Though international ratings figures are not yet available, viewership is expected to be high, ESPN spokeswoman Diane Lamb said. In addition, there were 4,000 media credentials issued — more than the World Series and the Olympic Games — which bodes well for the stated goal of internationalizing the sport. They can only face twice at most - in round robin group play and then again for the championship or 3rd-place match. Myung-hwan Park, a pitcher for the Korean team, was disqualified from the WBC after testing positive for the use of an illegal substance. A 30-pitch outing needed to be followed by one day off, and a 50-pitch outing by four days off. The total earnings of WBC is divided into net profit (53%) and prize money (47%). We present them here for purely educational purposes. In an effort to enforce the United States Government's embargo on Cuba, the Cuban team was initially denied a license to play in the United States[5]. There was no official qualifying competition. WBC organizers were unable to reach an agreement with the MLB umpires' union and so the tournament was overseen by umpires from the minor leagues. This occurred despite less than stellar airing times for the games. Mexico (2-1) won Pool B, and the United States (2-1) finished second, placing both into Pool 1 as well. It was won by Japan. The first World Baseball Classic featured 16 teams in a round-robin style tournament. Japan defeated Cuba by a score of 10 to 6, to become the winner of the inaugural World Baseball Classic. Korea (3-0) won Pool A, and Japan (2-1) finished second, enabling both to move into Pool 1. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Week in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change. The Cuban National Team announced it would not allow players who had defected to the United States to play in the major leagues to play on their team, eliminating big names such as Orlando Hernandez, Jose Contreras, Danys Baez, and Rafael Palmeiro. Many members of the United States press, and New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, were skeptical of the Classic since its inception. Canada (2-1), despite an upset victory over the United States team, was eliminated based on a runs-allowed tiebreaker. If a pitcher reached his maximum pitch count in the middle of an at-bat, he could continue to pitch to that batter, but was required to be replaced once that at-bat ended. In addition, ties could be called after fourteen innings of play. Also, there was no 3rd place game, and it was unevenly balanced. [6], The Taiwanese baseball team was originally listed as "Taiwan" and bearing the flag of the Republic of China (), but under political pressure from the People's Republic of China, was later changed to Chinese Taipei and bearing the Chinese Taipei Olympic Flag (). Korea (3-0) won Pool A, and Japan (2-1) finished second, enabling both to move into Pool 1. Further information: 2006 World Baseball Classic (Results). Many said they were the 2 most loaded teams, and should've been on opposite sides of the bracket. Coaches: 70 — Kim Jae-bak (hitting coach), 90 — Sun Dong-yol (pitching coach), 80 — Cho Bum-hyun (battery coach), 75 — Ryu Joong-il (defensive coach), 76 — Ryu Ji-hyun (base coach), Manager: Ernie Whitt (First base coach with the Toronto Blue Jays), Coaches: Denis Boucher (Pitching Coach), Tim Leiper (Coach), Rob Ducey (Coach), Larry Walker (Coach), Tommy Craig (Trainer), Pitching coaches: Fernando Valenzuela, Ted Higuera, Coaches: Marcel Lachemann, Davey Johnson, John McLaren, Reggie Smith, Coaches: Dave Concepción, Oscar Escobar, Roberto Espinoza, Omar Malavé, Luis Salazar. Or write about sports? Park will be banned from international baseball competition for the next two years, and will be banned for life if he tests positive again. Additionally, at the website of the WBC, the introduction of the Taiwanese team [10] is a completely different article from the Chinese translation. Taiwan One former defector, Livan Hernandez, expressed interest in pitching for Puerto Rico because he owns a house there and the rules allow players to compete for a nation based on permanent residency. Format A mercy rule would come into effect with one team leading by either fifteen runs after five innings, or ten runs after seven innings in the first two rounds of play. South Korea lost to Japan 6-0, despite narrowly beating them twice in the early rounds. Logos were compiled by the amazing The teams listed on the country's roster is the team the player was with while the tournament took place. The teams selected for the inaugural World Baseball Classic were chosen because they were judged to be the "best baseball-playing nations in the world and provide global representation for the event." [16] He also reported that, at one point, jerseys for the Venezuelan team were selling at the rate of one every six seconds. Do you have a blog? American umpire Bob Davidson made two questionable calls at critical moments in two different games that each directly benefited the American team. The top two teams of each pool moved onto the second round, where the top two teams of Pools A and B (Pool 1) and the top two teams of Pools C and D (Pool 2) competed against each other in another round-robin. It was held from March 3 - March 20 in stadiums that are in and around Tokyo (Japan), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Orlando, Phoenix, Anaheim and San Diego (United States). In Korea this led to controversy over the regulations of the WBC concerning the fact that Korea had to face Japan three times and that it was Japan that was allowed to go to the finals, when it had four victories and three losses up to that point, two of those losses to Korea, while the Korean team, which had only one loss and had already beaten Japan twice, was eliminated from the finals. He was confronted in the stands by four Cuban delegates. Sacrifice fly appeal, Japan vs. United States, Video and Audio - 2006 World Baseball Classic, WEPN New York Live streaming radio coverage of the final, Unofficial chat forum of The World Baseball Classic, [7],[8], [9]. However, in the semifinals, the Korean team lost to the Japanese team, who they had beaten twice previously. The designated hitter rule was in place for all games. Many historical player head shots courtesy of David Davis. Attendance was higher than expected at several sites, including the 19,000-seat Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, which was sold out for every Puerto Rico game in the first two rounds.

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