There was yet another outcome of this stubborn persistency of a peculiar type - the impossibility of continuing to share the life of the Western Church. He had since they first crossed paths in the shadow world, when he offered her a choice: to cure the inoperable brain tumor killing her or to outright kill her before she declined, whichever outcome she preferred. Comparison of endometrial ablation outcome in women with and without genuine menorrhagia. it is not an outcome of Japanese nature nor yet of Buddhist teaching, but is due to the stress of endeavouring to reach the standards of Western acquirement with grievously inadequate equipment, opportunities and resources. The outcome of which was to employ 7 operatives directly. Certain abortive attempts at co-operation among working men, and the movement known as Christian Socialism, were the immediate outcome of his teaching. The outcome of traumatic aortic rupture varies from reports to reports, however, is still not satisfactory. acuity outcome of cataract surgery in India. The Others were attempting to influence the outcome of who won the Black God mantle by using me. likely outcome for Protea, which already had very large classes. outcome of the referendum has in fact raised a number of cultural and constitutional issues which are not so easily sidelined. But he also attacked, from the point of view of his own socialistic theories, the economic outcome of the Revolution.

The outcome of the war increased the prestige of Prussia. she snapped. On the 30th of August, however, he stated that this had been discovered to be a forgery by Colonel Henry, but he refused to concur with his colleagues in a revision of the Dreyfus prosecution, which was the logical outcome of his own exposure of the forgery. A trial of strength took place between him and Mr de Justh, the champion of the extreme demands in the matter of Hungarian financial and economic autonomy; on the 7th of November rival banquets were held, one at Mako, Justh's constituency, over which he presided, one at Budapest with Kossuth in the chair; the attendance at each foreshadowed the outcome of the general meeting of the party held at Budapest on the 11th, when Kossuth found himself in a minority of 46. A widespread feeling of indignation spread not only among High Churchmen, but among many who cared little or nothing for the ritual practices involved; and it seemed impossible to foretell what the outcome would be. But such an issue, he saw well, could only be the outcome of violence - of " blood and iron.

Somehow, you two have to be honest with one another, regardless of the outcome. intended spiritual learning outcome: To reflect on why we often talk about God in male terms. The outcome has been rather inconclusive, tho it is still considered that they have applications in highly sensitized pain states (hyperalgesia ).
Without effort, and even without intention probably, it looked beyond first consequences to the farther or the final outcome; and to complete the operation, the faculty which detected the remoter consequences did not allow them to remain in obscurity, but brought them out as actualities no less than the first and perhaps far more important than the first. In electional astrology we choose a chart to ensure the best possible outcome for an event. Austria had to undergo further losses and humiliations, notably by the treaty of Vienna (1809), before the outcome of Napoleon's Russian campaign in 1812 gave her the opportunity for recuperation and revenge. Outcome measures Dental age was determined for each subject, using their existing panoramic radiographs. replicate the experiment to a successful outcome. incipient heart failure is a strong predictor of adverse outcome. A list of abilities that are commonly viewed as a talent as opposed to a commodity skill.

This report furnished the material for much controversy, but little practical outcome; it was avowedly based on the consideration of Ireland as a separate country, and was therefore inconsistent with the principles of Unionism. The main reason for this poor outcome is that HEFCE is going to impose a grant holdback of around £ 1m. You can infer which variable affects which outcome.

In the Madras presidency and in Mysore irrigation has long assumed a great importance, and the engineering works of the three great deltas of the Godavari, Kistna and Cauvery, the outcome of the genius and indefatigable enthusiasm of Sir Arthur Cotton, have always been quoted as showing what a boon irrigation is to a country. This was done in the teeth of the expressed wish of Russia; it roused the helpless resentment of Servia, whose economic dependence upon the Dual Monarchy was emphasized by the outcome of the war of tariffs into which she had plunged in 1906, and who saw in this scheme another link in the chain forged for her by the Habsburg empire; it 1 Alois, Count Lexa von Aerenthal, was born on the 27th of September 1854 at Gross-Skal in Bohemia, studied at Bonn and Prague, was attache at Paris (1877) and afterwards at St Petersburg, envoy extraordinary at Bucharest (1895) and ambassador at St Petersburg (1896). And her sexual liaisons are usually met with a gruesome outcome. Outcomes tell me what difference it made. . Today, there are many Internet bookmakers who offer odds on the outcome of the same event. reliven>Reliving the same experience over and over, knowing what is likely to happen next yet powerless to influence the outcome. In fact, no acceptable scientific criterion emerges, and the outcome of Spencer's attempt to ascertain the laws of life and the conditions of existence is either a restatement of the dictates of the moral consciousness in vague and cumbrous quasi-scientific phraseology, or the substitution of the meaningless test of " survivability " as a standard of perfection for the usual and intelligible standards of " good " and " right.".

Generally speaking, the term goal is most often applied to business and financial targets. outcome measures Resources needed to provide the model of care. This protest was the direct outcome of an instance of the tendency of the emperor to interfere in the affairs of the various governments of the Empire.

In Germany the Evangelical Church (outcome of a compromise between Lutherans and Reformed) has, in general, now discarded the old vestments. determinee is responsible for what his command does in determining the outcome of battle. Every chain of events starts with one push, a catalyst, the perfect mix of different elements that craft a path and make an outcome more likely. The nightmare of the ' rational ' mind is attempting to evaluate the outcome of the outcome of the outcome in endless regress. #1 Outcomes not Outputs. Outcome measures The study was largely exploratory and descriptive. Thus a law of Edgar (d. " The state " with Locke was the deliberate outcome of free contract rather than a natural growth or organism. Finally, philosophy as well as politics contributed to the success of Mithraism, for the outcome of the attempt to recognize in the Graeco-Roman gods only forces of nature was to make the Sun the most important of deities; and it was the Sun with whom Mithras was identified. Nor, finally, does Aristotle's account of the relation of pleasure to human well-being (although he has to combat the extreme anti-hedonism to which the Platonic school under Speusippus had been led) differ materially from the outcome of Plato's thought on this point, as the later dialogues present it to us. misdiagnose the problem and not achieve the desired outcome of solving the customers problem. From the Protestant communities which were the outcome of the Reformation the divergence is more profound, though the central dogmas of the faith are common to Roman Catholics.
The sole outcome of the conference was the offer in March 1825 of the joint mediation of Austria and Russia, which the Porte rejected. The outcome of the long struggle with Prussia, which in 1866 finally broke the spell, and the proclamation of the German empire in 1871 left the title of emperor of Austria stripped of everything but a purely territorial significance. Learn collocations of Outcome with free vocabulary lessons. These changes were the outcome of a gradual reaction in a conservative direction. My first tip to writing strong outcomes is to just make sure they are, in fact, outcomes and not outputs! dissatisfys dissatisfied with the outcome of the review. That is to say, it is not so much an outcome of studies in antiquity as an exhibition of emancipated modern genius fired and illuminated by the masterpieces of the past.

5 They show no trace of Greek influence, and were doubtless the improved outcome of an unbroken tradition. satisfactory outcome to these negotiations. In 1869 he was elected chairman of the executive council of the new National Education League, the outcome of Mr George Dixon's movement for promoting the education of the children of the lower classes by paying their school fees, and agitating for more accommodation and a better national system. It is the ultimate manifestation of the marketplace of ideas; the more people who proffer their ideas to the world, the better the outcome will be for us all. On the other hand to rely on such an outcome is to descend headlong into parliamentary cretinism. The outcome of this positivism is the substitution for revealed religion of a religion of humanity - according to Huxley "Catholicism minus Christianity" - in which God is replaced by Humanity. Outcome in recipients of HLA-compatible related or unrelated bone marrow was compared to those receiving a second autograft.

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