At one point a man makes out with a dead woman’s body (and a woman with a dead man). The film is totally underrated by the critics. Factory Kids, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios released this family movie mystery adventure.

Written and directed by James Ward Byrkit, the movie starts out looking and feeling like half the no-budget indies you've seen: a bunch of seemingly well-off people attend a dinner party at a nice suburban house somewhere in Northern California on the night that a comet is scheduled to pass near the earth. It's got quite humor and wit, the way the characters interact with each other is great, and everyone's perforamce was great. Latino Review's El Mayimbe claims to know what other movie (aside from Captain America 2) Marvel will be bringing us in 2014. Check box if your review contains spoilers. I have good memories of Clue but it had been a few decades and who knows how my memory was selective. This is easily one of the best whodunit films of all time. This is not a good movie for your kids if you want to raise them to respect women. Not necessarily.

Some movies from the eighties have aged poorly (cough The Big Chill Cough). He just tweeted the following clue.. Would probably be PG13 if it weren't rated under the old rating system.

And the movie even has a Pulp Fiction/Citizen Kane element to it, as in you can watch it many times and still find something new and interesting about it (of course that could just be me since when I use to watch it I was a little kid, and now that I'm older I have a larger understanding of things). Campy? See our Privacy Policy for more information. Home sick with my 8-year-old daughter for a week, I let her watch it with me against my better judgment. An intelligent plot and fun fun fun. Oh, I see you've already met...." This movie is phenomenal! It's just great. Campy?

I have let my kids age 6-11 watch it and we are VERY conservative with what we watch. It's biggest feat is taking 1 dimensional board game characters and turning them into regular (or not so regular) people in 1954 who all meet at a house to find out why they've been invited. I have to admit that I fully expected this to be one of them. One of my favorite films as a child of the 80s. Clue is an amazingly hilarious movie. Truly a classic. Was not appropriate for my 10 year old for that reason. It is a totally fun watch with a classic Tim Curry performance to keep it steady. F**k what the critics say!!! Drinks and smoking. Parents: Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus.

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It is a light, fun comedy based on the board game Clue.

This one is definitely quite entertaining. But this is a great movie! This comedy is a fantastic well-thought spoof and has many subtle references to the Cold War at home.

The set is really cool and sports a lot of stuff from the board game itself which, again, I found very cool. All of the stereotypical beautiful women in the movie get their butts slapped, pinched or groped. Shout! This is a favorite movie in our family.

This movie is a funny spoof of Clue. It's like Agatha Christie, but funny. Alright I am!

It's biggest feat is taking 1 dimensional board game characters and turning them into regular (or not so regular) people in 1954 who all meet at a house to find out why they've been invited. The comedy is paced perfectly and to add more fun multiple ending. The three endings will have you watching it again and again to try and figure out how you missed all the clues and how Tim Curry's slightly neurotic and completely cunning butler could see them. There are plenty of lines in this movie that get repeated over and over in our house. Your email address will not be published.

Without a doubt, but very very funny.

Its funny and entertaining to watch, Tim Curry definently makes this movie.

This film is an amazing adaptation of a popular board game it turns the one dimensional characters you play as into well rounded multi dimensional characters with interesting backstories this film is very entertaining as it is also a good murder mystery film. This movie is an ICONIC classic. The worst movies of 2013 was off too.

At no point is this behaviour called out as unacceptable. An ensemble of actors like none other. Not a flash-a-minute rush by any means, but still really good. There are some funny one liners "I'm not shouting! in this movie. The kids like it has a little mystery and suspense (for them) and it gives them some safe thrills and chills.

Maybe not completely. This movie is a cult classic.

The movie is filled with sexual sure if it’s dark disgusting, if anyone is truly conservative they won’t watch this movie let alone have their kids watch this movie the sexual content alone makes it a disgusting vulgar profane, sin and darkness filled, unpleasant film! ... 2014. age 8+ A FAVORITE Movie in Our House of Kids. Beautiful costumes and historical references. I've now seen a hundred video games turned into movies and very few have been as good as when this was taken from a friggin' boardgame. Clue is often held with cult classic status--due largely because of its overwhelming love, despite panning from critics. Is Clue campy? Common Sense is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century.

I found the actors doing a good. Does that make it bad? There is some smoking and drinking, but I've talked to my kids before about how everybody smoked back then because they didn't know it was unhealthy. The only thing I have bad to say about it would be the ending. Clue is a hilarious whodunit, and shows that board game movies can be done well. Wow, I am so surprised by how off I am finding the reviews on this site lately. Violence 2.5/10 --- Sex 3/10 --- Language 0.5/10. I thought it would be bad, and I ended up loving it. From the very first seen the movie shows its tone and sexually charged dark perverse raunchy ugly character! I have good memories of Clue but it had been a few decades and who knows how my memory was selective. Some on multiple occasions. This movie formed my taste in films, and only Knives Out has come close to replicating the same feeling this movie gives me. There are a few references to sex that aren't as easily lost in the fast banter as others, and the characters are drinking throughout most of the earlier scenes, but it's not a central theme - it's just sort of there. It's just so much fun. Besides, it's a comedy, doesn't really have to make that much sense. Clue is OH SO one of them.

You can't make an amazing film based off a board game nowadays. Terribly underrated by the critics! The cast is alright, nothing special. It's a cult classic because it's so memorable. The pacing at the start is a bit strange, but once all the characters get into the house, the movie goes from "dramatic" to "hilarious" and never. I'm shouting I'm shouting I'm shout..." It's to the extent my sister and I both love the movie and will see something and she'll say a line and next thing, we're quoting lines back and forth. Original in every way.


Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, Best of 2018: Film Awards and Nominations, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. It's definately worth watching!

This movie is fun to watch when it comes on television.

I can watch it any time, can almost quote the whole thing word for word, regard it as the highlight of the careers of the actors in it (And they've got impressive ones).

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