Größen. Ausführungen, TAC Burl Korkring Wave L=13mm/AD=34mm/Bohr.=6mm, Endkappe TFB020 Agglo/Rubberkork - versch.

1,40 € inkl. Product filter. 29 Patents. 9 years as a pro .

Endless Fish Stories. There's a feeling you get when you're going fishing.

$10.50. "I use Owner hooks because they are the sharpest, strongest, best quality hooks available, and because they help me land more and bigger fish," Cliff Prince. 49 Years In Business. Mustad J-ASSIST3 Series Slow Pitch Double Jigging Assist …

Größen. permanently secures baits onto the TwistLOCK coil spring for a perfect rig every time, corrosion-resistant; seamless transition to environment, better positioning to keel baits when swimming. Name, A to Z Name, Z to A Price, low to high Price, high to low. Quick View. Categories. 1121 Different Hooks. 29 Patents. Friday: 8AM – 4PM

For more information go to, MagBay El Sincero High Speed Trolling Lures, Welcome to Charkbait! I am grateful to be part of the team! Of course you can always buy assist hooks ready-made. Größen. Thursday: 10AM – 5PM set_overlay('#image1114', '1', '5', 'bilder/suchspecialoverlay/klein/kSuchspecialOverlay_2_1.png'); VMC Jigging Assist Hook 7264 BN - versch.

Sort by: Relevance. Owner DUAL DANCING STINGERS Hooks. Wednesday: 10AM – 5PM Endless Fish Stories. Mustad J-ASSIST2 Series Heavy Duty Jigging Assist Rig. Hooks by Species or Region Pros & Guides Contact Us Products Größen. Quick View. ", "When it comes to hooks, I use Owners for the simple reason - they are the sharpest and strongest hooks I have ever used and they help my clients catch more fish. Add to Wishlist. And you'll never have to tell the story of the one that got away. Add to Wishlist. Internet Sportsfishing. Saturday: Closed $9.95. Add to Compare. set_overlay('#image30', '1', '5', 'bilder/suchspecialoverlay/klein/kSuchspecialOverlay_2_1.png'); Big Game Haken Sea Demon Style - versch. Saturday: 10AM – 5PM

Folks have discovered a very effective enhancement for fishing iron or for use with knife jigs, an “assist” hook. Monday: 8AM – 4PM Add to Compare. 16% USt., zzgl. Not available In stock. Friday: 10AM – 6PM Assist Hooks. Sunday: Closed, Monday: Closed Wednesday: 8AM – 4PM Has improved his catch-ratio with Owner Hooks. Price. favorite fishing styles is finesse fishing. 1.00 - 3.00 3.00 - 5.00 5.00 - 10.00 9.00 - 14.00. 1121 Different Hooks. I need the very best Hooks on the market to help me landed each and every fish!". Jigging World Demon Single Assist Hook. Größen, ALPS Fighting-Butt CKSFB12 Kork/Rubberkork - versch. set_overlay('#image29', '1', '5', 'bilder/suchspecialoverlay/klein/kSuchspecialOverlay_2_1.png'); Big Game Haken Southern Tuna Style - versch. Tuesday: 10AM – 5PM BKK Boone Decoy Shout Varivas. Add to Compare. Größen. Tuesday: 8AM – 4PM Ausführungen. You get on the boat and the only thing between you and the fish is water. Unsere Bestseller. set_overlay('#image64', '1', '5', 'bilder/suchspecialoverlay/klein/kSuchspecialOverlay_2_1.png'); VMC Drilling O'Shaugnessy Treble 9626 PS - versch. Hooks Owner Monster Stinger Assist Hooks WARNING: The products offered on our website can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Choose Options. Quick View .

Taught herself how to guide and catch different species. Owner ST-66 Stinger - versch. Add to Wishlist. I always tell fishermen, Use Owner hooks once and they sell themselves. Assist Hooks (26) Hooks (36) Swivels and Rings (48) Product filters Show filters. Sunday: Closed, WARNING: The products offered on our website can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Brands like Hiro, Owner, Shout and Varivas provide excellent ready-to-go hook options, but there is more satisfaction in making your own, … Thursday: 8AM – 4PM With two assist hooks, fish tend to be caught in the mouth, while the other embeds in the side of the head or body, which damages the fish and it takes more effort to land it because you’re pulling the fish sideways. They are the best! At TackleDirect, we carry a large assortment of quality Owner hooks, jigs, rigs and accessories to help ensure your fish stay hooked. allows for smaller diameter wire to achieve same strength for maximum penetration. ", "I use owner hooks because they are a high quality reliable hook for all species. VMC Jigging Assist Hook 7264 BN - versch. Brands. $9.99. 0.1lb - 0.2lb 0.2lb - 0.3lb. The high-performance Owner hooks we stock include single hooks, treble hooks, traditional J-hooks and circle hooks for catch and release, and hooks for both freshwater and saltwater angling. Choose Options. Availability. ", "I use Owner Hooks because every bite counts! "I use Owner hooks because they are the sharpest, strongest, best quality hooks available, and because they help me land more and bigger fish,", "As a professional I look to have the best in everything I need, one of the most essential tackle needed is "the hook", and Owner Hooks builds the best, the sharpest & the strongest. Show more. Weight. set_overlay('#image550', '1', '5', 'bilder/suchspecialoverlay/klein/kSuchspecialOverlay_2_1.png'); set_overlay('#image7567', '1', '5', 'bilder/suchspecialoverlay/klein/kSuchspecialOverlay_2_1.png'); VMC X-starker Drilling Needle Sharp 7547BN - versch. Each time you cast, the sound of nature drowns out the noise, you feel a rush of anticipation - it's all about that tug at the end of the line - so set the hook!

Größen. ", "Owner not only has the sharpest hooks available but they also have the strongest tensile material which is equally valuable in securing good hook penetration.

49 Years In Business. Endless Fish Stories. Choose Options. Buy the Owner DH-26 Assist Hooks online - BCF is Australias leading outdoor clothing, footwear and gear retailer with a wide range of outdoors equipment available both online and in stores nationwide.

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