Hunt: Showdown is a first-person shooter which features a blend of competitive and co-op combat.

The twist is you're not alone, as zombies and other ghouls prowl these knee-high lakes and abandoned cabins.

This inversion of the standard battle royale formula—it's about escaping, not killing everyone—is simple but deeply effective. Your task, in the main bounty-hunting mode, is to find the lair of a legendary monster within one of two festering open world maps, using your sorcerous Dark Vision to chase swirling blue sparks to clues that narrow down the search area.

If you're luckier, you might be the one player who doesn't bumble into that gunfight and wind up all on your lonesome, farming the map's denizens at your leisure.

What is it?

Reviewed On Xbox One.

Thankfully permadeath is disabled until rank 15 so I wasn't forever losing all my loot. The variety of undead foes in the world of Hunt: Showdown is pretty impressive.

Rolling objectives do task you with killing set numbers of foes for meagre rewards (support items, currency etc), but other players will hear your gunshots for miles, effectively limiting PvE combat to a series of melee bashes.

Many hours after first killing one, I still feel the urge to stand on a chair while fighting it.

If at any point you and your team mates are taken down in this process, you will lose your hunter forever, and all of their equipment. You’ll be doing a whole lot of walking in Hunt: Showdown, so any opportunity to lessen the leg work is one you’ll gladly take. Please enable cookies to view. The controls are also surprisingly unintuitive. Release Date.

It's a horror that can't be denied or hidden from, alleviated only by the sheer malice you feel when you hear a cough, turn slowly and spy another player galloping heedlessly through a cornfield with their microphone on. When you find the three clues, detectable using special vision called Dark Sight, you get the bounty's exact coordinates. Hunt: Showdown is not quite the game I expected.

Hunt blends Resident Evil 7, PUBG, and Red Dead Redemption 2 together to produce something that's remarkably distinct. But alas, you've looked for too long. For starters, you’re quickly able to outrun most of them, and given the choice between tussling with a lady that shoots bees at you and not doing that, it just makes sense to scarper. Correction: An earlier version of this review stated that there is one map, when there are two.

Griff is an enigma wrapped in a Twitter account. Encounters against other players are more nuanced, sometimes coming with unspoken agreements. After the first ten levels, death claims everything you bring into battle: your weapons, your consumables (syringes, molotovs, ammo), even your character and their cool hat.

Amidst the rusted ranches and gurgling swamps, all manner of monsters prowl, some with eight legs, some with exposed brains, and one or two which are on fire. The monsters offer up a decent challenge and are fun when when all of the elements work in tandem against you. … Jim Hargreaves 11/03/20 3. Impeccable sound design The twist is you're not alone, as zombies and other ghouls prowl these knee-high lakes and abandoned cabins. Along the way you'll fight or avoid myriad lesser horrors - from vanilla zombies who can be treated as speed bumps, providing you don't overlook the ones waving cleavers or torches, to chunkier threats such as the Meathead, a one-armed juggernaut that sees by way of a slithering entourage of leeches. Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle review, Support us on Patreon for exclusive content, Little Big Workshop Nintendo Switch review, The new Deep Rock Galactic update has new missions, cosmetics and more, New trailer for Rambo joining MK11 features the voice of Sylvester Stallone, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 showcases new modes ahead of December’s console release, Details revealed of long-awaited Super Meat Boy Forever, The final NBA 2K21 Courtside Report focuses on MyPlayer and AI upgrades, Fallout 76 is free-to-play for the next week, Immortals Fenyx Rising is more than just Ubisoft’s Breath of the Wild, Interview: The Dark Pictures Anthology series Director talks scares, satisfaction, and story, The top five console launch lineups of all time, What’s new in NHL 21? Hunt: Showdown Review – Survival Horror with Friends Ali Haider May 4, 2020 Hunt: Showdown might appear as one of the many multiplayer shooters that lacks originality but the more time is spent with the game, the easier it is to realize the special experience provided by its unique multiplayer. Matchmaking is hit or miss right now as well, as it sometimes takes upwards of five minutes to even be placed in a match.

Never miss a thing. Survive the ordeal, and you can recruit that character to your roster. Nearly two-dozen hours later, I'm coming out of every round much the same, only with added exhilaration at my near-deaths, kills and cleverly executed traps. Multiplayer hunt-'em-up set in late 1800s Louisiana. If you think you have an original angle, Griff has an originaller one. To find clues, you have to enter dark sight, an alternate vision mode where ghostly blue hues guide you to the goal. Details .

We had to kite the behemoth to take him down, running away and taking quick pot shots whenever possible. For more information, go here. OK, Hell is also frothing zombie dogs with glowing eyes, but it’s mostly other people. Though that fight didn’t end well, I didn’t regret a single second of the overall experience.

After a time the only substantial unlockables are lore, which, though well-written and fascinating, isn't enough to sustain my interest long-term. Some enemies poison you with swarms of bugs, others burn you and your health bar to ash. The Spider is beyond fast and utterly terrifying, whereas the Butcher is just a juggernaut of health and damage, and the Assassin is a stealthy bounty to pin down. Receive news and offers from our other brands? My early forays were rough. An online horror shooter packing some suitably devilish details, but slow pacing and cruel penalties don’t give you much reason to return.

Hunt: Showdown wants you to feel panic.

Where in bounty hunt, new guns can only be looted from dead hunters, in Quickplay you'll find exotic weapons dotted all over. Playing with everything on high, the game ran at a relatively smooth 60 fps for the most part, though with a noticeable drop off when a number of human players and NPCs were onscreen.

If you plan on going loud it's safest to pair up, as team-mates can revive one another at the cost of the permanent loss of a health bar segment.

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