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If you visit during this time you will have about  4,5-7 hours of daylight. Many visitors enjoy  October for the cozy times at local cafés. What to Pack: Temperature averages range from 39 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius) in early April to 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) in early June, so you'll still need to pack warmer clothing, especially for the slightly colder evenings. : March is a month many Icelanders like to spend skiing so pack gear for the slopes if that is your thing!

March often brings some beautiful sunsets and sunrises, the Ice Caves are in top shape,  and you can still see strong Auroras! Spring first arrives in April, bringing with it warmer temperatures and the first signs of green grass and flowers. : a scarf and some gloves can go a long way, make sure to pack them! Please note that we charge for tours in Euros (EUR). So if you have a rental car, make sure to check the road conditions each morning before heading out. world famous Baejarins Beztu Pylsur hot dog, How to Get Your Tax Refund from Shopping in Iceland, Iceland Tour Companies and How to Plan Your Trip. This video was taken during the month of February, in 2018, during a hike near the Blue Lagoon. Unless, of course,  you travel to the Northern parts of the country or into the Highlands.

Iceland's climate includes conditions typical for a Nordic country, but there are are some variations between different parts of the island: The south coast tends to be warmer, wetter, and windier than the north, and snowfall in winter is more common in the north than in the south.

}); Contrary to the dark winter nights which bring us the dazzling Northern Lights, the summer nights are bright. Ragnheiður is into country living, traveling, Icelandic horses, the Icelandic naming system, plants and all things having to do with food and beer. This is the time of year when you can see the Northern Lights again as the hours of darkness increase. January is famous for being a great month to see the Northern Lights and is, therefore, an excellent time to visit Iceland. Then you can simply relax and not have to stress about driving on unstable roads. This is something you might want to remember when packing. Highlights so far are diving with sharks in the Bahamas & bungee jumping in New Zealand. Still, the country is one of the absolute best places to see the Northern Lights in the world! It depends what you want to see in Iceland as to when you will want to go. The first few weeks of the year can feel like an anticlimax – not helped by long dark nights and inclement weather.

Pro Tip: if you are planning a road trip, the roads might be icy. In fact, New York's winter is much colder even though it's technically further south on the globe. The weather is often quite mild, so Icelanders go quite overboard as they do with many things and celebrate the official First Day of Summer, solemnly. We have summer and we have winter. When you hear about a country named after ice you will probably think freezing temperatures and snowy landscapes, but the truth is Iceland is actually quite warm. Weather in April April is somewhat in between spring and winter in Iceland and you can both expect cold and warm weather. Disclaimer: Almost all posts on this site contain Affiliate links, and this one about the best time to visit Iceland is no different. Here it goes! window.mc4wp = {

What to Pack: You'll need to pack a variety of clothes for fall, given the diversity of weather. November is one of the more erratic months for weather, and sometimes it seems that the weather will simply not make up its mind. This natural heat source makes really helps to lengthen the summer into September. (This year the First Day of Summer is 25 April 2019)  They might be wearing wool right under their festive summer outfit, but they will still wear one. Here the average temperatures are finally not below the freezing mark. December is also popular for the winter holidays and seeing the Northern Lights, although it will be quite dark during that time and you will see very little—if any—sunlight at all. Be sure to plan ahead so you can stay safe. Summer temperatures are not high, but they are excellent for outdoor activities. The lights, which are also known as the Aurora Borealis,  are even known to appear in more colors in Iceland than in most other places! if (!window.mc4wp) { If there ever was a month linked with spring in Iceland, April would be it. You can expect snow and frost,  something you will want to keep in mind both when planning what to wear and where to drive. This is especially more true for the locations further away from the capital. Bring clothing that can be worn in layers so you can easily adjust to whatever the Icelandic weather gods throw at you. Ragnheiður studied Anthropology with a minor in Media so it might not come as much of a surprise that she is curious in nature. However, there's still plenty to do in the fall. December is considered the darkest month of the year. The rain/snow is becoming more common, but as long as you fill your bags with a good variety of clothing, you will be ready for anything! Liz writes for several blogs and is working towards being able to take her trusty Mac and work from anywhere. You’ll get to enjoy all the perks of visiting in mid-winter yet you are also will have higher temperatures. One of Iceland’s coldest and darkest months and one of the quietest too after the Christmas festivities have been and gone. If you are looking for a white Christmas, with lots of festivities and the chance to see the Northern Lights – this is a great month to visit. October. Reykjavik  has one of Iceland’s farthest locations from the Arctic Circle. She loves educating others about her findings or her home country, Iceland. Unless, of course,  you travel to the Northern parts of the country or into the. To help you prepare for the weather during the month you are visiting,  we have categorized the weather by months.

There is still a chance to see the Northern Lights too and at this time of year you can also do some horse riding, caving and snorkelling.

Before you hit the road each day, check the road conditions at. Usually a little bit warmer than January, but still dark and cold.

Icelandic Weather in July. on: function (event, callback) { The highest temperature recorded in Reykjavik was on the 9th of July in 1976 when it reached 24,3 °C (76°F) The lowest was on the 21st of January in 1918 when it was reported at -23,5°C (-10°F). Summer is the time of the Midnight Sun, a phenomenon which many associate with Iceland— and rightly so. There are only a few hours of daylight and that means you have more time to look for the Northern Lights, which I’m guessing is one of the big reasons you’d go to Iceland in the winter. It can get quite warm which will result in locals sporting shorts and T-shirts, just toughing it out when they get goosebumps. Pro Tip: a scarf and some gloves can go a long way, make sure to pack them! Iceland's temperatures reach extremes at times. Summer is the best time to do these tours but March will usually be a good option for people who don’t like crowds. Iceland is a place, that’s often in the top 10 of a must-see list. It’s cold and dark with the Winter Equinox on December 21st being the shortest day. In midwinter, there is also a period of no sunlight and darkness prevails during a phenomenon known as the Polar Nights, which is a perfect time to view the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Nevertheless,  January is one of Iceland’s coldest months and calls for thick coats, wool clothes, hats and gloves! Again, the extra darkness gives you plenty of opportunity to see the Northern Lights. It’s is the perfect month for someone wanting to visit Iceland on a budget! If you're planning to visit Iceland, the most popular travel times are during the summer months of May through August when you can enjoy lots of daylight hours. The average temperature is between 1°C and 7°C (about 34°-45° Fahrenheit), and April brings about 13-16 hours of daylight.

Here the average temperatures are finally not below the freezing mark.

As September comes around, the tourist season abruptly ends and many museums outside of Reykjavik close down until the following summer. The winters in Iceland usually have temperatures about 0°c (32°F) which is really nothing  compared to the temperatures in other Northern countries. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The average temperature is between 2°C and 7°C (about 36°-44° Fahrenheit), and October in Iceland brings us about 8-11 hours of daylight.

: The beautiful sunsets in July are otherworldy– make sure to catch at least one! : Umbrellas are useless in Iceland, it is too windy! July is known as the hottest month in Iceland and one of the more popular months to visit. Our Experience Travelling with Iceland Travel in Summer, Best Farms to Visit or Stay at in Iceland. That means that even though winters are cold, Iceland generally experiences higher average temperatures than other places in the world located at a similar latitude. The spring and fall tend to last only about a week, it seems. : June is the month for hot spring bathing and staying up late to enjoy the Midnight Sun! Reykjavik, Iceland: Annual Weather Averages July is the hottest month in Reykjavik with an average temperature of 11°C (52°F) and the coldest is January at 0°C (32°F) with the …

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