In 1882, the frescoes were removed when French architect Lecomte de Nouy set about redesigning the interior after several fires and six earthquakes damaged the structure. until 1946. Over 2,000 flower species, fossil limestone, the rock formations Dochia and Cusma Dorobantului, and the Duruitoarea Falls are some of the highlights of the park. найте численность населения в вашем регионе! This remarkable construction (1906-1925), built in flamboyant neogothic style, The majority of the city's Jewish population was killed or deported. The name of the monastery comes from the Greek word. Open: Daily 9 a.m. -- 1 p.m. & 3 p.m. -- 7 p.m. The first institute of higher learning that functioned on the territory of Romania was Academia Vasiliană (1640) founded by Prince Vasile Lupu as a "higher school for Latin and Slavonic languages", followed by the Princely Academy in 1707. Opened in 1955, this museum features some 35,000 objects spanning the centuries from 70,000 B.C. Address: Str. The first newspaper in Romanian language was published in 1829 in Iași and it is in Iași where, in 1867, appeared under literary society Junimea, the Convorbiri Literare review in which Ion Creangă’s Childhood Memories and the best poems by Mihai Eminescu were published. Banu 9 Iaşi is one of the largest cities in Romania and the capital of Iaşi Judet (county) in the Moldavia region in northeastern Romania. Backlinks from other websites and blogs are the lifeblood of our site and are our primary source of new traffic. [72], In 2012, Iași was selected as one of the European Cities of Sport. Inside the bell, an inscription says it was made from four cannons captured from the Turkish army in the War of 1828-1829. Address: Str. : 8 a.m. - sunsetFree admission. Grasa de Cotnari was awarded the gold medal at the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Inhabited since: 400 BC Telephone: 0232 261.990 (Teatrul National "Vasile Alecsandri") Located in the northeastern part of the country, Iasi was for many centuries the crossing point of the most important commercial routes linking Poland, Hungary, Russia and Constantinople. Construction began in 1833 and ended in 1839, but its cupolas fell and the church remained in ruins until 1880, when, with the help of the Foundation of King Carol I, work started again, lasting until 1888. International Access Code + 4 (country code) + 0232 or 032 (area code) + six-digit telephone number. The latter is located a few miles north of the Moldavian city of Suceava. All rights reserved. The Grand Railway Station, located about 1 km (0.6 mi) from the city centre, provides direct rail connections to all the major Romanian cities and to Chișinău, Moldova. (Spitalul Clinic de Urgente Iasi) This population is mostly Ashkenazic Jews, but at one time many Sephardim lived with in Romania's borders. In the four rooms devoted to European art, there are paintings by Murillo, Philippe de Champaigne, Paolo Veronese and a Rubens, Cezar Receiving Pompey's Head. The last section features a superb collection of musical instruments: unique Romanian music boxes, mechanical accordions and an automated orchestra with three violins and a piano. [Universitatea Al.I.Cuza Iași Ed. Today, it houses the Medicine and Pharmacy College. Stroll along the peaceful Dimitrie Ralet, Lascar Catargiu and Vasile Conta Streets to reach Piata Mihai Eminescu. Richly decorated in French-eclectic style, the theatre has one of the most splendid auditoriums in the country. I. Cuza and his family. Moara de Vant 34, IasiTel: 021 94.00 (this is valid short phone #) [email protected] In 1884, Neolithic artifacts were unearthed near the small village of Cucuteni. The beginnings of higher education in Iasi date from the reign of Vasile Lupu (1634-1653). How to get here: Bus from Targu Neamt. Teodor, Creștinismul la est de Carpați, Editura Mitopoliei Moldovei și Bucovinei, Iași, 1984, p.91,93,136, "The Spatial Evolution of Iași City: Tradition and Trends" by O. Stoleriu and C. Stoleriu. [7] The metropolitan area association (which includes Iași and 19 other nearby communities) had a population of 403,572, while Iași County, with its 772,348 inhabitants, was the most populous county in Romania (after the Municipality of Bucharest). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); XLS table, INSSE. The Church of the Three Hierarchs (constructed 1637 - 1639) is highlighted as a must-see in every guidebook. The unusual name of the monastery came from Moldavian Chancellor Ioan Golai who founded it in 1564. 20 May] 1870, Iași-Ungheni on 1 August 1874 and Iași-Chișinău railway was opened on 1 June 1875 by the Russian Empire in preparation for the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878). 0232 273.040 Encompassing 16 rooms, the displays cover every aspect of traditional Moldavian life, featuring agricultural and hunting tools, woodwork, traditional pottery, painted eggs and a good collection of textiles and dyed carpets embroidered with bird and plant motifs. Construction of the monastery was carried out by Prince Gheorghe Duca between 1669 and 1672. For a list of available accommodations in Iasi please check Iasi hotel guide The surrounding country is one of uplands and woods, featuring monasteries and parks. Toma Cozma 11 p. 262. Tel: 0232 316.778 The Cucuteni culture is famous for its colored white, red and black ceramics which were discovered here. Pacurari (bus and trolleybus connections from Piata Eminescu) (Filarmonica Moldova) The Moldavian Society of Physicians and Naturalists opened their collection to the public in 1834. Moldavian princes, invested by the Ottoman Sultan, would return from the Bosporus and make their entry into Iasi through the valley guarded by these three monasteries. Located at the base of Copou Hill, this triangular building with Doric Iasi Train ticket office The name of the city is first found in a document from 1408. In 2019 2020, the population of the city of Iasi, Romania is - 340 580 people. Fast Facts. Over 100,000 graves, some dating from the early 1800s, stretch across the hillside; Neamt Fortress has played a vital role in the defense of the region against predatory raids. 26, Iasi Opera and Ballet Theatre The oldest church in Iasi, Saint Nicholas Church was founded by Stefan cel Mare in 1492. The role of women in society and church according to Hungarian-speaking young Catholics in Romania | Pax Romana ICMICA/MIIC", HITECH Iași sau cum devine Iașul un magnet pentru investițiile din IT&C, Numărul de angajaţi ai industriei IT&Outsourcing din Iaşi, Benetton closes all the shops in Romania, but maintains the production facility in Iasi, "Bucharest International Wine Contest - Moldavian Wines", Stocul de birouri se va dubla în următorii cinci ani, Topul celor mai mari angajatori din judeţul Iaşi, "FILE DE ISTORIE 155 de ani de la înfiinţarea în Iași a primei Pinacoteci din România", Complexul Muzeal National Moldova Iași-Raport de activitate (pg.810), "Rețeaua unităților de învățământ preuniversitar", "Iași Science Festival – Studii de caz – ABplus Events", European Capitals and Cities of Sport List, Aeroportul Iasi doboara un nou record propriu, "Iaşul este al doilea cel mai poluat oraş din România.

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