Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2013. I started this book yesterday and finished it today at lunch, sobbing into my polenta. Jamie Matthews was five years old when his sister Rose was killed in a terrorist attack in London. As a study of grief’s collateral damage, it deals with the topic realistically without losing sight of hope. The rest of you? A really great book and I can't wait for the next book by this new writer. How the author, Annabel Pitcher, manages to confront so many issues including divorce, bullying and alcoholism - and keep us reading - is a tribute to the warmth, insight and gentle humour within its pages. FLIPSIDE It's funny. His family is torn apart by their grief. Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2014. It's a real keeper, and I'll listen to it many times more. He relies on his relationship with Jas for stability and eventually sets his own moral compass. Jamie's clumsy attempts to make friends with classmate, and fellow super-hero fan, Sunya, are adorable. Painfully honest and beautifully written, you'll devour it - and hopefully be left looking at the world a little differently. But Sunya is a Muslim, and, as Jamie’s dad constantly reminds him, “Muslims killed your sister.” Jamie’s mother has abandoned him, his father is sinking into alcoholism, and he’s bullied at school—when it seems things can’t get worse, Jamie endures a personal tragedy that puts the previous five years in perspective while finally offering some solace. His mum runs away. But how far can this new friendship grow when Jamie is desperate that his dad doesn't find out? My sister lives on the mantelpiece takes place five years after bombs went off in london killing 62 people the story follows the aftermath of the family of the youngest victim rose from the perspective of her now 10 year old brother jamie. Secondly, it might be tragic, but really, it's about hope and bravery and believe it or not it's pretty funny too. There was a problem loading your book clubs. It's just something you simply have to read for yourself. -- Suzi Feay FINANCIAL TIMES ... at time funny, at times unbearably sad and is at all times brutally honest. -- Rosie, Age 13 READING ZONE I think that the book is very interestINg because it shows how some people cope, or fail to cope with difficult situations... this book stirs up the emotions we face when challenged by split loyalties betweens friends and families. MAGIC OF READING This is a book which could easily have sunk under the weight of sentimentality. That it doesn't, that it is an inspiring tale of resilience and kindness, is a tribute to Pitcher. Author, Annabel Pitcher, creates that classic British very subtle wit that may go over the heads of younger teen readers, but will amuse and touch those who understand. Just be prepared for your emotions to take a battering. I couldn't put this book down but not because it is action packed, not because it is frightening and not because it's exciting just because you can't stop reading until you know Jamie will be OK. -- Rosie, Age 13 READING ZONE (cont) Another thing I love is how contemporary issues such as racism, divorce and terrorism are explored through the eyes of a family Affected by all of them.

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