The whole idea works perfectly against the extremist policies of the 'Norsefire party' and really brings fresh emotions to the surface, clearly using the realities of Nazi acts during WWII. Here we can see that V is certainly a man. Dr.Stanton eventually grows a conscience and realizes she hates what she is doing to the test subjects and keeps a journal that details what happens at Larkhill. I hope I have made V more mysterious with cuts to his more simplistic Hollywood-ish dialogue and his overt “I am mad” acting. |, June 5, 2019 Additionally, the action sequences are intense and exciting; with some impressive uses of special effects. Creedy is the one who gives the idea of using the virus against their own population rather than on another country (no virus in the comic). As a lesbian, she would be attracted to Evey, but be afraid to reveal her feelings, because Evey is obviously heterosexual, and it's safe to assume Valerie would have been injured in the fire/explosion and therefore now ugly. To plot her escape she explains to V how she wants to live her life without fear and that she would like to help V with his mission. Following world war, London is a police state occupied by a fascist government, and a vigilante known only as V (Hugo Weaving) uses terrorist tactics to fight the oppressors of the world in which he now lives. Cinemark Sure, it's not action-packed and it is the most fast-paced movie in the world, but it was still very entertaining. Warner Bros., After this, V takes Evey to the underground station where a train is waiting with explosives. V) is V who reads her autobiography while he too is getting tested on. By this time the cops break into the studio and shoot the first person with the Guy Fawkes mask. Dr Surridge stated in her journal of the 9th that the women are more resistant than the men, and yet on the 18th she states that the fact there are more women alive than men contradicts her earlier statement.

Finch increases his surveillance on Creedy. Have a look: In Finch’s research, he starts uncovering information leading back to Larkhill. I must also give kudos to the impressive cadre of British thespians that I was unfamiliar with before. There is no virus attack on the country in the comic, this is a smart story adaptation on the part of the Wachowskis.

Allowing for the distortion of time in a cell, the note was written circa (9 + 14) 23rd June 1993, at which point the Larkhill camp had five people left alive (two men and three women, of which the man in room 5 was one of the men and Valerie was one of the women). He also says he plans on blowing up the parliament a year later and if everyone feels there is something wrong with this country, they should all join him to witness the blowing up of the parliament building. Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Natalie Portman's accent falls off at times, but the lispiness seems at least consistent, and her performance throughout is every bit as good as her Oscar-winning one, though I do think she plays too coy during her "confession" with Father Lilliman so that she seems to be toying with him to aid in V's plan instead of seeking asylum for herself. The views and opinions expressed herein are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the staff of the Paradox shop and/or the other authors on this blog. In other words, the note from Valerie couldn't have been where Evey found it, if it was indeed pushed through from room 4 to 5. V explains that Gordon was executed because they found a Quran at his place. Delia thanks him, apologizes and she dies. Finally one day he creates an explosion, destroys the place and escapes. Finch understands that there is going to be a lot of chaos and in that chaos someone could do something stupid. I think it's an interesting take. Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. Finch then understands what is going to happen. Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith from the Matrix) has such a mastery with his diction it’s insane the way he delivers each dialogue. Gordon explains how he’s ignored the censor board and bypassed them to write up a completely different show for the evening. It is possible that Valerie also escaped and became V, (the ultimate fate of the man in room 5 would therefore remain unknown). Overall, I liked V for Vendetta, and it actually didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would be; but it still isn't the greatest Action/Drama movie out there. Still don't really see the need for the the Guy Fawkes motive though, other than it simply looks kinda cool and original. V further explains that what Creedy’s men have are bullets and bullets run out. He says he didn't, so you saying V is Valerie is completely debunked since Valerie obviously wrote the letter.Also do you remember "Mr Rockwood" ? But in Evey's set up, the note from Valerie is pushed through the hole connecting to room 6 on the right. Its all here with this film, totalitarian fears, media cover ups, secret police, total anarchy, genocide, dictators, torture and the destruction of our beloved Big Ben and Palace of Westminster, oh the sacrilege!. |, November 6, 2018 Now we also know that V is obsessed with leaving roses for his victims – the victims being the people in charge of Larkhill. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. On the 4th of November, Evey visits V and V requests for a dance.

and the Terms and Policies, I'd tell them I was the third man on the grassy knoll just to make them switch it off. Rockwood seeks a meeting with Finch and Dominic. Its very confusing of how V's true identity is. So room 4, where Valerie was resident, was to the left of room 5. If anything the women are slightly more resistant than the men. Evey escapes to Gordon Deitrich’s house to take refuge. There is a mention of wars in the US spreading to England, and the United States being dissolved. Creedy’s men open fire on V who surprisingly is still standing after an entire round of the firing squad. My theory assumes there is an element of misdirection in what he is doing, a theory that is echoed by Finch when he gives a report to the Leader, pointing out that V wanted them to find the journal, but not all of it. | Rating: 3.5/4 The comic diverges quite a bit here Evey goes back with V right after the rooftop and the studio telecast happens much after. She takes the code name 'V' in honour of the man who was responsible for her freedom, and then goes on to honour her lost love, Ruth, by leaving roses (extinct since the war, but it was before the war that they were given to Valerie by Ruth) at the scene of her murders. He's a complete control freak with a minute attention to detail in all things, so is unlikely to have made a mistake on something that is true. The event is declared as a terrorist attack conducted by religious extremists. Evey is super worried and Gordon explains to her that he’ll be fine. You should look at the pictures more, V's face is shown a few times along the story. [Alan Moore] is probably going to wish he had allowed his name in the credits alongside artist David Lloyd, because V for Vendetta has survived the transition to the big screen with its bite intact. Add to this the numerous scenes depicting V's obsession with the film, Because if he was Valerie, it was the film where s(he) met Ruth – the love of her life who also starred in it. Those were the best three years of my life. | Rating: 2.5/4 The dark and stylized V for Vendetta is visually exhilarating, provocative and disturbing. When people start taking off their masks we can see faces of characters new and those who have died. We loved each other. V explains that the world he has been part of is over. It would have no particular emotive connection to the man in room 5, especially as I've shown, the man in room 5 couldn't have received Valerie's note from room 4, Therefore the evidence suggests that the man in room 5 engineered a break out at Larkhill. In the comic, V is allowed to do gardening. The time when V disguised himself as some guy who had originally died ages ago ? Not knowing what to do with the unconscious Evey, he takes her to his layer. At the strike of the new day, the 5th of November, everyone witnesses the blowing up of the parliament. She’s kept in a room and is slipped Valerie’s toilet paper autobiography in the same way it was delivered to V. Evey is made to live the moments leading up to her possible death just like V. When the time comes Evey chooses death over giving away the location of V. After which V from the shadows tells her “Then you have no more fear”.
Valerie is on record as saying: “I met Ruth while working on that.

mentioned; V is a man because Mr Rockwood. You're correct of course that the Doctor's name should be Surridge, not Burridge. Let's begin with the evidence of Dr Surridge's journal at Larkhill. I think he very well knew his ways to get these roses somehow.

The crux of the story (which comes as a twist towards the end) is that the Norsefire party is who is responsible for the virus attack. Well dat sounds true but from my own view I think v is the person that was cutting evey's hair since we never saw his face. Which means, when you're facing in to room 5, room 4 is to your left and room 6 is to your right. There is no Rockwood character in the comic. We now know there are three subjects left alive. Visually stunning and thought-provoking, V For Vendetta's political pronouncements may rile some, but its story and impressive set pieces will nevertheless entertain. At first, I wasn't very interested in seeing V for Vendetta. As she tries to escape she is captured too.

The pictures you mention could easily be either sex, especially if the person concerned was a body building (we can assume V was in great physical shape) lesbian who didn't particularly identify with a traditional 'girlie' look.

Ben Miles of "Coupling" is also quite high of power and forehead. Considering your analysis here, perhaps the man in room five did escape and then Valerie, having undergone physical changes as a result of the hormone treatment (maybe taking on a more masculine body type) exploited the identity of the man in room five as a part of her elaborate vaudevillian plans. Evey is no longer a yuppie television PA. And after that there were no more roses.”. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. But I did understand this movie quite a bit actually and ended up really liking it. As a result, they are black bagged and taken away to prison where they are killed. The story is set in a future (2030s) where societies have crumbled due to wars and where governments have extreme control on the lives of their people.

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