Benedict Arnold, seated at the table, as he hands papers to British officer John Andre during the American Revolutionary War. [28] Margaret died on 19 June 1775, while Arnold was at Fort Ticonderoga following its capture.

However, his actions at Saint-Jean and Valcour Island played a notable role in delaying the British advance against Ticonderoga until 1777. Word of the siege's disastrous outcome led the company to turn around, and Arnold served for only 13 days. [47] During the fighting in the second battle, Arnold disobeyed Gates' orders and took to the battlefield to lead attacks on the British defenses. But there were plenty of other reasons, too.

He followed up that action with a bold raid on Fort Saint-Jean on the Richelieu River north of Lake Champlain. In 1777, General George Washington ordered Major Benjamin Tallmadge to take a detachment of dragoon and militia forces north to rendezvous with General Arnold as a counter-feint against the British, while Continental forces shored up their southerly defenses on the Delaware.

Date of birth [136] George Canning Hill authored a series of moralistic biographies in the mid-19th century and began his 1865 biography of Arnold: "Benedict, the Traitor, was born…". Interview with Philbrick in Michael Dolan, "Ero And Villain,". Significant other(s) He engaged in a variety of business deals designed to profit from war-related supply movements and benefiting from the protection of his authority. He also provided information on a proposed French-American invasion of Quebec that was to go up the Connecticut River (Arnold did not know that this proposed invasion was a ruse intended to divert British resources). Nationality [13] In 1757 when he was 16, he did enlist in the Connecticut militia, which marched off toward Albany, New York and Lake George. He was convicted of disorderly conduct and fined the relatively small amount of 50 shillings; publicity of the case and widespread sympathy for his views probably contributed to the light sentence. Historians offer up many explanations, including that the Revolutionary War general may have had some self-esteem issues as a child and young man. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Word of the siege's disastrous outcome led the company to turn around, an… 37 List of American Revolutionary War battles, Brown was particularly vicious, publishing a handbill which claimed of Arnold, "Money is this man's God, and to get enough of it he would sacrifice his country". It was invoked again as sectional conflicts increased in the years before the American Civil War. [110], The pursuing American army included the Marquis de Lafayette, who was under orders from Washington to hang Arnold summarily if he was captured. [101], Arnold learned of André's capture the morning of 24 September while waiting for Washington, with whom he was going to have breakfast at his headquarters in British Col. Beverley Robinson's former summer house on the east bank of the Hudson. "[139], Fictional invocations of Benedict Arnold's name carry strongly negative overtones. Battles/wars While this is the case, no power in this country could suddenly place you in the situation you aim at under the East India Company. On the morning of 22 September, from their position at Teller's Point, two American rebels, John "Jack" Peterson and Moses Sherwood, under the command of Col. James Livingston fired on HMS Vulture, the ship that was intended to carry André back to New York. Arnold was aware of his reputation in his home country, and French statesman Talleyrand described meeting him in Falmouth, Cornwall in 1794: The innkeeper at whose place I had my meals informed me that one of his lodgers was an American general. Becoming a traitor to his country could fetch him a handsome payment from the British. [106], Washington remained calm when he was presented with evidence of Arnold's treason.

Gallery [88], On 3 August 1780, Arnold obtained command of West Point. His company marched northeast the following month to assist in the siege of Boston that followed the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you.

[119] Delivery of his first ship the Lord Sheffield was accompanied by accusations from the builder that Arnold had cheated him; Arnold claimed that he had merely deducted the contractually agreed amount when the ship was delivered late. [141] The boy is not identified until the end of the story, when his place of birth is given as Norwich, Connecticut, and his name is given as Benedict Arnold.

Julie Courtwright, "Whom Can We Trust Now? Played by Arnold repeatedly claimed that he was passed over for promotion by the Continental Congress, while other officers obtained credit for some of his accomplishments. [55] Such schemes were not uncommon among American officers, but Arnold's schemes were sometimes frustrated by powerful local politicians such as Joseph Reed, who eventually amassed enough evidence to publicly air charges against him. However, the deaths of his siblings two years later may have contributed to a decline in the family fortunes, since his father took up drinking.
His chaplain Rev. [77] Furthermore, Patriot mobs were scouring Philadelphia for Loyalists, and Arnold and the Shippen family were being threatened.

General Benedict Arnold is a former officer in the Continental Army. "[91] At the same time, he tried to drain West Point's supplies so that a siege would be more likely to succeed. Neither side knew for some days that the other was in agreement with that offer, due to difficulties in getting the messages across the lines. [51] There he participated in the first recorded Oath of Allegiance, along with many other soldiers, as a sign of loyalty to the United States.[52]. He was on his way home from Ticonderoga when he learned that his wife had died earlier in June.

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