champion. Weil Wrestling das Geilste ist: Headlock - Der Pro Wrestling Podcast. However, this praise of Cesaro should not indicate a one-man show on his behalf. WALTER fires back as they fight from the mat, back fist by Bate and WALTER now lays in a flurry until Bate attacks the knees until WALTER takes him out with a suplex for 2. Speaking of the Welshmen, it’s impossible to deny that there’s a spark to them as a tandem. After a StunDog Millionaire near fall from Andrews to Gibson, Gibson and Drake took over with a flurry of offense with a Helter Skelter from Gibson and a beautiful 450 splash from Drake leading to a big near fall as the partisan crowd rallied behind Andrews and Webster with “Wales” chants. I hope we get a rematch at some point as these two are capable of much better together, The closing stretch would have the fans in attendance on their feet but honestly did anyone really believe Tyler had any hope of winning? Their silhouettes are not similar. Banks would come back with a running Dropkick in the corner and bridging German Suplex, before Dar would counter a standing switch with more kicks to Banks shoulders, trapping on a Lebell Lock. They decided to start kicking out of finishers about 6 minutes in, but got absolutely nothing out of it because they used it as a crutch rather than a payoff to something useful. That was followed by the use of a cricket bat, pool cues, tables, and chains among other things. Flash and Andrews are from Wales, making them the hometown favorites. The match then broke down further with all three teams brawling before Morgan Webster countered a Slingshot with a Canadian Destroyer and Gibson and Drake hit a Suicide Dive Doomsday Device to Wolfgang. NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff 2019 was a tremendous success and a vast improvement over their first Takeover effort. But their four opponents did just as admirable a job of holding things together psychologically. After a double down between the Grizzled Young Vets and South Wales Subculture, Gallus looked to play spoiler taking out both teams before Coffey himself hit a big Stage Dive to the outside. There were some really great teases and near falls down the stretch and the title change was the right call. As with her Progress title reign, her run in NXT UK has been solid, if unspectacular, carried by her star presence – a star presence that seems ripe for a callup to potentially the main roster, but more than likely to NXT proper with that brand becoming a live two-hour prime time show. Bate would impressively bridge out of a WALTER cover and hit both Tyler Driver and Corkscrew near falls before WALTER used a momentary distraction by the referee attempting to break up the two men in the corner to lock in a Choke. Back in and Bate hits the dead lift German for 2. NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff Review NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff took place on Saturday 31st August at the Motorpoint Arena. ****1/4, Last Man Standing: Joe Coffey vs. Dave Mastiff Bate again tries to get back to his feet, does, but WALTER hits a shoulder tackle, Bate counters back and hits a slam and knocks WALTER to the floor. WALTER is pissed, slaps Bate and the powerbomb gets 1! Back in and Flash hits the moonsault press until Wolfgang makes the save. Technically, it was very good with some quality exchanges and an even playing field. I liked that because we know Bate can lift him, so working the back gives a logical reason for it to be a struggle this go around. A few spots came off awkwardly early and I really didn’t see what Gallus added to things. While most will talk about the Welsh guys coming home to win, James Drake and Zack Gibson were absolutely magnificent in this match. he transitions to a knee bar and they trade grounded strikes. Back in and they trade, Gory bomb into the ropes and then the Gory bomb proper follows for the win. Durch die weitere Nutzung der Webseite stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies zu. Andrews runs wild with strike sand chops, The enziguri follows and Coffey cuts him off until Andrews hits the double PELE. While this wasn’t anything special, it served its primary function wonderfully. A great example of what both Cesaro and Ilja are capable of when given the chance to go all out ****. They did callbacks to the Bate injury angle, WALTER was the perfect bully bate an equally amazing resilient babyfaces. They put on a clinic and showed how you make a 35+ minute main event work. However I can knock the structure of this match and I’m going to. Back in and Andrews hits stundog millionaire, swanton by Flash follows for 2.

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