Facebook. But alas, he was also the only person available right now who you could trust. But even then I knew that I had something special, and maybe that’s what it takes. I’ve been thinking a lot about this Alexandre Dumas quote, “There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. this isn't the the tags what else is new sigh, user dvoyd wrote this poem and it's been on my mind for years, the association with five i felt it through my core, isten i'm obsessed with the look he gets on his face while he tells luther about the apocalypse, and i was like yeah the blending is kinda ugly but i want it there so i'm not gonna change it, i COVER IT UP with the text like the clown i am, 'm sorry past me but composition above all :(, anyway back to me having way too many Thoughts and Feelings about this lil man, i what truly makes him a positive character in my eyes, it's his resilience his unwavering loyalty his urgency in getting thigs done for the sake of others, you can question his methods all you want, but this was a 13yo boy who had to find a way to survive on a devastated planet alone, and he did and he didn't give up even if i just know the temptation was there because how could it be otherwise, and he endured and endured and cut himself open to let his past self go, and stood raw and bleeding and hard like steel before his family, telling them: i'm going to save you and nothing will stop me not even you, he lost so much in the process of growing up as he did, browsing through all the social justice posts, getting more and more frustrated at humanity, until i realised at some point i was reading the posts because i wanted to feel angry, it felt good to be justifiably angry and resentful of others, something about that mentality scares me to my very core, the world is negative enough without me contributing my bitterness.

They kiss with the unbridled syrup sweet passion you can only taste when you are young and in love. So sad but trying to find the slight humor to get through it and learning how to use it to my advantage.

However, that's not the reason of this post, my question is mostly about why synesthesia is correlated with giftedness (I do fathom for my individual case, since I have ASD or anteriorly called Asperger's Syndrome)? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ForeverAlone community, A subreddit for Forever Alone. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Who tf is this "myself" and how do i act like him? Who felt the lightning strike through their bodies every night they slept away from their lovers. Lots of people have. Press alt + / to open this menu. ”, “The room instantly began to fill up with the sounds of your laughter, the fighting sheets that sat between both of you and the chuckles of Anakin who watched your squirming with delight, his facial features were lit up like the fireworks on the Naboo celebration–his eyes dazzled like the sparkling bursts of copper chloride, blue fireworks displayed for you to see, his grin plastered on his face were the streaming banners of white that flew in the wind, his cheeks dusted a bright pink that of the rose petals that were speckled along the cobbled road–he couldn’t be happier to see your careless and free state. Specially the believing it to be a virtue part. Anyway I got off track but my point is I love that Carol loves her powers. Which is again not some Hollywood nonsense- because he was his partner until he died.

Why is this so true? This movie’s about maybe the monster is you. Are you comfortable?” etc. Everyday I’m reminded of the beauty in the LGBTQ community. Her skirt goes round and round and she spins with vigor and with intention. It sort of… increases someone’s libido.”. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. There are plenty of technical “filmy” things that could have been better done. It was his voice, goddammit, that was making your body feel all hot. 1 year ago. Sections of this page. I hear it on the dance floor, and the radio.

the binary exists that many bisexuals have felt of picking sides, of not understanding what is truly authentic for them. Close. I see it in the smile of a young trans woman in the mirror of a department store on Melrose Ave. She runs her hands along the fabric of her dress and gives a half hearted twirl. Sign Up. And those who want to fault the minor technicalities due to a poor director being originally chosen for production-should additionally check their privilege and utter tone deafness that they can overlook what a monumental film this is to be made on this kind of scale about the importance of a bisexual man of color’s feelings about himself and how he related to the world. “My agency is letting me have the rest of the day off because it’s sort of interfering with my work.”, “I’m coming right away,” he said as you heard shuffling in the background. I’ve had this experience as a bi person.

Carol’s powers are a part of her. Ahhhh Rain Must Fall is one of my faves too ugh I will never forget my favorite little descriptor: “As Anakin’s mouth neared your breasts, you felt those butterflies flutter up again in your stomach, constantly seeking the need to spread their wings, they soared and made their way to your core, leaving you with a throbbing sensation. So the reviews. It’s not bad though.. it’s just different. “Oh.” Was all he said. People are claiming this film didn’t focus enough on Jim, or wasn’t interesting. Then, you took a deep breath and called your boyfriend of two years. The arch and theme of this film is Freddie’s self-acceptance not Queen’s success or journey-there are plenty of documentaries about that. “T-Todoroki-kun,” you called out his name desperately. I know this is a lot but you rolled the dice and messaged the one guy with a fucken opinion on humor. Sign Up. In a rainbow flag waving across thousands of pixels across my stage. 18 comments.

Now I feel I must seek out the joyously weird absurd ironic funny things in life because they must be the only things that are worthwhile. Welcome to r/INFJmemes, the official subreddit for all memes about the INFJs, one of the 16 personality types as described by the MBTI. Step one: Love yourself.

It was also embarrassing to come out and say it casually. Obviously the narrative is trimmed and times in ways that make it fit in cinematic scope. People saying sexuality wasn’t focused on enough-others upset some historical inaccuracies. and part of me is worried that this 'representation' was literally for dramatic effect, but i loved it and felt it to my core anyways so ty, idk it doesnt necessarily fit this tag but i like putting my film commentary/analysis/general rambles there, if you add onto this post and try to fight me about the whole separation of heroes and their powers thing, this is my opinion and if you dont agree thats fine!! This was 100% accurate for me. Almost found oil. That’s such a monumental move on a Hollywood film, that they let the ending relationship (which are often symbolized as true love-or the ultimate endgame) be with another man. desc. Now, your best friends can’t leave just leave you in need, right? Here she is in Loomis Dean’s 1954 photographs for LIFE and in the present-day, as gorgeous and glorious as ever.

Funny how a film about straight white Americans gets a pass on that account. Ravenclaw| 21 | Queer️‍| * NYC ⚯͛ ⃒⃘ plz send me Requests/Headcannons | Masterlist Acting like Jim wasn’t important because of Mary’s presence is an example of biphobia and again puts the sexuality in a binary of one must be superior to the other. Forgot account? Accessibility Help. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account?

Other calling the film poorly done. Does that even exist? Your body had grown increasingly hot.

[from princessxkenobi]. Check out r/ENTPandINFJ :), Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Maybe people need to have that kind of particular core driving them… I felt I had talent.”. Soul-hurting poem. In summary: White straight people can sit down and stay in their lane on this one if they aren’t going to contribute anything meaningful that goes beyond their limited scope. And it rustles through our soft breath shimmering through the kind of quiet you can only catch in the forest.

You shut your eyes tightly as you hid in the stall of the girl’s bathroom. Additionally, the speech Freddie gives to band mates announcing his disease summarizes the entire thematic purpose of the film. Okcupid is rough. And to answer your Q, yes most emotions or behaviors. I’m not apart from that at all.”. Related Pages . Jim was in the end, because he symbolized the peace in Freddie’s life, the acceptance. “I-I can’t really explain it too well. Posted by. Warnings: smut; smoking (weed), drinking, mentions of violence, hair pulling; I’m sure there is more but idk rn. I read it in the lines of my favorite authors. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You end up thinking you're somewhat superior (not in a manner that belittles others) since it comes so easily to you; not being rebellious, not craving for attention, not expressing yourself; whereas it's just a glorified scar from something not so nice to have been through. Anyone who tries to deny her strength is absolutely a fool and can catch these photon blasts. Log In. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. The Valley Tavern. The film showcases how the rejection of his identity leaves him so very vulnerable to manipulation and other forces. "just be yourself".

“Hello?” You heard his velvety, deep voice say through the phone and your core felt like it was on fire. I’ve always believed that I had talent, even when I felt like a very inferior sort of person… I spent a lot of time living my life feeling that I wasn’t worthy.

And although we may always be a little bit different, our unique perception gives us some advantages in social settings. Yeah, just something that makes us unique and we have to cope with. doctors being shot after the NRA told them to 'Stay In Your Lane'? Her friends cheer and whistle and laugh and she picks up speed. Our beauty is in every corner of the world. Beats and movements curated and designed and popularized by gay clubs across the world, many like Pulse, in Florida. And so rejected from a heterosexual relationship, it’s clear he seeks more understanding in homosexual ones. ”, Sorry just had to feel good about myself for a minute ❤, But im so glad you’re enjoying Arrogance & Impurity bby :) ❤, Let me know what you remember me most for as an author!

Happy Sunday Had a lovely relaxing night last night - Matthew made a full roast dinner and I had a bubble bath and played Animal Crossing. Accessibility Help. She’s fucking proud as hell of them. When the DJs knew they’d struck a hit once the bodies gyrated, and sweat, and interlocked across the floor. She has fun with them. “My middle name really is perseverance. Create New Account.

Like all that stuff that Yon-Rogg spews about “proving yourself”. How it infiltrated to their fingertips and formed words and poems no one could birth without knowing the pain of being split in two.

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