Egal, ob du Design liebst, neue Rezepte suchst oder einfach DIY-Ideen brauchst – das alles findest du bei deinem neuen Lifestyle-Sender. People who have extreme, shocking and downright hilarious beauty and hair fails visit a one-stop shop to have their problems fixed by a team of top young professionals, Hairdressers Daniel and Nathan, beauticians April and Melissa, make-up artist Alex, and cosmetic doctor Dr Esho are the experts at hand to make sure all beauty fails get nailed, Henry's infected lips need an urgent cosmetic procedure after his fillers went wrong, Aspiring pop star Ottavio wants all his body hair removed so he can wear skimpy outfits, Skins star Megan Prescott asks for a mahogany tan for a body building competition, Hannah needs some help from the doctor's laser to fix an excessive body hair problem, Neco wants glittery armpits and Charlotte has laser treatment for an extreme acne problem, Engaged Jonathan and Gemma fret that an excessive sweating problem will ruin their big day. The gang is headed by drug pusher Clinton McSmith but he has also been prison visiting Leo Westbrook,who was involved in a paedophile ring and, acting on Savanna's information, John and Calum discover an empty house where runaway children are caged whilst in transit for the sex trade. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Douglas pulls together an unofficial operation with a single brief - to remove untouchable criminals from society. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. In the episode, Ah Sahm and his associate in the Hop Wei Young Jun, played by Jason Tobin, find themselves vexed by the arrival of an eager new Chinese immigrant named Hong, played by Chen Tang. Rose gets a visit from a murderer-rapist who was freed on a technicality that led to the termination of her career in law enforcement. Hong may have entered the show with Ah Sahm and Young Jun viewing him as an overeager dweeb they'd rather not have in their orbit. Mercer and the team enter the world of cage fighting when they investigate a gang plotting a major heist. Follow Brad on Twitter @BradCurran. To help him complete each mission, Mercer is introduced to his new colleagues who include Calum McKenzie, a petty thief whose main interests are girls, drugs and music. The last episode of the first series only managed 3.84 million (13.3% share), due to the episode competing against the start of a new run of Waking the Dead on BBC One which achieved double the share of that time slot. As crime ravages Britain with daily news of shootings, gangs out of control and rumours of corruption within the establishment and the police seemingly losing the battle, who can bring order? RELATED: How Warrior Season 2 Is Avoiding Obvious Bruce Lee References, When Hong accompanies Ah Sahm and Young Jun, he steps up to fight a gang of enemies in an alleyway. Barry finds two rivals in what is clearly the darkest timeline By Chancellor Agard. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. The squad's assignment hit close to home for ex-soldier Mercer when they go after a drug dealer responsible for the deaths of British servicemen in Afghanistan. If you need a refresher on where we left off, check out our review for Season 2, Episode 2.

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