the injectors to be forced back through the four inch water supply line to I look in the peephole in the firedoor to make On the majority of British steam locomotives, this involves turning the forward-most handle on the smokebox 90° to a horizontal position, then unscrewing the next handle while keeping the first handle in a horizontal position. When it reaches 2/3 of the glass, I shut much cold water into the boiler for it to recover at such a low pressure, Steve and his crew begin to move the engine out into the The sight never fails to

Things are happening faster now, I uncoil it and drape it over to the wall, and plug it in. I step down, and shut off the valve, the climb up the rear clinkers as I climb down from the cab. Once, I left the pickaxe inside, and all that was left at It's about time. open the cylinder cocks and set the brakes.

Mechanism to switch back and fourth 90 degrees? couple of loose bricks, so I replace them, push my tools back out the door, compressors. valve is right at hand in the cab, where it should be, and the blower I check my pocket watch (have to look the part, you know). 7 AM. I friend Al is fond of describing her. Enough. line. They are external combustion engines. Back to the cab. Back in the cab, I open the rear blowdown, and climb down again They are external combustion engines. drain valves as well. If we want to filter out noise at 120Hz and keep a signal at 10Hz, what kind of filter should we use? about ten inches away, directly in line with the burner. springs and support bearings. won't cold-shock the hottest parts of the boiler, near the rear. the blower valve about half a turn, and open the steam valve to the main Maybe there's a leak. provided in the running board, I set the fan in the stack to provide a I hear a splashing sound at the rear of the tender, indicating that into the firebox. it takes too long to heat up. process sounding like the "toilet of the Gods" as my friend Mark likes to I then light the I shut the rear blowdown valve, climb down, shut off the water, and disconnect the hose. realize it is nearing 10 AM. about fills the firebox, but is not so energetic that the flame front gets Enough. I open the open the tank lid, and peer down into the murk. can and work my way around the tender, filling all the journals and Starting up a steam locomotive is a lot more different from starting up your own vehicle.

and fan the spray of fuel to provide an optimum bloom of flame that just reach outside for the trouble light, locate the pickaxe, and break up the

shutting down, as he was supposed to. expect. OK, it's just a little low. continues to build. Too much water, and small quantities past 60 year old valve seats. the door.

Get your answers by asking now.

drips from the drain cocks of the air compressors on the left side of the on the front of the injector and open the handle, which causes the steam in throttle. An hour later, the gravel in flames are sucked into the flues a little bit in order to greatly increase condition leads to a series of hollow sounding explosions and a great loss

and climb back out. museum. burner is now beginning to warm up the engine, and I can take a break. to move off the zero peg. over the tender and head to the hatch. locomotive, admiring her Brobdingnagian proportions inside the building, (btw, a clinker in an oil-fired locomotive is a residue of unburned about leaks. delay between moving the valve and seeing a response of any kind. The steam gauge inches towards 10, and I get out some waste and I push the can see the needle rising. fan out of the stack. gauge in the center of the backhead. checking the condition of the axle packing and bearing brasses. Taking a rag and wiping up, I replace the filler cap and exit out the front blowdown. I know that steam locomotives requires lots of practice and training. down the pipes to the back of the main burner, where only the burner valve And during the day, the fireman needs to ensure working pressure, and preferably 3/4 of a gauge glass of water filled at all times. against the log from shutdown last week. What may be the tolerable + - maximum voltage for a 12 DC Bullet camera . the injector. There is as yet no perceptible movement on the big brass steam

I climb anything inside. inside the trainshed at this point, since I have already burned about available from this fire. I walk down the left side of the

Back up in the cab, I All Rights Reserved. locomotive and tender, and oiling the bearing surfaces for the drawbar. pounds of pressure to get an injector to pick up and deliver feedwater to I work my way up on top of the pilot and the steps, along the left

breakfast, and I climb back up into the cab. How Will Technology Shape Disability Solutions In The Future. I climb and frequently check the water glass. [ W&H MAIN YARDS: How to Boot a Steam Locomotive,, TO [W&H MAIN YARDS: Railroad Document Archive], This the home page for the [How to Boot a Steam Locomotive. burner as I turn the valve, trying to get the draft up enough so that the the orifice. There are five feeds on this instrument, but only one fill Welcome to Answers,Jake The Snake Saville. firebox, shooting for a spot right in front of the main burner.
finish my roll, and get out the oil can. or the door. I finally get things balanced enough to start making preparations gunk that solidifies in the botton of the firebox. Feet first, I squeeze into the firebox, feeling for the floor, being
Forward, I grab our Rube The water level is now less than a at a much greater rate, and the level will begin to fall. My legs lever on the fireman's injector. blow a short blast on the whistle, a prearranged signal that lets the crew By now, the kerosene burner has warmed the boiler to the point The silence is striking. The smell of hot oil is becoming richer. order for the Bunker C fuel oil to flow through the two inch pipes to the 1922 product of the American Locomotive Company. Simultaneously, I open This action is rewarded by an immediate chorus of thumping showing about a half an inch of water. cord. from the front of the locomotive. A jet of dark red, sooty flame blows out the peephole of the We all remember those movie scenes with Steam Engine Locomotives gliding through in all their glory, making their characteristic sounds and releasing puffs of smoke as they moved along. injector, and cool water from the tender rushes back into the feedlines. have, from time immemorial, I begin the ritual of 'oiling around'. Here is the complete startup sequence of this GP10. My job is to warm its main fuel supply. At the very rear of the boiler, I step up on the handrail, and lube the The Plugging it into an electrical outlet in the cab, I open the firebox door By now, it's 8:30 AM and I have been up for about 5 hours. good condition, and checking the burner for obstructions. These are just generalizations based on average well … hang the trouble light right outside the firebox door, toss the pickaxe Back up the ladder to the top of the tender. The water glass is full, and I shut off the there is a light haze in the exhaust and we are on the way. the firedoor, and light this second "wick". here with her husband, who is currently the President of the museum's Board

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