This bird devours the green shoots of oak produced by the buried acorns.

Wide vocal repertoire: typical call a dry “scaaaaak,” as well as varied warbling and hooted notes. Birders interested in adding this jay to their life list should consider visiting nature preserves and wildlife refuges where feeding stations are available, as Eurasian jays will happily visit feeders for suet and nuts. During the showdown and exhibition of power, the two Jay grapple each other with their feet and peck on their opponents with their semi-open beaks to hurt other as much as possible. The next summer, this bird with an excellent memory, is able to collect and retrieve the germinated acorns and feed itself. The juvenile is similar to adults, but with darker body plumage, greyer bill, more bluish eyes and brighter legs.

Both adults are similar with pinkish-grey to reddish-brown upperparts. With more than 30 recognized subspecies, the exact color patterns and plumage shades of the Eurasian jay can vary considerably in different geographic ranges. It performs undulating flight. Black moustache extending behind beak also conspicuous.

They can breed at one or two years of age. The overall large songbird size and shape is a good place to start, and note the black bill is relatively short and thick, slightly rounded, and framed with rictal bristles at the base.

Though Eurasian jays may become nomadic in winter to seek out the best food sources, they generally do not migrate significant distances. The rump and undertail coverts are white. This medium size colorful passerine bird of the crow family usually keeps to herself or to a small group of like-minded individuals. Courtship feeding by male to female occurs during laying, incubation or brooding of young at nest, and this is important part of food sources for female. In particular, the Eurasian Jay is connected to the life giving essence of sunlight, and as such to sun gods more associated with fertility, the wild, and healing magick. Its scientific name is Corvus Glandirus, where Corvus in Latin means garrulous and Glandirus refers to her favorite food – Acorn. Sd: Nötskrika

The ants apparently kill the parasites in its feathers with the formic acid.

The most common call is a harsh "aaaack-aaaack" made when alarmed, agitated, or in flight, usually with 2-3 repetitions of even length.

Apart from the food courtship, a male Jay tries also to attract its better-half by singing, dancing and displaying its wings. Length: 32-36 cm

Often the bird-friend forcing them to think in this direction are already paired-bonded mates; their chasing of each other, displaying of wings excites and encourages others to look for their mates. They are mostly a pinkish brown, the underparts being slightly paler.

This bird is usually solitary or in small family groups. It gleans from foliage in trees.

Eurasian jays can be difficult to find because of their solitary nature, but visiting mature forests with suitable nut-bearing trees can lead to superb sightings.

Eurasian Jay feeds primarily on invertebrates such as caterpillars and beetles during the breeding and nesting seasons. White patches also visible on wings, behind patches marked with blue, black and white stripes. Habitat.

Those hidden nuts help reforest many areas.

VOICE: SOUNDS BY XENO-CANTO Eurasian Jay is secretive and wary, often heard rather than seen. Like in Human-beings, in Jay-word also,कोई हसीना पहले कदम बढ़ाती नहीमजबूर दिल से ना हो तो पास आती नही|.

She behaves like a soldier in the battleground. But as other Corvidae, it also takes eggs and nestlings of several bird species.


Take Merlin with you in the field! The birds of the northern parts of the range frequent conifers and birch forests. Both adults are similar with pinkish-grey to reddish-brown upperparts. These jays are noisy and can make a variety of squawks and screeches.

Your email address will not be published. It has learnt to know the green shoots of oak produced by the buried acorns. She is secretive and is wary of being spotted; it flies low between trees and is often heard than seen. Eyes are bluish-white. The next summer, it easily finds them and feeds the germinated acorn. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Eurasian Jay is a beautiful Corvidae easy to identify thanks to the bright blue wing patch. The wings are black with a broad white patch and white edging on the primary feathers, and light blue with fine black barring on the upper wings.

Varies significantly across wide geographic range. Port: Gaio-comum, José Luís Beamonte

It also gives wide variety of notes often based on mimicry.

Melissa Mayntz has been a birder and wild bird enthusiast for 30+ years.

A mated pair works together to build a cup-shaped nest of twigs lined with moss, grass, feathers, fur, or other soft materials, positioned in a tree 12-20 feet above the ground. However, if a preying bird spots a Jay in her nest and she has no time to escape. Eurasian Jay is no less, as can be seen in the below video.

Nape and head sides are similar to upperparts. It takes eggs and nestlings of several other bird species. Should this bird species be split into separate species in the future, there may be greater conservation concerns for more limited populations. These are monogamous birds believed to mate for life, though Eurasian jays do not often stay together during the winter and will instead renew pair bonds every spring. Eurasian Jay is mainly resident from W Europe and NW Africa to E Asia and into SE Asia.

As part of their growing up ritual, a young Jay starts participating in mating-gatherings from the age of one or two, where they choose their mates. During mating season, male Jay gets transform into territorial-monger. Just like the above video, I have also seen Parakeets tutored by Humans, but I am not sure how much they use their capabilities during a real combat.

If the boy-Jay is also interested in the girl, the couple keep on exchanging the food, passing it back and forth in a typically Luckhnavi andaaj of पहले-आप पहले-आप, till it vanishes in one of the mouths. DIET: Rest of upperwing shows black to grey-black feathers with white bases or edges, giving a complex wing pattern very conspicuous in flight. Her harsh rasping screech alerts other vulnerable birds and animals like squirrels as well.

The nest is often located in the densest part of the forest, in either a young spruce or pine tree.

It is territorial during spring and chases away the yearlings from the home range. This shrewdness in the search for a loving and caring partner is a must as the courtship feeding is one of the main source of food for the female Jay during laying, incubation and feeding of their young ones. This bird possess a loud raucous voice that it uses effectively during any predatory attack. …

It is able to imitate the Eurasian Buzzard call!

But sometimes opposite happens as well. Some mimic calls, particularly of predators such as hawks and owls, are also part of these jays' repertoire.

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