in an episode of I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball was crash dieting so she, a size 14, could fit into a size 12. $20 Million Vera Day Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Vera Day (Born August 4, 1935 in London), is a British film and television actress. She had on high heel boots and seemed like she was 5'7, so maybe she would be about 5'4.I would say Loretta Young would have been about 5'6. Plus, we then believed everything that was said to us by the studios and the stars themselves. ;) I really appreciate your feedback and will be adjusting Elizabeth Taylor's info the next time I refresh the chart. There are many more women athletes today, and muscle weighs more than fat. I also saw a dress of Elizabeth Taylor's from Little Women in Paris, the one covered in autumn leaves, and that was child sized, both short and skinny. I especially imagined Greta Garbo to have been quite tall. A … PHOTOS:  the varying heights of Norma, Joan, and Roz in, FILM NOIR STYLE is a 4-part series that mirrors the new book, The second event discusses the impact of World War II on the home front and fashion along with 6 films from this period -, The first event discusses influences that contributed to the genre's style, the historical context, and impact of 3 films from this period -.

The stats show Jane Russell as having smaller hips than Marilyn Monroe but if you look at them together in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes that obviously is not true. I think there should be no doubt that movie actors tend to be shorter, but no pun intended,have bigger heads with more prominent features.I think Garbo was sensitive about her height and stooped to appear shorter, and probably had her height fudged too. Surprising how small almost all of them were, even allowing for the general population being a little shorter than we are today. Thanks for asking. So much is discussed about our different diets today (generally, a negative, when it's brought up), but we are also very different in how active we are. I love how much everyone is studying this information. And Bergman - she was a giant!Fascinating post. The measurements do seem small, but when I went to the Victoria & Albert museum's Hollywood exhibition I was completely STUNNED by how tiny the costumes were. The Marilyn Monroe dresses were absolutely tiny, maybe a UK size 8 for the white Seven Year Itch iconic one, and the ones she looked very big in in Some Like It Hot were certainly no bigger than a UK size 12, and she looked so much bigger in that movie than in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, on screen.

In the story of the life of Marilyn Monroe , 1953 was an exceptional year. I'm a little fuzzled about their weight. Your email address will not be published.

But then they moved the Size 7 to a 4 to accommodate the weight problem. I am disappointed you left out Greer Garson. And not surprised to hear about Garbo stooping a bit to compensate for her height. And you're right to be suspicious--some numbers we know came straight from studio PR (e.g. First I was like, "Hey, why is Katharine Hepburn all the way at the bottom?' Regarding the larger heads-I recall as far back as the silent era, Mary Pickford in her autobiography "Sunshine And Shadow", noting this about herself. Thanks so much, Discerning Dilletante!

When she died, she weighed 118, per the autopsy. That said, I still love being tall! Ann Margret seems spot on...120 and more of a rectangle shape (she had small hips).

Gable commented to friends on her apparent lack of underwear.Norma was often on the Best-Dressed lists, even though in her real life she wore a lot of American sports-type clothes, and her chic was the Parisian kind, not the glamored-up Hollywood kind.Shearer, BTW, was rumored to be app 5'3", and was short-legged and long-waisted, as were many famous actresses-Stanwyck was another, Edith Head spoke of designing her dresses and suits to have a waistline which was higher in front and lower in back to lengthen her line. Even I have to remind myself to stand up straight since I'm so much taller than the average woman (5'4") and man (5'8"). Learn how your comment data is processed. She usually wore underwear, except, it's rumored, when she played opposite Clark Gable in "A Free Soul". Clearly, she weighed more than 118 in much of her adulthood. Maybe 5'2.Saw Raquel Welch at the same party. Remember that wonderful scene from "The Women" where Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer (my favorite Golden Era actress) and Rosalind Russell are at the fashion show at the dress designer's, and one of the models after the show is strutting around in a foundation garment under a sheer peignoir, repeating "Our new one-piece lace foundation garment-zips up the back and no bones", and apparently that was considered a lighter foundation garment, lol. It's just the way it was! There are a lot of surprises in there. Constance Bennett also noted it (and I noted it when watching her, she was one truly petite woman-not just in height, but in build, small-boned, etc-just tiny, except, comparatively speaking, her head). Or PR person.

Hello, I've heard that Betty Grable's weight was between 112lbs-114lbs. I definitely will keep your comments in consideration when I do the next update on the chart...I agree that 112 seems a bit unrealistic if those are indeed her measurements. Obviously, Sophia Loren was (and may still be) the classic hourglass. I was stunned to see how short Garbo was! I also wanted to call more attention to the genius of the costume designers, who make these people seem taller, slimmer, whatever. I don't know if she reached 150 in a film. She was more like 5'4. Most of her career she was between 120 and 135. Also, after WWII when Dior's "New Look" came out, heavy duty foundation garments came back into style to achieve that tiny-waisted, pointy-breasted look-bullet bras, girdles, even updated corsets and crinolines under skirts. A pound is still a pound. I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned this so far.Katharine Hepburn was always regarded as being flat-chested (for want of a better description).

I can imagine how happy you are about that. This chart is primarily for entertainment since so many dispute the numbers that are out there, and everyone thinks that their numbers are right. Rock Hudson was 6'6"! Actually, learning that changed the way I have viewed my figure. We had much smaller waist. Thanks Patricia! Wood was proud of being the same size as her idol, and reportedly borrowed her dress from "streetcar" for a costume ball, without needing any adjustment. Like going on a historic tour & looking at their tiny little beds & thinking 'how did they sleep in that?'. My Aunt won a beauty contest in 1945 and weighed exactly that..great figures too.

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