Why was Bedelia eating all the snails and oysters?

Close. ", "You may make a meal of me yet, Hannibal... but not today" (To Lecter), "We assign a moment to decide.

But would Hannibal really seek counsel from someone he thought was beneath him? Your ‘kidnapped victim/battered wife’ take of her won’t make sense nor justify her ‘comeuppance’ at the end, because she was a willing ‘player’ herself who had to pay at the end. Bedelia Du Maurier is Hannibal Lecter's psychiatrist and colleague.
9. She warns Will that Hannibal isn't easily tricked and could well be letting Will and the others believe that they will be able to catch him. Can you maybe explain more on that please? Years later, this knowledge still haunts her, which results in her and Will's mutual dislike. save hide report. She was also very curious to see what Hannibal was like "behind the veil," and she was pretty confident that she had an exit strategy. In the beginning of season 2 she knows that he might be a killer and flees so that he can’t kill her. Until then she was just his psychiatrist and he was her patient. She and Hannibal exchange smiles. Press J to jump to the feed. Why was she eating all the oysters and snails. She knows that she will be eaten by Hannibal soon or later. Especially since I only have one patient who chose to ignore my retirement. It's all quite ironic because Will and Hannibal probably aren't going to show up.

In Sakizuki, Bedelia visits Hannibal's office to inform him she is no longer capable of being his psychiatrist. Also there's the fact, that besides getting eaten at that point, she would've also probably gotten some serious physical torture added to the list. However, as soon as she realized that no matter how much Hannibal respected her, he still didn't consider her important enough not to kill her, she started to plan her survival. I don't think she understood that it may help make her taste better until Dimmond commented on it. She started to get suspicious in the beginning of S2, but her fascination with him stopped her from reacting rationally and she agreed to go with Hannibal abroad instead of Will, to experience what it was like being behind the veil. Why did Bedelia tagged along with Hannibal knowing that one day he would eat her? She didn’t know that he was a cannibal until season 3 or the end of season 2 (we saw her eat meat he cooked for her in the season 1 finale; in season 3 she didn’t eat anything with a central nervous system because she didn’t want to accidentally eat human flesh).

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is implied in a conversation between her and Lecter that he was the one who killed the patient.

Since she told Will she believed him about Hannibal when locked up.

Hannibal Lecter and Bedelia Du Maurier are friends and colleagues. Couldn't she just eat salad or something. — Bedelia to Hannibal Lecter ". But he did eat her. She isn't in love with him (and has no problem with him staying in prison), but she does have a certain fascination with him, and she is jealous of Will because she knows she was always a future meal that was interesting enough to keep around for awhile. (to Crawford), "I've had to draw a conclusion based on what I glimpsed through the stitching of the person suit that you wear. She knows or suspects that he had something to do with the patient who attacked her and in season 1 she acknowledges that the persona Hannibal presents himself as is a “fine tailored person suit” but not the real him. I'm not feeling secure right now, so I am recusing myself from the situation." I find it difficult to imagine that moment exists." Before disappearing, she visits Will Graham in the psychiatric hospital and tells him quite plainly, she believes his truths about Hannibal's real mannerisms. I really don't see them as being lovers at any point.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Bedelia cut her own leg off and prepared dinner with the expectation that Hannibal would show up and eat with her. Every person has an intrinsic responsibility for their own life. "(, "You cannot function as an agent of friendship for a man who is disconnected from the concept ...as a man who is disconnected from the concept. So she’s more of a player in a game with ups and down than some kidnapped battered wife victim.

When it comes to the question on whether she knew Hannibal was a cannibal, not until later on the 2nd season. Hannibal didn't have her on a diet, though, Bedelia has chosen to eat them herself, not knowing what it would do to the taste of her meat.

And the conclusion I've drawn is that you are dangerous. "(, "It's easy to understand why you retired after you were attacked. And what kind of arrangement did they had when they lived in Florence? In Season 1 Du Maurier often has to remind Hannibal of the fact that she is his psychiatrist, not his friend, and that their relationship is purely professional. I'm just rewatching all the seasons and just getting to seasn 3.

She started to get suspicious in the beginning of S2, but her fascination with him stopped her from reacting rationally and she agreed to go with Hannibal abroad instead of Will, to experience what it was like being behind the veil. After her meeting with Jack Crawford, Bedelia Du Maurier returns home where she meets Hannibal in the shower. Then, the events with Will getting into prison and blaming Hannibal for the murders make her realize that he is more dangerous than she suspected. Therefore, she went through all … She had the gun so she was the one who made the decision to follow. She later reveals to Jack that she indeed was the one to kill her patient. Press J to jump to the feed. In the post-credits scene, On the plane, Bedelia is with Hannibal, a waitress is offering drinks to the passengers, but she declines the offer.

"Every person has an intrinsic responsibility for their own life. Yes, Bedelia is aware of everything, even of the fact that Hannibal planned to eat her as well. (to Will), "Every person has an intrinsic responsibility for their own life. BUT, when Hannibal was still her patient, no I don't think she knew.

This is clearly expressed in the dialogue, it’s just only briefly mentioned. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Carnal implication aside, Bedelia knows she's sitting across the table from a man who not only eats other humans but also does so because he sees his victims as inferior to him – which Hannibal explains to Dr. Giddeon in one of the many flashbacks of the episode. Even though she wanted to be Blue Beard’s last wife for survival, there’s probably some part of her wanted to be Hannibal’s special one as well (hence the jealousy of Will). She knew from the get go that Hannibal was hiding something. This changes throughout the show's run. Will Graham • Hannibal Lecter • Alana Bloom • Beverly Katz • Jack Crawford. A few times actually. It seems unlikely, which means perhaps Bedelia isn't on the … Hannibal is also her one and only patient. tldr: Hannibal thought it would be a lark, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I took OP's question to mean why would she agree to eat the snails and oysters if they were intended to make her taste better. Hannibal didn't beat her physically, but mentally. You're not mine. And she knew (or atleast thought) there was no way she could escape, even if she tried. They are really close. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Was it purely utilitarian or was there a sexual angle at any point?

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