There’s plenty of blood and guts in Strange Behavior, but the effects are fairly rudimentary. Franke and Schmoelling who could possess the master tapes are currently busy with their careers and have no time to go through this process of unearthing the archives. I am more looking forward to the remaster of White Eagle. This is a must purchase for me! The Keep from Orange records ( The Keep letters as castle image with 2 soldiers in cape and vehicle) is just a copy cat release of The Keep that was released in limited editions during a concert in the early 1990s and “tangetized” by both Edgar and Jerome meaning new instruments were used to enhance the music as evidenced by Heritage Survival adding acoustic guitars. In my opinion, the release of the Dominion concert (even in it’s complete version) is overlapping with the “Logos” album. All the Td with Jive/Relativity have been re released by Esoteric Records that includes Pergamon. Re KarMa You were right Pergamon was with Virgin/ Caroline I just saw my CD copy then it became Jive Electro/Relativity and now Esoteric Records and this could be the reason it was not covered by Pilots box set. In addition to this the soundtrack to Thief includes an extended promotional only version of  ‘Dr. Nice collection though. Where did you got this info? ), "A Taste of the '50s in 'Strange Behavior, "Girls in the ring and ghouls in the night", "Condon Looks Back Fondly on Strange Behavior",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 19:45. Destructo’, White Eagle features six bonus tracks recorded for the German television crime drama series Tatort (originally released on a 12-inch single and a seven-inch single in Germany only), all of which are released for the first time on CD and digitally. Waited so long….. You didn’t have to. These songs are not on the sampler. ….and Flock….. other Virgin releases Pergamon never got a “Definitive Edition”, which already indicates that there are some issues. Seven months of hard and dedicated work! Silver Scale appeared on this Tangents box set in its original not live perhaps owned by Froese Franke and Scmoelling with no record label obligation or licensing. The other problem is that in the early mid-’70’s every TD show was different. Adding to this is the fact- since they’re instrumental- they sound right at either speed. And I’ll keep my fingers crossed, that there is even more to come eventually. @Squire Wakeman: I would have just liked the bonuses and box without the normal albums but that’s never going to happen as most people would like a big box set. 08: Choronzon (08:25) Honestly I do not see any difference with the original remaster with his own mastering skill. “Love and Destiny” Yes in response to Hvk I was also expecting the tracks from Scmoelling era that were performed live Calymba, Thermal, Digital, etc. Le Sange (The Devil’s Playground’s Arthur Dignam) before being given a drug by another doctor, Dr. Gwen Parkinson (The Fury’s Fiona Lewis), that will supposedly make him smarter. “Weird Village” Hi Paul……Will there be any Blu-Ray duscs like “In Search of Hades” box set with multi-channel sound? It’s not up to the standard of the last box though, since there don’t seem to be any Surround Mixes, or hi-res versions in there. All master tapes from the Virgin era (1973-1983) are owned by Virgin/UMC and they don’t have to ask permission to anyone to release material that they own. Your email address will not be published. And they’ll ship it to the US. Were these omitted due to licensing issues? Did anyone ever figure this out? [8] In the United Kingdom, the film was released on VHS under the title Small Town Massacre in 1983. Pardon? Led by Edgar Froese, Tangerine Dream supplied the score to Strange Behavior. I will be buying this box set as it is the period of TD that I revere the most. “Sign in the Dark” Pilots of Purple Twilight also features additional previously unreleased material across four discs, including the full concert at The Dominion Theatre, London in November 1982. I thought it was released by Virgin? If I’m remembering correctly, it was the people involved with the (then) reissue of Heartbreaks (on Silva Screen in 1995) who told me. Paul, can you update when those of us in the states can buy? Rarely does it sound better in my view. Remasters, according to every engineer that I seen comment online, are really only ‘tinkering’ with the sound, and unless the sound was very, very poor, and a few tweaks have altered that to a limited extent, they aren’t going to make much of a change – because you can’t. CD 1 – “Tangram” (Released as Virgin V 2147 in May 1980), CD 2 –  “Thief” (Released as Virgin V 2198 in March 1981), CD 3 – “Exit” (Released as Virgin V 2212 in September 1981), Cd 4 – “White Eagle” (Released as Virgin V2226 in March 1982), *Bonus tracks: Taken from the 12-inch EP “Das Mädchen auf der Treppe”, Released in Germany as Virgin 600 651 in May 1982 Previously unreleased on CD, ^A & B-sides of single – Released in Germany as Virgin 105 271 in May 1983. Medical examiners observe that Waldo's corpse has a bizarre surgical incision near his eye, and, upon scrutinizing the evidence, John concludes that two different people are responsible for the murders of Waldo and Bryan. Fingers crossed the Blue and Pink years get similar sets in the future. I wonder if this is the original recorded soundtrack to ‘The Keep’ as featured in the film itself, or the re-recorded version that was on sale at several Tangerine Dream concerts some years ago? Too bad there is no 5.1 mix of any of the albums like “In Search Of Hades” had. Regards, Wouter. [1], The Encyclopedia of Horror designates the film as a New Zealand film. I am also curious to know. The only thing strangely missing from this era is the HEARTBREAKERS soundtrack (also released on Virgin Germany just like the two Tatort vinyl releases), and I’m curious if it had anything to do with either high licensing fees or an ownership issue. But for this all I see is the The Dominion Theatre ’82 Concert. and of course don’t list it at all…. I’ll also say they missed a trick by not including the closing titles track on Thief. But the ISOH box doesn’t have that restriction, I wonder what the source for the soldier soundtrack is. I do have the earlier Virgin Years 1977-1983 collection which covers all this minus the s/track albums and live album, so will have to have a think on this one. Has anyone ever ordered from to the US? The packaging is pleasingly consistent with the previous set and comes with a hardcover book with a new essay and many rare photographs and memorabilia. "Soundtrack" doesn't show up in the artist list. Compared with the Hades boxed which has three full live concerts and one short concert The live at Coventry. Wow, Sep and Oct are going to be epic with Prince, Tears For Fears and Tangerine Dream box sets. Have not seen it on “Tangram” parts 1 & 2 being split over two discs in the virgin Years set is a sheer crime. I only bought the first Tangs box earlier this year and have still not had a chance to go through it, apart from watching the Coventry Cathedral gig on DVD. That’s disappointing. Thanks!!! You are talking about film cues – things that have appeared on bootlegs. Did they finally release some material about the soundtack of the tv series ? It changed later on and still continues to ship everywhere (and less expensive than the new box). As far as I know, Edgar’s family have not given permission to use his tape library, and the unreleased material is from Virgins vaults, so.. largely from White Eagle. the Johannes Schmoelling era! If memory serves, the extended versions of both “The Dream Is Always The Same” and “Love On A Real Train” appear on the DREAM SEQUENCE compilation from 1985 (released on LP, CD, and Cassette formats), whereas somewhat shortened versions originally appeared on the Risky Business soundtrack (LP version). – The Tatort tracks on the 12″ run correctly at 45 RPM. I just had to double check, but both discogs and voices-in-the-net state that while Quichotte was released by Amiga, Pergamon was first released in 1986 by Virgin.

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