And now I see it in about 10 percent of my cases – female clients having to pay their ex-husbands support.”, There’s even a nickname for it – “manimony.”. | Last updated April 03, 2019. How long have you and your current spouse been married? I have nothing and don’t have anything in life but this because I always gave her my checks since she made more money than i and it was easier for her to pay the bills straight from her bank. Please try again. For me, this is like an extension of the abuse I received during my marriage. I had the mindset that it wasn’t so bad because he didn’t cheat on me or hit me. His income from inheritance and pension are certainly factors in whether he needs alimony from you. Now that we have filed our taxes separately. Wouldn’t that be an asset on his end? In your opinion, can your spouse afford to provide you with financial support while maintaining a standard of living for himself or herself similar to that enjoyed during the marriage? _______________________________________. I make more than him but i also have the children. Pingback: Will you pay manimony after your divorce? My husband however, who is 15 years old than me is retired collects a pension, works and also collects Social Security, he also has access to substantial amount of cash he got from an inheritance over 120,000.00, but I live paycheck to paycheck and have about 100.00 in my checking account. Answer the following questions for yourself if you think you may be entitled to alimony, or as you think your spouse would answer them if you wonder whether you may be required to pay alimony. Google Chrome, He has sent text messages to my son and I that he has a job. There are a few things that could help you to get out of alimony payment. Have you obtained additional education or developed new skills during your marriage? For instance, if only one spouse worked outside the home during the marriage, it would be impossible for that one spouse to be expected to maintain the "standard of living" for both spouses after a divorce. Hello, I know I might have the right for child support but I can’t be bothered to deal with the legal system. Watch out for CO. Why wouldn’t you receive support? Mandatory deductions are things like income taxes, social security, and healthcare. Right or wrong, fair or not, if you can’t agree otherwise, the law will apply. She works and earns roughly $15. She wont to divorce me can i get spou se support. So we will sell everything and split it down the middle and yes please I’ll accept that alimony check I don’t care if its $25 a month! He was abusive, violent, and refused to work. Will You Have to Pay Alimony to Your Ex-Husband? What jobs did you hold before this marriage? If yes, summarize the agreement with respect to spousal support here and provide a copy of the agreement to your attorney. Ask an attorney familiar with the laws of your state whether you will owe alimony or not. I divorced my ex after he secretly spent our joint savings and refused to take paying work or contribute financially to our mortgage and bills. Lol flip the roles here and watch the reactions. Having custody of pre-school-aged children and no access to daycare could make it impossible for a spouse to work outside the home. She is NUTS. My wife now has a job and is doing great. Alimony will be awarded only when a former spouse is unable to meet their needs without financial assistance from a spouse who can afford to pay it. We lost the house my career my education and everything. I dang sure will take everything I can get, especially after 10 years of marriage and she breaks the marriage contract. As for paying alimony, if you can show that he is able to work and earn money, that could be taken into account in determining the amount of support, if any. My husband has a very aggressive lawyer who is pushing to get 1/2 my pension, 1/2 my 401k , alimony and doesn’t feel that I am entitled to any proceeds to the sale of our home , why ? This man has been controlling my finances since the day we met when I was 17. Think that you might be on the hook for alimony or spousal support after your divorce? Learn more about FindLaw’s newsletters, including our terms of use and privacy policy. We are concerned that people get good, accurate advice, and it would be negligent of us to make up answers to questions which we are not qualified to answer. I paid off the house already, no more mortgage. For example, if a spouse was a pediatrician making an annual income of $175,000 a year for four years, and she quit her job after filing for divorce and became a pre-school teacher at an annual income of $18,000 a year, her higher income earning potential would be taken into account. But if he has an ability to work and chooses not to, she could probably ask the court to consider what he could earn if he chose to in setting support. Courts will not only take into consideration the amount of financial support given during a marriage, but also the amount of emotional support. Provide any other information that you believe is important to a determination of whether you should receive spousal support. If the goal is for each of you to end up with half of the total funds available, then his solution sounds like it would work. Would i have to pay alimony? Well i got work almost 2 years ago. California is unfair, and I pray one-day they change the laws. I got stuck paying 1/4 of my take home pay as manimony for the past 3 years. You deserve to be treasured! If a marriage is relatively short, and there are no children, the courts often refuse to award alimony. My children were in subsidized daycare when I went back to school. Yes _____ No _____. My ex does give money to my youngest for food but gives it directly to him. My husband and I own this house. ________________________ Salary $_____ per _____. Since then we had an non-legal agreement where we shared custody time wise, he took the children 3 days and I took the kids for 4. His business, over the years, has acquired over 50 vehicles, tools, parts, etc. Yes _____ No _____, If yes, what was your position? We live in Utah. Microsoft Edge. Somehow the court needs to and take into account the torture many of us women endure when married to an abuser. I paid him 50% of net income each paycheck for the whole 2015 year. Take heart in the knowledge that most alimony awards only last a certain amount of time and cease if your spouse remarries. I would need to pay for some of the services he currently does for me or I could not make it on my own. Before marrying the couple could have drawn up a prenuptial agreement stating how things like alimony would be paid if there was a divorce. So I feel trapped. The fact that you may be required to pay alimony at all suggests that you are in a strong financial position. Yes _____ No _____, Full time _____ Part time _____ (_____ hours per _____), For how many years of your marriage have you been employed? If a spouse becomes self-supporting before the end of the court-ordered support period, the paying spouse can petition for the courts to terminate the alimony. Some awful things happened that brought me to my breaking point and I filed for divorce after 30 years of being married. Her income is $137,000 compared to my $0.00. For federal income tax purposes, alimony paid under a written court order is deductible by the spouse who pays and is taxable to the recipient of the alimony. Will I have to pay alimony? This article lists and explains all that, that can help you get out of paying alimony to your ex-spouse. I wonder the court agrees or not. Each state is different. Each state is different. The idea of paying manimony may be frustrating to women, but the entire purpose of alimony is to help the lower income spouse get back on his or her feet. Thanks. My wife rarely worked. Not time for me. You will need to talk to someone knowledgable in your locale to find out how support works in your state. If he is unable to work for some reason, then the laws of her state might require that she pay support. My advice to young married women is don’t accept anything less than what you deserve! Your email address will not be published. Alimony and spousal support laws are different in every state, but judges typically award alimony based on the prevailing laws in their state, and gender shouldn’t make a difference in the award. Pay to check with an attorney in your state aka you’re screwed. _____ years, Are you currently employed? He says we just take his tax due and my tax refund, add them up and divide by 2 to get to a 50/50 split of my gross income for the year. Many of today’s women are Leaning In like champs, climbing the corporate ladder, and bringing home big paychecks. Additionally, another Pew Research study found that up to 2 million men in 2012 were stay-at-home dads, raising their children while their wives worked. The courts do not consider things like union dues or work-related social dues as mandatory, and will not deduct them from the gross salary. Will you have to pay up when you divorce your husband? About divorce: I want to keep my house for my son after I divorce until my son will get 18 years old. What if I’m disabled and unable to work since 1989 and have been totally dependent on husband for both financial and physical care? My wife cheated on me with my son will i have to pay her she mack 11 dollar an hour I mack 13.62. The ability to self-support differs from actually being self-supporting. All rights reserved. Hi. – Stange Law Firm. an hour. Would that be admissible in court? Are you in good health? You’ll want to consult with someone who knows the laws of your state on exactly what you can present, and how. Same answer to every question. Almost all states have support provisions, and so you should check with an attorney who can tell you what is possible under the laws of your state.

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