And now it is time for our queen to shine and just say checkmate. If you follow the 11 rules and go on for this for a couple of weeks a couple of months, try to adjust. So yeah.

Maybe due to the advices or the tips or the hints, somebody could find out that the move is actually G. So of course, if I react with taking out the phone, this won't help because the Queen and the Bishop will defend good enough. And I don't blame yourself if you don't understand all of this immediately.

Maybe here. He saw that one. This is a reversed Sicilian right. And now G five is played. Well, and now it's time to get the bishop evil. And the pawn on the A file is not protected normally. Uh huh. And if the night is forking the King and the queen at the same time, it is cold. What to do here? That's hilarious. So this last move knight to d seven white census that she could win upon. And here we have an attack by the black H pone on h six attacking the night. Because there is, of course, an opponent. No, a royal fork. And that's it. Yeah, it's hanging. But still there is an open line. How about I'm doing a fiend chateau?

But if he goes here than this was for nothing, so that was bad. But it's not a checkmate on G eight because I can save the day. If it's effective enough, and if you can build up enough pressure on the other piece which might be in many cases, more valuable, for example, attacking a queen instead of my opponent attacking my bishop, then an attack elsewhere might be very effective. Maybe the Benko gambit is interesting for you. So if you just want to have the stream constellation with the knights and the bishops like this and you're planning for this and you go like, Oh, this will be great. This gives right away the chance to exchange the queen's, and if that is done, then black has even a bit of a better development in the end.

So I also mentioned that this early queen move opening was prepared to ask. I will explain why openings are pretty chaotic and theory doesn't yet make too much sense to study. All right, then. Yes, that isn't easy to calculate, but it is effect Not always bad, too. We have several different opening strategies and tactics which we personally prepare to use than my personal opinion about chess is that I loved the art and the creativity. Let's just try it out.

Yeah, this is Ah, nice idea to in an English opening to get rid off the, um, Bishop immediately if I move forward. We see stock fish suggests e four as the first when it gives a plus 0.2. Yeah, this was also good. I was reaching the age of 15 and joined my chest club about half a year earlier. That's a nice spot. Lips That's not so good. Analyze it with your analyzing tool. So if the White Queen is smart enough to just take this queen on the eight, it's a check so way. Well, guess what? Absolutely nothing. Taking a free pawn. Maybe not. Yeah, does very, very happy. Let's take a look at all our pawn move is available and how they contribute to the center. Three are far more popular opening moves than on Lee the night Moving to see three gives a bit more advantage.

Anyway, that's an absolute pin, and we can turn this example around pretty easily on the other side. You can give some space, but not in the opening. This is the ratings here, and White has won most of the games in this case 31% black Onley 22. Look at this. So yes, 10 moves, 10 pawn moves and the white probably will win this game don't move the monitors.

I've been telling you what I had in mind, and then the computer might help me and say like, Well, yeah, actually, that was interesting. A bishop is a bishop. Yes, the night can take back. But this is simply your own choice, how to how you want to advance and chess. No, this is not good. Sometimes it's a waiting game.

I have to fight a little bit more with this situation.

The White King, on the other hand, here, would be left for the Black King if it would ever have come to a check.

So this is one of the most essential trainings.

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