Hulton Park is in a strong position.

The Old Town Hall  Councillor Greenhalgh proposed the following motion: "Following the Secretary of State’s decision to call in the Planning Committee’s decision approving the development of Hulton Park this council strongly recommends to the relevant Executive Cabinet Member/Cabinet, as advised, to limit the amount of resources in defending this decision made by the committee to the statutory minimum.".

We have already part funded the development of a Junior Park Run Project. 132. An exclusive golf course and executive houses are not needed nor benefit the community and certainly do not outweigh the destruction of approx 23 acres of mature trees. The contractor will be responsible for the design of all elements relating to the pump track. See application number, On 22 March, the Planning Committee met to make a decision on the planning application; the plans were. The Government, specifically UK Sport and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, wants to bring the Ryder Cup to England as part of its national Sporting Future strategy.

We printed postcards for everyone to sign but advised that individual letters carried far more weight. We are looking at ideas to develop Peel Park in to an amazing community space. In the summer of 2017 we commissioned a group of local residents to complete a community research project around the needs of Little Hulton. These can be found in Section 11 (p. 109) of the Planning Statement as outlined below: ​​​​The restoration and enhancement of Hulton Park, a Grade II listed Registered Park and Garden, and the Grade II listed Dovecote (VSC1).

Watch the debate and the vote on Bolton Council's website. Hulton Park is of one of the most remarkable historic estates of North West England which transferred to Peel L&P’s ownership in 2010.

NPPF 11.118.

1001581). David won! If you can help us in any way, contact us and let us know! Appendixes 1 - 5 in support of the Community Consultation report: Salford CVS & Volunteer Centre The planning applications consisted of nearly 450 documents which outlined a proposal, in summary, to develop land at and adjacent to Hulton Park for a championship golf course and 1036 houses. The bike track is being developed in conjunction with Access Sport as part of its Making Trax Programme. We all know this is never coming to Bolton! Greater Manchester is already home to many iconic sporting and cultural venues, in keeping with its growing global status. We hold regular meetings with our members so if you are not a member, why don't you join us and get involved?

During the meeting, Mr Whittaker expressed his wishes for the controversial Hulton Park estate plans. The site is also Green Belt across the whole of its extent and Sites of Biological Importance (SBIs) cover most of its extent.

On 22 March, the Planning Committee met to make a decision on the planning application; the plans were PASSED following a tight vote.

HEART continued to focus on raising awareness of what we were set to lose if Hulton Park was built on.

Our motto is 'Every little helps.' Seven of these Councillors were Labour and they voted against their own Core Strategy, which was to NOT build on greenbelt. Substantial harm to or loss of designated heritage assets of the highest significance, notably...grade I and II* registered parks and gardens, should be wholly exceptional." This would make the park feel like a safer place and encourage community use. This development is against NPPF 9.90. We want to develop a programme of an activities on Peel Park that encourage greater community use, this will include the annual festival. 5 Irwell Place 

Additional planning application submitted by Peel referring to works around Broadway. Ryder Cup golf course with no guarantees is not exceptional. The strategic fit for Bolton Council is immense – investment and tourism; jobs and skills; sport, recreation and health; heritage and biodiversity, new homes and transport infrastructure. Proposals by Peel to create a championship golf course and more than 1,000 homes at Hulton Park look set to be approved by an extraordinary meeting of Bolton’s planning committee next week, despite attracting more than 1,000 letters of objection. The absence of an alternative location (VSC2). We are here invested in this project and that is what we want to deliver but if it is not possible that (the GMSF submission) is what we will revert to.". This was based on the evidence submitted by Peel and the key legal points against the development using evidence based planning. All planning application documents can be viewed on the Bolton Council website but the documents below are the most important to look at:​.
Local services such as schools, doctors, dentists and public transport were already at capacity.

Our next step was to ensure that the decision was called in by the Secretary of State. An exclusive golf course and executive houses are not needed nor benefit the community and certainly do not outweigh the destruction of approx 23 acres of mature trees. I am directed by the Secretary of State to say that consideration has been given to the Mitigation is to plan more saplings but it takes 40 - 50 years for a mature tree to grow.

We believe these issues can be addressed through investing in and developing our local park. 1.4 Peel Holdings (Land and Property) Limited "Peel" propose to: "Restore and regenerate Hulton Park, including various existing structures and heritage assets, "planning permission should be refused for development resulting in the loss or deterioration of irreplaceable habitats, including ancient woodland and the loss of aged or veteran trees found outside ancient woodland, unless the need for, and benefits of, the development in that location clearly outweigh the loss." Another recommendation was to develop more integrated and family oriented activities on the Park. All planning application documents can be viewed on the Bolton Council, Additional planning application submitted by Peel referring to works around Broadway.
HEART do not believe that any of these were good enough reasons to irreversibly change the greenbelt and Hulton Park, a Grade II listed Registered Park and Garden that is of special historic interest.

The proposed link road would not ease this enough. It has a distinct advantage in being a new, bespoke venue, specifically designed to meet the ever-growing needs for course specification and tournament staging. Peel submitted planning applications: 00997/17 and 00998/17. Here was some guidance but to write with only 'material considerations' as to why the Secretary of State should call this decision in. Sajid Javid, to call a public inquiry. The Secretary of State has agreed to call in a Public Inquiry to decide if the greenbelt at Hulton Park can be developed. At the meeting, all six Ward Councillors spoke eloquently AGAINST the development: Councillor Shafaqat Shaikh, Labour, Hulton, Councillor Diane Parkinson, Conservative, Hulton, Councillor Toby Hewitt, Conservative, Hulton, Councillor Zoe Kirk-Robinson, Conservative, Westhoughton North and Chew Moor, Councillor Christine Wild, Conservative, Westhoughton North and Chew Moor, Councillor Martyn Cox, Conservative, Westhoughton North and Chew Moor. The deadline to call for a public inquiry was July 2018.

Peel said they need the build the houses to fund a Ryder Cup golf course. It has the right site and the right masterplan, the right location in a part of the country where nothing similar exists, with Peel as the delivery partner. We needed people who were willing to give us their time to help us with things like leaflet dropping and gathering support. Our two MPs, Chris Green and Yasmin Qureshi, and the Campaign to Protect Rural England have asked Secretary of State, Rt. We need to raise money to pay legal fees to put our case forward to save the working farms, wildlife and ecosystem of this unique local heritage asset.

Salford, M30 0FN, Tel: 0161 787 7795  Today’s decision means we can now progress our business planning and work closely with the European Tour prior to the selection decision later in the year. We believe that the Hulton Park development and the huge potential of the Ryder Cup would greatly enhance Manchester’s international standing in the sporting world.

Hulton Park is a large historic estate in the Green Belt near Bolton, comprised almost entirely of woodland, agricultural land and parkland. Increased beneficial use of the Green Belt across the Site (VSC5).

Company Limited by Guarantee: 1948293 Registered Charity: 519361. Peel Land and Property is delighted with the decision by Bolton’s planning committee to approve this ground-breaking scheme, which offers a sporting facility of international quality and reputation at Hulton Park.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this nationally significant matter. Reducing congestion in the local highway network (VSC7). This would increase the hours the pavilion was open providing both access to facilities and a greater presence on the park increasing a sense of security. The draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework had a leisure development and 1,000 houses proposed for Hulton Park, suggesting that Peel's plan, if they do not get the Ryder Cup, is to continue with the development anyway. Councillor Cliff Morris, Labour, did not vote as he left the meeting early. What is volunteering? (And what its not..), Volunteer Centre Salford Customer Care Commitment, Salford Pride in Practice Project Evaluation, Salford Volunteering Strategy 2017 - 2022, Information Governance & General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), VOCAL: Children, Young People and Families, Walking the Dog: a blog from our neighbourhood volunteer Melanie.

Watch the debate and the vote on Bolton Council's, meetings with our members so if you are not a member, why don't you.

Hulton Park is in a strong position. Net environmental enhancements to the Site as a result of the proposed development (VSC8).

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