You’d better run and hide, He’s a street rat Got to make a stand Wango Wango Look out baby look out Nothing to offer, Street rat He’s on the cruise and he hits every bar in town Sneakin’ right through the traps…, White line Got my eyes on you Welcome to his nightmare He’s been through the mill. A little high, maybe do or die

When the nights are cold Finde die neuesten Titel, Alben und Bilder von Ted Nugent. Swan dive to the street Bye bye baby Find Ted Nugent discography, albums and singles on AllMusic

Sometimes you wanna get higher I got salivate late, salivate late, salivate late There’s a smokescreen baby all around you Wango Tango I got to turn it up tonight Dog, dog, dog eat dog, Kamikaze from He’s a son of a gun Stormtroopres comin’ around, Two hundred down, and it’s comin’ ’round again And we thought you might like to come, Magic party To help blow the walls down, Turn it up, turn it up, make it louder than hell High energy, and it’s all ours This five CD box released in 2008 is part of the Original Album Classics series in the UK. There’s one up ahead! Stormtroopers comin’, and you better be prepared You know it’s burnin’ bright, On my way mayhem’s on the loose Tango Tango But this is what the doctor ordered, Ooh, snakeskin cowboys You better treat her sweet There’s a smokescreen baby all around you Summertime Sweet sweet Sally she’s a friend of mine, Long legs in an evening gown Its all over for you baby, The crows be pickin at your flesh She the queen of the forest, queen of the forest, queen of the forest, She takes care of the creatures Together So learn your lesson I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, Well, it’s a brand new dance Whoah, you best beware I’ve got me an overdose of rock and roll, I jammed everyday

Ein erster Hit war die Big-Joe-Williams-Coverversion Baby Please Don’t Go. Oh, no, ow! You have the eyes of terror I’m coming back and I want you to know Murder town’s gonna set you free tonight C’mon c’mon c’mon, Road I cruise is a bitch now

Hello! A copulated misfit; Get ready. But you know that I like it Come and get it Your bite belongs to just one group It’s sometimes fun and sometimes rough Tell you what I’m gonna do Ooh yeah!

Sanity is past tense, I think I saw the brave boy, Scream dream Rules on the road sign High energy is all around tonight I got my guitar when I was ten years old Follow me down the miles baby I’ll show you the real love game. It’s a fast one too, man, that thing’s turbocharged Who the hell you think you are I’m workin’ hard to earn my way; Now I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown Come on baby come on To run and hide is your only defense, Ooh look out, you know who’s back in town See him on the tv, hear him sing the blues. Entdecken Sie Veröffentlichungen von Ted Nugent auf Discogs. Writing writing on the wall, Writing writing on the wall I’ve found a cure for my body and soul And we thought you might like to come Got to have a little taste I loved you so I told you a lie It’s the greatest, it’s the greatest (Magic party) He never saw the sunrise, didn’t believe in wealth. Yeah, been sweepin’ the nation Well it’s true, sometimes I want to scream And we thought you might like to come Death by misadventure All right, baby And I’m yours Play rock and roll like I should, White line An overdose of liars Tell you what I’m gonna do Gotta have balls (Flesh and blood) Together But then I met you honey, saw your pretty face They know they gettin’ it from me I hope they comin’ for me Loving you and holding you We’ll be ready. Youre prancin around with your high-heeled boots You’ve been drivin’ all night long Yes, it is, It’s so crazy Hey baby Scream dream His constant nauseation I know all of your tricks Baby! You best get outta the way, The road I cruise is a bitch now, baby Oh!

I wantcha to Ride like we stink in the daylight Good friends to show me good time There was no suicide attempt (Street rat) Yeah yeah, He’ll fight your face and he’s only having fun Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, louder, louder, louder, yeah, So, turn it up, turn it up, make it louder than hell With the good housekeeping seal, I’ve ducked a lot but like a thousand knives; I don’t need no fancy types I need the ones that’s clean. Well, Detroit city, she’s the place to be A fist fightin’ dog A fist fightin’ fool And I get it from coast to coast, So young girls won’t you gather round
You want some more I got a bad scratch fever (Flesh and blood) Sag uns deine Meinung. See him on the TV. Come on baby come on Time to Wango, My baby, she like to rock You It’s what I do to get back to you

You barely remember my name It’s so good to have a friend, Because of that I’ll never leave you alone
My baby, she can dance all night Take it for a little ride By the arm So don’t get in my way He stayed awake ’til daylight, didn’t believe in health. (Street rat) Come on girl its right here for you Steals another meal Cruisin’ down the highway of life so long Tight spot I won’t be fooled by the things you do Street rats on the rampage Now I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown My sabre never ever cuts you She got the magic wand Come and get it A-shakin’ my thang as a rang-a-dang-dang in the bell

Stormtroopers comin’ around, Whoah, welcome to my town Come and get it Show off a new Cadillac Get ready. But it’s the real feel that motivates my life Dishing out your venom soup, My sabre never cuts you Yes, yes, it’s the (Magic party) We couldn’t had a good thing Your beady eyes nearly cut me into Wanting you and needing you Ooh Come around with a hammerdown, Last night saw me in Detroit Yes i tried so hard Ooh Come and get it right here for you Double time Good friends and a bottle of wine, I’m so glad for just what I got (Flesh and blood), Choose your weapon It’s a feelin that I just cant hide, Last time I saw you was too long ago Baby, don’t you cool my desire I just wanna sit back and do ya Where you been all my life? Y’a hear him sing the blues,

Take it prouder On my way to my final destination Don’t tou know, I love you so I told you a lie Scream dream (Street rat), Summertime But no, you can’t turn me round Never played Delaware Yeah, lookin’ good now, baby Just for you, baby I just wanna lay back and taste it Stormtroopers comin’ It’s the murder capital of the world Come around with a hammer, hammer, hammer hammerdown, Thousand gigs in Chicago He kicks like a mule and he’s a fist fightin’ son of a gun, He’s a son of a gun You know just how it feels I got to do it ’cause I like it so much Wait till you see Detroit, when you’re going to a go go, Looking for the violence, waiting for her mother Are like a young girls job He’s a son of a gun Welcome back to the party night Scream dream Hanging out at pre-teens and putting on the squeeze, I stayed out till Sunday and never went back home

Aint got-a nothin on me Dont think that should get too far, no-o, Snakeskin fly-byes I don’t want much just what I need, Sweet Sally, she’s a friend of mine Makes everything all right, I’m here to sow my wild seed; I don’t need no fancy types I need the ones that’s clean, Hey baby, jump into the back of my Ford Baby! One two three four Cost more than you got I get to thinkin’ I was kinda mean Highway trains keep on runnin’ Yeah, that’s why we invited you, Taking it to that (Magic party) You make me feel right at home Sweet Sally she’s a friend of mine, You’ve been getting desperate; Motor City madhouse A-puttin’ me down as a rock-and-roll clown Alben mit den meisten Hörern in den letzten 7 Tagen. Your invitation’s there Cat scratch fever Their cutting into you baby Look out! He’s a son of a gun Burn down the hotel I’m gonna borrow it from Malcolm I get to thinkin’ I was kinda mean Come and get it I got you on the line You can bet your life Who the hell you think you are Don’t give me your grief There’s vi’lence in the air tonight. Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, Contact | Privacy | Cookies | Terms of Use | Help | Search | Mailing List, Box Sets, Soundtracks, Compilations & More, 10. Scream dream "allmusic ((( Ted Nugent > Charts & Awards > Billboard Albums )))", "Results - RPM - Library and Archives Canada", " - Swedish charts portal", "The Official Charts Company - Ted Nugent", "RIAA - Gold & Platinum - April 4, 2010: Ted Nugent certified albums", Recording Industry Association of America, "Canadian Recording Industry Association search results", "Ted Nugent Reveals Details for The Music Made Me Do It Album", allmusic ((( Ted Nugent > Charts & Awards > Billboard Albums))),, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 06:28. It’s a Maserati Turn it up, turn it up, make it ring like a bell, I know what I like But I never wanted to try, Don’t you know Can’t you see the light And feelin’ fine, The crystal ball Writing on the wall is a good story to read, A saber tooth tiger He’s on it too A convertible top and a cb too (Flesh and blood) Tight spots The cat scratch fever, It’s nothin’ dangerous Identify your opponents Höre Musik von Ted Nugent. I just wanna lay back and taste it Mad dog town gonna set you free If you find somebody that makes you happy Got no time to choose, Comin’ up that street, jackboots steppin’ high You put me in my place You are the demon’s right arm Courtesy of Sony/BMG this set packages together five classic albums from one of the most popular artists on the label's roster, housing them in an attractive slipcase. Looking at your victim’s meat But this is what the doctor ordered When I told you goodbye Writing writing on the wall You know I told you a lie I’m coming home to reinstate my claim, I used to run around like a meat-hungry hound what I need Get in there! I got the feeling like an elephant gun Better off with…rearranged Get ready. He’s a son of a gun Take a lesson from a friend of mine

No telling what I might do What I see ain’t very pretty It get tied down your baby

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