I wonder which one I want to get? i have the Nomad, and the best thing i can say about it, the best endorsement , is i don't notice or think about it at all. The company calls their Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger “the premier smartphone charging tool while you’re on the road.” The charger with anti-slip rubber coating has an internal 6,000 mAh battery which boosts power output from 1A to 2A to bring more efficient wireless charging, via two 7.5 W wireless chargers. Having asked about that issue online vs the Tesla version, I went ahead and spent the £120 for the Tesla version. No issues what so ever. The lip is larger to prevent the phone from falling, and being able to charge my phone in landscape is helpful for when I am watching shows while at the supercharger. And as others have pointed out, the Nomad is way overpriced for what it does especially when you can get the Taptes for only $50 for the exact same functions. The original version of our Wireless Charger included an integrated battery unit that worked with the two 7.5W USB ports in the front console of the Model 3 to make up for the circuitry loss associated with wireless power, and therefore provide the full 7.5W through the wireless pad. With Tesla’s Model 3 production lines turning out cars at a good clip, custom accessories for the Tesla’s entry-level electric vehicle (EV) will roll out at a faster pace as well. No issues? Earlier this month, Tesla Model 3 orders in Canada were made available for everyone, including those without reservations. I have the Nomad and like it, but I bought it before Tesla came out with theirs. Also being able to place my phone horizontally totally negates any vertical fitment issues too. If you’re going to push the car to its limits, closing the charging dock’s cover would be prudent. If you want to use a Samsung Note 8 or Note 9 with the Nomad charger, neither phone will fit the charger with a case. He really wants our trade to be equal to $100. If one of the LEDs blinks amber that means the charger doesn’t recognize your phone. Add to the fact that the Jeda 2 is cheaper makes Jeda 2 much better than Nomad by a landslide. I bought the version 1 of the Jeda pad and don’t love it. My Nomad had been awesome. If you already rely on one of the front USB ports to power another device, you’ll have three choices: run a USB cable from one of the two rear USB ports, plug into a USB adapter in the center console’s 12V power outlet, or use one of the front USB plugs, which will cut the Nomad charger’s power in half. Nomad’s new Wireless Charger for the Tesla Model 3 is built to fit the car’s charging dock and can charge two phones at the same time. Haven’t heard of these before. i just put my phone there, and i am sastisfied that my phone is charged ... more than enough /plenty by the time im done driving. Tesla vs Nomad Wireless charger for Model 3? Please consider whitelisting TMC on your ad blocker and becoming a Supporting Member. Phone stays put and charges just fine. But seems the Nomad never really got discounted and stayed at its $100 price range, even though its just a phone charger. Positive charge rate on Pixel 3 XL even with screen on bright, Waze, and audio streaming running. 9. 9. I hadn't tried to run any usb cables through the holes at the bottom (for non wireless chargers), but the factory cables will definitely not have the length to work there. All rights reserved. I canceled my order when I heard about the "gen2" version. Press J to jump to the feed. Featuring a non-slip, silicone surface with easy installation and enough power to charge two phones at once, the Wireless Phone Charger is perfect for any sized device. I had a Jeda Charger and found the charger to work intermittently at best. I haven’t done this. An exact fit for the Model 3 charging dock, Charging via USB-C for laptops: Here’s what you need to know, Here’s a list of portable tech gadgets you’ll want to use every day, Apple iPhone 12: Everything you need to know, iPhone or Nintendo Switch charging too slow? They were the ones who announced that they’d offer the discount for v2. The Nomad looks great but I’d like to hear what your experience with it has been. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. Share your Tesla story! I wonder which one I'll get? You can order Nomad’s Tesla Model 3 wireless charger now for shipment on November 30. I’m not sure if anyone else has seen this issue. Close. Tesla vs Nomad Wireless charger for Model 3? https://www.amazon.com/TapTes-Wireless-Charging-Accessories-Compatible/dp/B07P7ZTBJR/ref=sr_1_3?crid=152NYX9IOCSP7&keywords=model+3+wireless+charger&qid=1553528271&s=gateway&sprefix=model+3+wireless+ch%2Caps%2C123&sr=8-3. I think it draws too much energy. My wife has just been plugging her phone that can't wireless charge into a cord on the rear usb ports. Tesla vs Nomad Wireless charger for Model 3? I had the Nomad for around 4 months. Last night, the person I bought it for told me that he’d already ordered the Tesla one for himself. works on my large phone to also close the lid and the landscape is a great feature. My early version Nomad has been great. Made from molded thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), a mixture of polymers and rubber, the Nomad has a polycarbonate frame. I have the Nomad, and I have never seen or heard of any difference between it and the Tesla model. Model 3. Tesla Motors Club LLC (TMC) is an independent enthusiast organization and is not affiliated with Tesla Motors, Inc. or its subsidiaries. Had mine since October and zero issues. Wireless Charger Thoughts - Jeda vs. Nomad Wanted to see what other people’s’ thoughts were on their Model 3 wireless charger pads. The low lip that allows my phone to slide into the storage compartment is an issue as is its (in my experience) very slow charging rate, despite it claiming 7.5W. I'm seeing conflicting information on the Teala discord about the Nomad and Taptes. Model 3. Nomad's wireless charger for the Tesla Model 3 fits the EV's charging dock exactly. Copyright © 2006-2020 Tesla Motors Club LLC. Pre-orders are available now at $20 USD off at $129.95 USD, with an expected ship date of September 1, 2018. Tesla vs Nomad Wireless charger for Model 3? Some people say big phones hardly fit, others say it fits ok. Weird. I’m not disputing that it can do that, I’ve just not experienced decent charging rates. I have a Jedi v2 and love it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I don't see any discount. Also having the cutouts in the Jeda 2 still gives it the ability to charge by wire for any of my passengers that don't have wireless charging. I think this is the only one to offer landscape, and that’s a great feature to have. It looks like Nomad has more power output than Tesla’s, but wanted to see if people had any opinions.

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