The Daiwa Airportable Travel Rods are the perfect answer for the traveller that like to use their own kit. Get the latest on Daiwa products, reviews and news straight to your inbox.

After all this time these rods are still envied by other manufacturers, a true testament of how advanced the rod's technology was, they have remained unchanged, until now with the Saltiga 16 series. $179.99-$229.99.

SALTIGA ® G JIGGING & BOAT RODS. Price displayed is for 1 rod only. Boat rods feature Aluminum gimbal with rubber butt cap .

Ultimate convenience meets Ultimate performance. $179.99-$199.99. Allows for increased pressure to applied, and is ideal for jigging and deep water angling.

Daiwa Elev8 Jigging Rod. Warilla NSW Australia 2528, Free Shipping Orders $50+ Aust Metro Network*, or make 4 interest-free payments of fortnightly with

Fuji silicon carbide guides provide excellent line management, smooth and tangle free, and the custom alloy components keep the rods lightweight whilst adding significant durability. Depending on whether you are relying on friends to supply equipment or fishing on a charter, it is usually bit of a lottery as to the quality of kit you will be given. The Daiwa Saltiga Airportable Travel Fishing Rods, despite their spin dominance, have not forgotten the jigging traditionalist who believes that jigging from a boat is the work of an overhead reel, always has been and always will be.

© 2020 Fishing Tackle Shop | Sitemap. Daiwa Proteus Conventional Boat Rods. Do you want to add products to your personal account. The Daiwa Saltiga Airportable Travel Rods, Boat, Jig and Spin Models, arm you with the heavy kit you need to tackle the biggest, most aggressive species the global blue waters have to offer. SALTWATER RODS SALTIGA ® G DENDOH RODS MARINE POWER ® DENDOH RODS TANACOM DENDOH ® RODS PROTEUS ® WN CAMO RODS PROTEUS ® WN RODS PROTEUS ® RODS PROTEUS ® TUNA SPECIAL ROD DARKWATER RODS PROTEUS ® INSHORE RODS V.I.P. Saltiga LD has had improvements in all areas of the reel, addressing areas of concern that top anglers identified with lever drag reels of the past. The Daiwa Saltiga Airportable Travel Fishing Rods Heavy Spin Popper casting Models are astonishingly good portable fishing rods.

The blanks are Daiwa HVF. The small white circle around the black guide rod in the diagram is a synthetic bushing inserted into the block to further reduce friction, and the entire thing floats above the oscillation gear without resting on it or rubbing it. We’re here for you! They’re equipped with the best of the best rod technology and break down into 3 pieces to travel with you everywhere you go.

V-Joint technology has revolutionised the construction of multi piece rods and offers strength that is unrivalled. Note: Image for illustration only: slight differences may occur between models since there are few different model types so use our images as basic reference only.

© 2020 Daiwa Australia all rights reserved. fortnightly with

On all orders over $50 delivered within Australia. Crisp and lightweight in hand, yet powerful and responsive when fighting fish, Saltiga with HVF Nanoplus delivers ultimate performance and durability. $149.75 AUD Your problem is solved with the purchase of a multi piece portable travel rod. Get in touch with ourteam for anything you need. Each rod listed below is ideal for boat and land and has excellent casting characteristics.

What’s more, even if you are given top notch kit, it’s not yours, and most anglers like to create memories, tick off Personal bests and milestones with the rod they have purchased and bonded with. More info.

It all starts with the precisely machined one-piece aluminium body and side plates.

Speak to one of our fishing and outdoor gear heads, Daiwa Saltiga Rod - boat and heavy shore spin, Daiwa Saltiga Reel Spin 20 (2020 Release), Daiwa Saltist Hyper Fishing Rods (All Saltist Rod Prices have Now had 20% Discount Auto Applied), Rovex Specialist Travel Surf Rod Portable (Rock/Beach) 12ft, Shimano Popper Fishing Combo (T-Curve GT Special & Stella 18000), Pieces: Rods are a 3 piece portable construction (2pc on jig models), Rod blank features Daiwa technologies X45, HVF and bias wrap, Customized carbon and Alloy customized reel seats with locking rings.

Jigging and all-around boat actions are enhanced by the proper matchup of quality components. Get your daily dose of Daiwa.

Over half a decade in the making, Saltiga LD combines everything learnt from across the globe. While travel ready, it is right at home as your go-to rod in your local haunts. Anti twist rod blanks sporting daiwa technologies such as X43, High Volume fibre and bias wrap construction. For over 15 years the original Saltiga rods set a new industry standard as the strongest and lightest offshore rods available.

The Saltiga label represents class and distinction. Portable 2 Piece rod blank construction for travelling, Recommended Line Class PE2-5 (approx 20-50lb), Daiwa rod blank technology such as X45, HVF and bias wrap, Portable Fishing Rod Ideal for travel (2 piece construction). Fishing applications and fishing reel selection guide. Daiwa Saltiga G Dendoh Kite Rod $109.99. The latest range of Saltiga rods integrates new innovative designs and technologies to produce an amazingly thin and strong blank. Fishing with a Saltiga rod is the ultimate fishing experience.

Saltiga Portable fishing Rods – Once upon a time an angler would not dream of using a travel rod due to poor quality action but not anymore. The 80HS, 85XHS and 85XXHS are your heavy spin and popper / stickbait rods for kingfish, tuna and giant trevally as a couple of prime examples.
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A drag cam design that is smooth and capable of handling both braid and monofilament lines is one of the obvious improvements. Times have changed and technology has advanced with Daiwa at the forefront of angling technology enhancements and now you can purchase top shelf travel rods for sale sporting the best actions available and designed to fish hard.

Our range of Daiwa Saltiga Airportable rods for sale on this page are all heavy spin style rods suitable for saltwater fishing. 20 Saltiga LD was designed to be beautifully simple, and incredibly strong. Obviously the reason for purchasing such a model is that it provides you the flexibility of being able to travel with it. They are a great combination, Daiwa Rods and big fish! From the USA, South Africa, New Zealand & Australia, every bit of feedback and learning has been absorbed and rolled into what can only be described as Daiwa’s best lever drag reel ever made. This reduces initial drag start-up inertia and combined with the structural changes of the ATD Drag System results in a smoother drag from the initial hook up. More info. A Saltiga 5000 and PE6 60lb Tasline from Jigabite. Most products are kept in stock and most orders are dispatched within 1 business day. Introducing the brand new 20 Saltiga Lever Drag (LD), crafted from the ground up to meet the demands of hardcore saltwater anglers around the world.

(Butt joint) Action-Rod Weight: 365 g. Guide: Adopted MNSG guide to make the best use of strength: Price: 19,000 THB

Unmatched against corrosion, Stainless Steel gears will help fight against pitting and premature wear which can lead to increased feedback.

See Even more reason on why buy from us here. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube. The latest range of Saltiga rods integrates new innovative designs and technologies to produce an amazingly thin and strong blank.

Our Daiwa Saltiga Travel Rods come in two and three piece models depending on which model you choose. 2020 Daiwa Saltiga returned to the market with the introduction of a MQ body and brand-new cosmetics. For over 15 years the original Saltiga rods set a new industry standard as the strongest and lightest offshore rods available. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

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