We were informed that about 10 o'clock on Sunday night, the bell at the top of the mine, which is worked by a cord from the bottom, gave two distinct strokes at intervals of about 20 minutes. (p. 184). To give an idea of the force of the explosion, we may state that the mouth of this ventilating pit had been covered over flush with the ground, with heavy flooring timbers, and the air and smoke which ascended from it had been led by a tunnel along the surface to the bottom of a tall chimney which had been erected at a distance of a dozen yards, for the purpose of increasing the draft. The licence fees were supposed to cover the cost of maintaining the police force on the goldfields. Not that locals were the only people plunged into mourning. I was in the mine eight hours and was to return at ten o’clock this morning. There are now two memorials to the pit disaster – the second of which commemorates the bravery of the volunteer rescuers and was put up in 1913 – and soon there will be a third. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Victorian mining accidents index.

In addition it to the difficulty in the way as regards the shaft, the air courses have been discovered to be completely destroyed, and these, for the protection of the miners engaged in the work of exploration, must be put in order which will require some considerable time. An index of names of people who were killed or injured in mining accidents in Victoria from the earliest known up to 2006. [Scotsman 16 April 1851], Coal-pit Explosion At Paisley - Sixty-one Lives Lost. There has been a huge effort to make sure this anniversary doesn’t go unnoticed.”.

It could also be a deadly line of work and, in some cases, the men were effectively digging their own graves. The poor fellows had literally been killed while at work with their picks in their hands. In the tunnels, the miners hacked at the coal with picks and shovels. They stood in little groups, with faces swollen with weeping, and mostly silent from the very exhaustion of grief and despair.The operations were of course continued uninterruptedly during Saturday night, and by 1 o'clock on Sunday the miners from Mr Dixon's works had got down fully 130 fathoms - clearing away the rubbish as they went - that is within about 40 fathoms of the bottom. 31, iss. Rhondda Valley, Glamorganshire, Colliery gas explosion. We have stated that there were 63 men and boys in the pit at the moment of catastrophe. Importing and use of blood products known to be contaminated with HIV, Hepatitis B & C. People continue to die up to the present time. From a Rememberance Card for Edward Pimblett, Wood Pit victim. Great disasters have always moved men and women to put pen to paper and express the thoughts and feelings and those of others in verse. In this state of matters - 60 men being below and understood to be at work, while a large number of drawers and trappers were standing at the pit head waiting their turn to be taken down, the appalling explosion took place, about 20 minutes before 5 a m.. We will advise when there is any update to this situation. August 1908. There was no social security, no benefits, they were all living in squalor and it was just before Christmas...”, The town itself suffered, too.

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