I have to be alone or the show doesn't have it. He's part of the series "I Shouldn't Be Alive." KILEY: They actually got a hold of the Coast Guard in Charleston, South Carolina. Before long John was hallucinating.

KING: Where did they take you to?

That night, as the infection in her blood took hold, Meg began having severe hallucinations. They survive because they're humble, Gonzales says. I didnt know you. And if the sharks didn't bite into the raft, we were very... KING: How close did you come to sharks? After 10 hours of trekking through treacherous forest without food and with very little water, they make it to the village where they started out. Whenever a disaster hits -- a cyclone in Myanmar; an earthquake in China; a climbing accident in Alaska -- Gonzales scans the headlines for the stories of those survivors who made it out alive when all others perished. Let's put it this way: I was in Hawaii last week, and I was watching those kids surf out there, way out there. SO SAD. There was no doubt what got him. (END VIDEO CLIP) LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, real people who defied death and live to tell unforgettable stories of survival. He's author of the book "Jungle." Clever (ph) now sees his prisoners as a dangerous liability. Kevin and I stuck together for three hours before we hit the waterfalls. KING: Did they speak English? We were speaking English, which was like disaster. I became aware of the situation that I was in.

"The vision I had was washing ashore and going to the Coast Guard office and saying, 'Where the hell have you been!

KING: You were telling me during the break that you don't so much believe in survival as in -- when your time comes, your time comes? In 1981, she became the first American woman to complete the Whitbread Round the World Race, working as a cook on the South African Xargo. Scaling-Kiley and Cavanagh woke to find her dead in a "fetid mess of seaweed, blood, urine and pus.". KING: And when did you realize something was wrong with the guide?

I was driving a Land Rover. I think I've got time to do that, let's do it, team up, we'll do the climb and I can still get back to the south end of the island and get off on the ferry. There you see it's cover. Soon enough, the predators were circling the life raft, and smashing against the vessel, The Sun reported. The crew clambered in, but before he could join them, Mark felt something nudge his leg. The only thing left is a rubber dinghy. We found only one. GHINSBERG: After a long time in the river, I was (INAUDIBLE) into the surface. MACDONALD: Yes, just some R&R. KING: How did you lose your hand? KING: Did you see it coming? There was no crying, nothing.

She kept her distance from two male companions in the boat who bickered and cursed with the others. Scaling-Kiley died of unknown causes in 2014, aged 54, while Cavanagh is a mariner in Massachusetts. To their ... View production, box office, & company info. They were falling apart emotionally and physically. Yachtsman Brad and Englishman Mark Adams were also on board - and the crew's job was to sail up the East Coast of America and drop the yacht off to its new owner in Florida. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No good-byes, nothing? FOUND OUT JUST NOW OF HER DEATH. There was no way you were catching me out there. He never came back. "It doesn’t get much better than that.”. To their absolute horror, they find the area of the ocean to be infested with sharks.

There's a lot of luck and timing that goes on, too. This would be ridiculous for me to think that. We knew Meg was pretty much -- she was in a place where she was going to die. Mark heaves the canister off the boat and follows it into the ocean. Written by In another terrifying moment, Brad fell in to the water while trying to clean the boat out – and Deborah broke down as he struggled to find the strength to get back in. GHINSBERG: Two of my good friends joined me. KING: They had to amputate your legs? GHINSBERG: Not much. He needs to get rid of them fast. Gonzales says many of the disaster survivors he studied weren't the most skilled, the strongest or the most experienced in their group. "The minute we got in there were fins surrounding the dinghy," Scaling-Kiley said on the documentary I Shouldn't Be Alive, according to The Sun. Sharks are abundant in this region, with species including the blacknose, dusky, great white, hammerheads, and tiger sharks inhabiting the waters. Anderson? Wait until you hear this story. KING: Did you hallucinate? In October 1982, 5 people got caught in a tropical storm. Most of the survivors decided to ignore security protocol.

She sadly died in 2012 at her home in Mexico, at the age of 54, from unknown causes.

STROUD: I think everyone wants that. I started to reflect on sort of where I come from that and I think, you know, one of the bane of being even a survival instructor is you never find yourself actually in a survival situation. He will host "A.C. 360" at the top of the hour.

(END VIDEO CLIP) KING: We now welcome Chris Moon to LARRY KING LIVE. You could literally push it away, and it would come back, but they were constantly there. Kiley still sails when she can today. The Coast Guard received a call that said we were safely moored in Wilmington. And we were driving back from the minefield, we were coming across a clearing. The tour guide promised a quick trek to an undiscovered ancient village. But there was no forecast for it, and it just never -- it kind of came on us without much, you know, knowledge beforehand. Right now let's check in New York with Anderson Cooper. They kept her jewelry and shirt to return to her family. With Ross McFayden, Deborah Scaling-Kiley, Brad Cavanaugh, Steve Callahan. STROUD: My pleasure. KING: Doing?

That's my interest. Knowing what to do was not enough for him, Gonzales says. GHINSBERG: No, no, after a month together, one of us was injured. One was a traveling companion I met on the road, a Swiss guy named Marcus, and another was an American photographer named Kevin. Don't go away. Most of these survivors share the same traits, Gonzales says. The three of us that were arrested and abducted were myself, my interpreter, the head Cambodian and the driver of a truck. That was a very big low. She still has flashbacks from that night at sea that come at the oddest of times. They got me straight to hospital and they explained my legs had been so badly damaged that they were going to have to amputate that night. "I learned as child how to live and adapt to the environment I was in," she says.

And then we made a tragic, tragic mistake, or not, you know? KING: What was it like? It literally sped me up.

We went down to the river. "She grew up having to fend for herself," he says. KING: You had no radio to signal anyone? And at the end of the first day, I met a Dutch guy that had gone over the island on his own and he was going to climb to the top of Mount Bowen, the highest peak on the island. We said the Lord's Prayer and Psalm 23, and we buried her at sea. I mean, I discovered the will to stay alive, which is definitely something that kept me alive, because life is sacred. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I couldn't believe that we found him. His lower body was trapped under a massive boulder on a remote Australian island, lost both legs as a result. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. KILEY: Go with your gut. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're going to survive. I passionately believed in what I was doing. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sharks! It is a question many people have been asking for months. KING: What did you learn from all this? In a similarly unstable state, their friend Mark Adams told the others he was heading to the store to buy beer and cigarettes. Mark is still holding on, and eventually he just lets go. When hijacked planes hit the World Trade Center during the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, hundreds of workers were trapped in the towers. In every episode of "Survivorman," Les is let loose in a remote, unpopulated location with not much more than some video camera equipment and forced to get by for one week on his own. And I maybe absorbed that from him. KILEY: You drink saltwater, and it just causes kidney failure, you know, renal failure, and it causes all the cells in your body to explode. KILEY: Thank you, Larry. I discovered that I'm a real hero, that I can deal with that situation, that I can rise up to the challenge. And I was there lying in the mud, crying and praying to die, when I suddenly hear a young woman crying. The raft went down, broke to pieces. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm not touching you.

I don’t know if you’re shell-shocked but it’s impossible to just turn it off and live the way you did before.”. KING: Is it true that you considered cannibalism? The leader, the Austrian, it wasn't as good on the river. KING: And he just came up? Two men in the boat started arguing with and assaulting the others.

MOON: No. KING: Never thought, even though the rest are dying around you? There's no actual trail. KILEY: We did consider it, but Meg's body was already too infected.

Now, how many died? KING: Who is the we, you were with who? Gonzales says he was sitting in his kitchen later that day when someone called him and told him to turn on his television. In October 1982, 5 people got caught in a tropical storm. And Khmer Rouge radio never won an award for impartial reporting. And I must admit I never thought that of all the things, we dealt with some very dangerous situations sometimes, but to be blown up walking in a cleared area, it's kind of a bit like a lightning strike.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The terrified young soldiers agreed to guide them out to the edge of their territory. He's part of the program "I Shouldn't Be Alive." I didn't make it up. Their stories are all part of a Discovery Channel series called "I Shouldn't Be Alive." Kevin is the major reason I'm alive. GHINSBERG: I don't know. KING: How big were the waves? Two were volunteers, indigenous people, that risked their own life for no chance -- nobody believed they could find a gringo in the rainforest three weeks after he disappeared. That's the question that the author Laurence Gonzales has long tried to answer. And the boat went down. I thought I must be tired. We bought 10 lighters. GHINSBERG: Absolutely. KING: You don't know. What do these survivors share in common?

They were either going to release us or execute us.

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